Reducing Screen Time Can Promote Healthy Development

Children are exposed to Screen Time and technology more now than ever. Teachers are reporting difficulty in student behavior, and an increase of children with attention deficit disorder and inattention that can be linked directly to excessive screen time. This 16-minute video presentation helps to educate parents and teachers as to the dangers of excessive use of technology and screen time in children and ways to promote a healthier lifestyle

Dear Ms Davis, I really wanted to take the time to thank you for the presentation about our children and technology. Someone like you who has been an educator for so many years and has seen so many generations of children grow up and develop, can definitely sense when there is some thing alarming happening amongst our children's learning and behaviors. I think it’s very important to advocate and educate parents on something like this because it’s becoming the new normal and technology is affecting our youth in a negative way. Alot of parents have been unaware on how some of the games our children are playing is influencing violent behavior, irregular sleeping habits and affecting mental and emotional health. I have taken your advice, and I’m limiting the technology time in my home and I’m getting my children more involved in outdoor activities, legos and puzzles. I want things that will stimulate their minds and keep them active. Me and my family greatly appreciate your awareness and support in this journey we call parenthood. As it’s always been said “ it takes a village”."
Stephany Coca

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