Parent Reviews

Amanda Perez

I am so happy. It’s only been two days at this academy. My daughter is my first and she’s been with me at the house until now at 3 years old, they have bright-wheel and the teachers make sure to give me updates and are honest about her days which is amazing. They are very kind and although I picked up my daughter crying because she missed me, when I asked about her day, she said the teacher Miriam was very loving and sweet. Today I met her second teacher Melanie which seems absolutely lovely. I’m a helicopter mom and I feel this is a wonderful place for transition. The director really cares for children and she was offering my daughter water and everything when I went to pick her up while she was crying. Very child/family oriented school. I graduated for Jack D. Gordon and knowing Mrs.Davis is from there was a stamp of approval on my end because Jack D. Gordon was amazing in my childhood so in all aspects this is a wonderful school. Even the soccer coach, she’s amazing and greeted me with a pleasant welcoming!

Yenny Gonzalez

Mrs. Davis, her entire work team and her wonderful teachers.
We are very grateful for the opportunity you gave us to open the doors of your school and receive our little daughter without looking at any limitations. We only felt support at all times, feeling how they integrated Sabrina from the first day with such kind treatment full of a lot of love. They were 2 years of a wonderful experience, the educational drive that the teaching staff has every day in their efforts for education is very good. A lot of dedication and in a short time we began to see habits of study, writing, reading. A very complete educational program. Weekly you receive a newsletter with detailed information on everything that was learned and communication is always open without limitations, which makes us feel like family. Various recreational activities where they include the family and teach the value of it, celebrating important days.
For us as a family we have a lot of gratitude. I would like to name them all and give details of how wonderful they were, but each one knows that they will remain forever in our hearts, especially Sabrina.
Kids for kids academy the best experience you can offer your children in their education.

Cy Pa

You really can't say anything negative about Kids for Kids. Kids are safe, they take extra precautions. Everyone is kind and professional, and the teachers care. One thing I absolutely love, is the communication the school keeps with parents AND all the activities they do for people in need. They are amazing.

Vanessa J.

Great school. My Son really enjoyed himself while he was there. They serve organic healthy lunches and a nice play area where kids are taught soccer.
Ms Davis ( the director) is great. After I found out my son was on the autism spectrum, she went above & beyond to help me find resources so I can find a school better suited for his needs. The staff & director genuinely care about the students & it's evident! Wish I could give them more stars.

Marilia Davidson

I've had an excellent experience with Kids for Kids. My son is 4, attending VPK, and my daughter is almost 2 and both have been enrolled since they were only 3 months. I can say that my kids and I have interacted with nearly every teacher and staff there. Some stand out but all are attentive and genuinely caring towards the kids. My oldest had his share of screaming tantrums and difficulties adjusting to every stage / class and the teachers have always been so helpful to him and me, as if they are family. Also, I think Mrs. Davis, the director, implemented a great educational program for the kids including music, soccer, and gardening. The kids also get mostly organic/healthy foods. Through an app, they send updates of your kids activities throughout the day with photos, weekly emails from your child's teacher, detailing what the kids learned that week, songs and books they read. The only negative I have is that they do not potty train the kids. They help the kids through it, encouraging them when they seem ready or reinforcing habits from home, but you will need to do the training which, being full time working parents, I can tell you it wasn't easy... but we survived (with the first one at least!). I can't dock a point for that bc I'm really happy with everything else!

Kaleelah Calder

I would like to say that if anyone living in Miami-Dade is looking for a five star school Kids for Kids Academy checks all the boxes. My name is Kaleelah Calder. Both my kids attend school here and have been attending since August of 2019 after having a terrible experience at another learning center less than a mile away that puts the teacher poor decision making over the safety of the children. I was advised by my brother (the Knight Family)whom had all of his children attended Kids for Kids that this school is top notch. I must say he was not wrong at all. This school is well organized, clean, and great administration/teacher communication and really cares about children academic success . My kids first started off in Red door (Ms Yanet/Madelayne) and Rainbow door (Ms Tee/Zamira). And now are in Blue door, my son, with Ms Cindy and Ms. Miriam whom are just amazing the are doing such a great job with helping us potty training him even though he is one of the younger ones in a class amongst three year olds. And my daughter is now in Brown door with the lovely Ms Ana. Ms Ana has been such a help working with her breaking her out of her shyness so that she can express her true self. I don’t usually do reviews but when I tell you that the school is safe and clean especially now that the times that we are experiencing with COVID-19. My kids have been in school and not even came home with a cold. Amazing work Ms. Davis for creating this Academy. One can really see that you put your heart and soul into making this school such a success. I pray that one day it can grow to beyond the primary learning level. I dread the day we have to leave.

Dora Marshall

I’m Zoe Marshall’s (purple door) mother. I wanted to thank you for your amazing school and teachers. Zoe loves going to her school new room. She loved rainbow door and it’s the same with purple door now. There are many ways I can tell that she is feeling comfortable at her new room but I wanted to share with you what she said. We were talking with her about why kids go to school and grownups to work and that she will be going to many school
for many years and she said “I want to go ONLY to my school with Miss Marta“.

Also, many thanks for the weekly emails. I find them very useful and practical; they help me
stay on tract and make sure I didn’t miss any important info.

Many thanks!!!!

Felix Josh Cheech Brechtefeld

Great place!!!! Definitely recommend it.

Jennifer Perez-Fong

I was so nervous putting my daughter in school. Kids for Kids has been amazing. She went from crying when I dropped her off to waving bye and giving me a kiss when I drop her off. She is so happy there and I can see so much growth in her in the 2 short months that she has been going to school. The teachers are great and so caring. The director is super nice and accommodating. You can tell everyone loves what they do at this school.

Maria Eugenia Millan

What a beautiful and excellent school my son is being able to attend to. Every staff member deserves a 5*. I am grateful for having your school as my son's second home. He loves learning at Kids for kids Academy. Thank you Ms Davies and all her staff for loving and caring about my son. Thank you so much!!

This school is amazing! My son went here for 2 years and was more than prepared for kindergarten. He loved all of the teachers and staff. I always felt like I was leaving him in the best place while I was at work. I highly recommend this school. posting

As a teacher and first time parent, I was apprehensive about sending my twins to any school. I checked out a few schools and took 3 years off from work because I was so unsure. Once the twins went to school, their vocabulary increased and they were well accepted and made friends quickly. Even being in the same class they were able to be individuals. They are now in public school after spending 4 years at their FIRST school. We still visit and donate when we can. They love their first school and teachers. The staff welcomed us and we felt like family. posting

My daughter is 10 months old and she started kids for kids in April of 2012 and I can say that she has learned so much .She loves her teachers. When I walk into the room and she sees her teachers she gives a big smile. This is one school that really cares about your child . I can go to work and feel at ease that my daughter is being care for. posting

Lisa Rios

Kids for kids academy is the best school my daughter has learned so much the teachers, the staff and Beth Davis are outstanding. The school serves very healthy food and has many enrichments to support their healthy initiative. They have virtual cubbies for the kids and send parents pictures and videos from class IPAD. I would recommend this school to anyone that what's their child to have the best education.

Kristi Beckler

Absolutely the most amazing school. My son has been going there since he was 2 he is 5 now I can not say enough good things about the staff or the principal Mrs. Davis. Everybody is so professional and caring they all look after our most precious things as if they were their own. We used to live in New York and we have seen the schools up north. I can tell you this school is in a league of its own in the best possible way. Keep up the amazing work.

Kids for Kids Academy is one of the few pre-schools in the country that has a science lab and teaches STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math education). They provide daily child care (similar to day care but miles apart) and education through first grade. Our son Sean recently graduated and I can say (not because he's my son) that he is one of the most well balanced, educated, kind and caring student in his new class.

Tara Morera

My son went to this school for 2 years. It is an amazing place to send your children! I never had to worry about leaving him, he loved all of the teachers and staff. He started kindergarten this year ahead of most of the other kids in his class because they teach so much at Kids for Kids, but also in a way that excites the children about learning. I highly recommend this school.

Kris Ruiz

When my son started Kids for Kids just after his second birthday, I was worried because he wasn't talking at all. I was afraid the teachers wouldn't understand what he needed/wanted. Boy was I wrong. I can't believe the change in him. He is now 3 and a half and he speaks in full sentences. He loves to tell me all about his day and what he had for lunch. I love to hear him tell me about all the different classes he does including Science. I have friends who have kids the same age or maybe even older who are not as advanced as my son. Absolutely amazing! I can't say enough great things! Thank you everyone at Kids for Kids Academy for the great direction and amazing care you have given my son!

Brett Adams

Yes, we as his parents had a lot to do with that but for the 30 hours a week he was with Ms. Davis and Kids for Kids Academy over the past few years, there has been no drop off. The school does not own a TV and only shows "movies" on camp days. I mentioned the science lab, my son loved it and wants to be a scientist after everything he learned. (Ms. Davis does all the science labs and teaching) Most people don’t know this but - Ms. Beth Davis, is a nationally recognized leader (and Best Selling Author) in the area of early childhood learning and it shows in everything they do there.If you want the best education in the area, you can do no better than Kids for Kids Academy - they are truly in a class by themselves.

Rogers-de Almeida

As an attorney who works in family law, I have been exposed to many childcare providers and can say without a doubt that your facility is the best I have seen. . . I enjoy hearing about all they've learned when they come home excited at the end of the day and knowing that they are in the safest and best environment that I can put them if they aren't with me.

Tynnetta Rogers

My children have attended Kids for Kids Academy since they were nine months and two years old. They are now two and five, and I must say between the three of us we have never been happier! I have never seen an educational center where the children don't want to leave, and are so excited to get there the next morning. The Teachers greet the children with warm smiles and hugs and they greet each other with hugs! In my opinion with teachers and staff that have that much caring and respect for each other are teachers I always want with my kids!

Melissa Rojas

During this difficult Covid season, we made the decision to start our son in Kids for Kids after a couple of mom friends highly recommended it. We were weary after him being in his daycare since he was a baby and of course more so with the presence of COVID. They first made his transition into a new school so smooth and were highly attentive to him and his teacher Ms. Vanessa, was very kind in answering any questions or concerns I had. Second, the protocols they have in place to prevent/reduce the risk of Covid are excellent, from no shoes in the classes to providing everything they need to minimize bringing things from home, truly they have thought of every detail. And thirdly, my son has learned so much in just the short amount of time since starting in August, he is almost reading, has learned to spell many words and discovered science. We are very happy and would recommend it to any parent.

Yahoska Perez

After doing a lot of research, my husband and I chose Kids for Kids Academy for our daughter's first early learning experience. Well, our daughter asks to go to school ever day even on weekends! the staff is amazing- I love the constant communication through the app and the small class sizes. Thank you Kids for Kids for taking great care of our daughter.

Yolanda Sanchez

Hi, my grandson has been attending Kids for Kids Academy for the past three years. This is a great school starting with the Director Ms. Davis who is very professional and always attentive to the needs of the children. I have to say that they have the best office staff, very polite and loving and always willing to help. Maria, the cafeteria manager, is also a wonderful lady. The teachers are great, well prepared and nurturing. My grandson who is 4 years old, has learned so much. He is always ready to go to school and when I ask him how his day was, he always tells me that he loves his school. I give this school an A+ In everything: education, professionalism, dedication, the love they have for the children. Overall a great place for a child to grow and learn!

Sarah Finley

Kids for Kids Academy goes above and beyond the expectations for early child development including school aged children from VPK to first grade. The teachers are dedicated to your child’s academic needs along with proper social and developmental milestones. Healthy meals and snacks are provided, including a science program, school garden and teaches Spanish right from the start of two years old. Our child as excelled and continues to enjoy the fun and safe atmosphere Kids for Kids Academy provides to both students and their families.

Judy L

Mrs. Davis and all the staff are just amazing. The time my daughter (Rosy) was going there, I never had an issue. Mrs. Davis is such a great person and we were sad that Rosys time at the school had to end. Rosy always talks about how she misses the school and how when she gets older she’s going to go back and volunteer for Mrs. Davis. There’s not a better group of people to watch out for your kids.

Stephany Alvarez

After a long extensive research of schools and education in Miami Florida I chose kids for kids academy due to their amazing way of organizing their curriculum for children and the way they're handling the COVID-19 situation and protocols. The school is very hands-on with their children and extremely clean very professional.
I am mostly impressed with their nutrition program for the children and the organic foods they use and how they teach children how to grow fruits and vegetables. The classrooms are small with a small amount of children which is wonderful for One on one with the teacher especially for my daughter who unfortunately is behind in her education due to unfortunate circumstances and COVID-19 regulations. I also have my one year-old toddler son attending as well. it's amazing to get to know what's going on with him all day via their app from meals to diaper changes. they are very upbeat with their technology and makes me feel more comfortable and at ease while I am working. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone I am very pleased.

Jalis rebecca

great school!

Thomas N

A good school to attend. Very clean and organized. The staff are attentive and Ms. Davis oversees everything to make sure you and your child/children are comfortable. Recommend to others.

Leasa Smith

My daughter, Imani began attending Kids for Kids Academy when she was three years old and continued to thrive there until she aged out of the program. I will never be able to thank this school, its staff and its owner, Beth Davis for building the robust foundation on which my daughter continues to build her education. Imani has just begun her 8th grade year; and just last week we were reminiscing about her days in Blue Door and how she wishes I had the recipe for "Miss Maria's meatballs" 🙂. Beyond the high quality education, the positive values, high morals and standards that were imparted to children and adults alike in this wholesome environment, my daughter and I found an extended family within the Kids for Kids community. Thank you Beth Davis, Andrew Davis, Delly and everyone at this phenomenal
school who was a member of the "village" that made such a positive impact on my daughter's early education!

Jose Molina

Best school in kendall for your little ones. Everyone truly cares for your kids. From th phenomenal director/principal Ms Davis to all her carefully picked staff! Thanks again for taking care of our most precious gift our kids!!!!


If you want a place where your children are treated the best possible THIS IS THE PLACE the best teacher the best administration THE BEST EVERYTHING!! ️from day one I felt safe with them, they take care of them as if they were their own I never had a problem with them They have an app that keeps you up to date with everything. They also have HUGE security, everything is super clean, I'm really delighted with them. My princess was super happy there and we also highly recommend it with our eyes closed.😊

Dirly Bastida

This school is amazing for so many reasons I could list them all and I know I would still be leaving out important details. They are wonderful and caring and really make you feel like family. The teachers and staff all get to know you and your children and the love they have for the kids truly shows. My son had an amazing experience there at age 2 and I could see that he was learning so many things just based on his actions at home. They send a weekly newsletter detailing what they did in class and I would notice that certain things my son would do were likely the cause of a fun activity they did in class that week. For example, in November they did a class on colors of leaves and collected leaves teaching them the different colors as the leaves turn brown for the fall, that week I noticed my son collecting leaves outside. My son had a difficult time transitioning into daycare as he did not start until age 2 but the teachers and staff did everything they could to make him feel at home and it showed because he learned to love kids for kids very quickly. The director involves the family in many community projects which is just so wonderful and teaches the kids the importance of being involved in your community at a very young age. The holidays are wonderful, they involve the kids in holiday activities and truly make it fun for them while still remaining educational. They say it takes a village to help raise your children and kids for kids is the best village around. I would recommend this school to everyone and anyone.

Kelli Gonzalez

My family moved to the area during the pandemic and my husband and I were anxious about how to find and evaluate a good preschool program for our 4 and 2 year olds during difficult times. The team at K4K has been so communicative and proactive for both the kids safety as well as keeping us parents as involved and informed as possible. Our kids love their teachers and I’m impressed weekly by the progress in pre-K and my two year olds vocabulary has grown tremendously in a few short months. We’re very thankful for the K4K family and we are very much looking forward to when we can have more school activities.

Lisa Rios

Love love the school my daughter started at 6 months old and went through 1 grade. I really recommend the school

Ruth Recinos

Hello Good morning Mrs. Davis. My words can not express enough to say how grateful we are for everything you do for my children. From the beginning you and your staff have welcomed my children with all the affection, professionalism and patience in the world. I am extremely grateful for always having me present at every opportunity. I am very blessed to have the opportunity and help to have my children in your academy. Unfortunately I have to work hard to have them come out front but I am calm day after day knowing that I leave them in the best hands. Thank you for making these holidays the best for my children. God bless you and always multiply you.

Claudia Merisio

The best experience for the kids. Music class, sports, science lab, gardening, lots of field trips and the teachers are amazing and really unforgetable... hands up to Ms. Davis, to the staff and to all the amazing teachers of K4K👍❤🙌

Vivian Balmana-Bech

Nothing that I say about this school would give ot justice. My three kids went to this school. The oldest is now in Middle school. She goes there for tutoring after school. My middle daughter goes there afterschool and so does my little one. The staff is amazing! The kids are so well prepared and I can't say enough about Beth Davis the director. She truly has a gift for what she does. I definitely recommend this school. I strongly believe the early foundation is key to a great student and thankfully my three are great students and I credit it to Kids for Kids

Queenie Baker

Excellent school, great atmosphere best school ever, my grandson loves it he's happy to get there as a matter of fact on weekends he says I want to go to school. always happy so I'm happy. love Mrs Davis and all the staff and teachers.

Zamira Barrios

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beverly Hoover

Excellent human beings. The love and care for the kids it’s admirable. My grandson is very happy and looks forward to be there.

K4K strives to provide a safe and awesome environment for our kids. My 4 year old is extremely well- adjusted and has built a trusting relationship with the teachers and staff. It is an organized school and the director always thinks ahead as to how to make the experience a better one for the students. I love the strategies used in the teaching environment, the healthy eating, exercise, science and math oriented curriculum, the use of technology, music and language classes, amongst other opportunities. Kids learn about caring for others, learning while playing, and respecting others. This has been a blessing for means my family. Also, I love that teachers post daily updates on student progress on a program called Life Cubby. It is so impact foul to login and see what my little girl is doing in school daily. It's is especially helpful when I travel am out of town. Just love this school and highly recommend it as a wonderful place for kids to learn and grow. posting

All 3 of my children went to this school. I have to say that is was a truly amazing experience. They learned so much in the time they were there. My oldest started at 2.5 years old, my middle child started at 16 months old and my youngest son as 2. They were so well prepared when they entered Kindergarten. The staff is very nurturing and the director Beth Davis is an amazing person. The school is curriculum based therefore, the kids are always learning and interacting. As of the last 2 years they now have a science lab where the kids do experiments and learn about Science and Math. How many preschools can you say that about. I truly recommend this school to anyone that wants to give their kids a HUGE head start. posting

Bannister- Young

I wanted to share my experience with Kids for Kids Academy. My daughter attended this school from the age of 14 months and have received an exceptional education which prepared her for entry into Elementary School. This is a clean, safe, and friendly learning environment which was very important for us. All of the kids that graduated with my daughter from this school are now either gifted or honor roll students and I owe it to the competent, gifted, dedicated and talented teachers. My daughter is now 10 years+ and continues to attend Kids for Kids in their remarkable aftercare program where she continues to learn. They have been preparing her for each milestone in her life....elementary, upcoming middle school and I am sure that they will always be in our lives as I will continue to highly recommend this school to all who I come into contact with. 

Susana Nava

My son, Colin, has attended kids for kids academy since he was one and a half years old. All his teachers have been kind and competent and have truly prepared him to be an incredible student and young man. He has learned everything from the ABC's to how to be a good empathetic citizen of the community. All of his friends that graduated with him are now honor roll or gifted students. Colin now attends the amazing after school enrichment program where he continues to strive. Beth Davis and all the staff are caring, compassionate, and always willing to go the extra mile for us. I love this school.

Angie Garcia

My son is a Diabetic Type 1 insulin dependent since the age of a year and a half. I never thought that getting him into a school for VPK would be such a challenge. After two months of being turned down I finally found Kids for Kids Academy who said yes; Will take him and were willing to learn. It has been a great experience for my son. Mrs. Ana & Mrs. Miriam have been amazing. Also Mrs. Deli, Amanda, & Mrs. Davis have been wonderful. I would highly recommend Kids for kids to anyone. They have definitely gone above and beyond.

Phyllis Harris

If you are looking for a clean, and nurturing learning environment for your child, we highly recommend this school. They don’t use bleach and water like most place to clean, they use a green plant based product. Our grandson has attended K4K for 2 years, and is currently in kindergarten. He is not just "doing well", but is thriving under the guidance of the exceptional teaching, and support staff at this wonderful school.

Lucia Ryan

We loved Kids for Kids! Our children had lots of nurturing and an outstanding curriculum. Both our kids were very well prepared for kindergarten after attending Kids for Kids. Highly recommend this school.

Annette Jackson

K4K Academy is the greatest school ever. When I gained custody of my grandson at age two, he was very difficult to handle. This school miraculously were able to get his emotions in order. The owner and the teachers and all her staff are all so warm, patient, encouraging, consistent, and benevolent. The school is always clean, neat, child-safe, child-friendly with every corner representing something to learn. The open library is my grandson's favorite incentive. My grandson wakes up with excitement to go to school and I have to struggle to get him to leave school at the end of the day. After one year, my grandson is 100% better. He is so smart, and cooperative. My entire family are grateful to K4K Academy for being that catalyst for DJ.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy we are with your school. . . Most importantly, the teachers and staff are all very kind and loving, and they focus on the positive characteristics of each child and help them shine! Thank you for everything! We highly recommend Kids 4 Kids Academy! The Soto Family

Kim Littman

I am a teacher at Jack Gordon across the street. I can tell you from personal experience that kids leaving Kids For Kids are well prepared. When looking at the kids on the honor roll, most of them come from Kids For Kids Academy.

Mercy Linares

Kids for kids academy is an amazing school for your child. A clean and safe environment is their priority. They dedicate so much time to going above and beyond. Despite these trying times they have rise above. Could not recommend them more!

Norely Fortis

Highly recommend this place! They have my full trust in leaving my kids there during this difficult time. Kids and parents need to feel that the children’s and staffs health are very important.
I have my kids tell me how much they love to go to K4K.

Susan Owens

When I am asked about daycare I reply, my kids go to an Early Learning Center. Kids for Kids Academy is an Early Learning Center based on STEM education. The owner is a passionate and caring woman who has dedicated her life to childhood education, development and instilling empathy in our future leaders. Mrs. Davis has an amazing team of staff that nurtures the children and help grow their minds and behaviors to be ready for their next step. The teachers are fantastic. This is my 8th year with my child at Kids for Kids Academy and I couldn’t be happier. I walk away from the drop off with no worries, I know our child is in good hands.

Our kids love it there so much so my eldest can’t wait to be old enough to volunteer there. During COVID it has been beyond worrying for parents and the teachers. Mrs. Davis has implemented every new procedure possible to make her school a safe place. Parents are not inside the classroom for obvious reasons, however, Mrs. Davis ensures you are still part of your child’s classroom. Whether it is via app sending photos, videos, and messages. You can call and also you can meet the teacher weekly to get any feedback you need. As a parent it is sad to see the kids not partake in all the holidays, not at Kids for Kids Academy, they went the extra mile and had Halloween and Thanksgiving. Videos and photos have been taken and shared with parents. Honestly, if you are looking for a safe, kind, developmental and enriching environment for your infant, preschooler, or Kindergarten and 1st grade. Look no further. 

Kadie Charlemagne

We have had our almost 3 year old daughter in Kids for Kids Academy since she was 11 months old. I was extremely nervous to put her in any kind of school care center, but from the very beginning, Mrs. Davis put our worries at ease. From the organic food, to no candy or sweets, to no screen time, to the extensive playground area, it has all been a wonderful experience. One of the major things I appreciate about the staff is that all of them are CPR certified. Not just one or two specific teachers that would be called on in an emergency, but all of them are trained. That is such a huge relief, to know our daughter is safe in case a medical emergency occurs. Our daughter loves music class, the arts and crafts, and especially loves the food Ms. Maria cooks fresh every day.

During the beginning of COVID, so many people had no where to place their children, because everything shut down. Kids for Kids shut down for a few weeks, to keep the staff and children safe. They also opened their doors to those who needed to go back to work, but couldn’t because schools were still closed and they had nowhere to place their children. When they reopened, new policies were in place to continue keeping everyone safe. New Apps were implemented for a more contactless pick up, shoes are left outside to help keep everything clean, there is hand sanitizer available at all times. It has been a relief to be able to drop our daughter off and not worry about cleanliness or sanitation. We are able to go back to work knowing our daughter is safe and secure. To persevere in such a trying time shows the quality and dedication this school has.

A big thank you to Mrs. Davis and all of the staff for giving our daughter a safe place to learn and grow. I don’t know what we would do without you all.

luis torres

I would like to start by saying that the school is 7 miles away from my house.. after looking at 5 other places closer to our house, we traveled to country walk and found kids for kids Academy.. we sent our son at 17 months and at first (being a first time daddy) I was very hesitant and scared because of the crazy story you hear about and see on the news.. the minute I took my son in and took him to his class and met with all the teachers I felt very comfortable with leaving my spawn at the school.. as the time passed I noticed my son starting to talk more and understand what I would tell him.. he would take his naps and eat his lunch at the same time on the weekend.. as he got use to a routine.. which I was taken back and to top it all off he also started doing simple sigh language..

I was so taken back by the attention this school had given my first born that at 26 month we had another kid a daughter.. and after 17month we put her in the school too and the same result for child number 2.. and as much as we would want another kid the wife and I are happy with 2 one 3 y/o boy and 17month girl..

When this when the whole covid thing started this school stayed open as much as they could which for myself and the wife was great because of our work schedule.. I myself I’m a firefighter and my wife is an RN.. when I’m at work I do 24 hour shifts and my wife does 12 hour shifts so having some where trust worth place of leaving my kids was a blessing..

Over all this school is everything that a Parent is looking for to have there kids look after and taught..

I would definitely recommend the school and have recommended the school to other firefighters, looking for a 5 star daycare/school

Joan Ortiz

Absolutely love Kids for Kids Academy, the way Ms. Davis runs the place is amazing. We discovered them during the pandemic and have not regretted it. K4K has rolled with the punches, implementing sanitation procedures and adhering to them. My child has not even come home with a cold 1x. Whenever i run into one of the staff members they always have a ready smile and a welcoming salutation for me. Ms. Davis seems to go above and beyond on the daily and no request is too big she will make it happen. I truly love taking my child there and she speaks highly of her teachers past and present also. I'm always mentioning K4K to everyone i know especially anyone in the area who may have a child who could attend.

Dana garner

We will always be grateful for the time our kids spent at this amazing school! The staff is friendly and caring, they go above and beyond to create a safe and fun learning environment.

Cristiane Rocha

I want to take the time to review Kids for Kids Academy and let other parents know how wonderful they are. My son went there since Green door and he left the school after VPK. His first teacher was Ms Murielle, she is still there, and she is so sweet. Ms Yanet, Ms Mireya, Ms Marta, Ms Wanda, Ms Ana still teaching there for many years! The school has a beautiful outdoor area for kids. They offer the best education foundation you child can have. Today my son is in 1st grade in another school, he is A+ student and he was recommended for the gift program. Ms Davis, the owner, has an exceptional educational background and she is very involved in the kid activities, especially in the science lab, her expertise! Ask for a tour, I'm positive your child can't be in better care. We miss them and we always stop by to say hi! Oh, the food provided is amazing! Healthy meals, Ms Maria cooks everyday, organic and yummy food! 🙂 I highly recommend the school!

Olgui Chirino

To everyone at Kids for Kids Academy.. The Hegi family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an important part of our lives. Our time with you has been wonderful and as the year ends and we will soon be starting a new school, we wanted you to know that we will take what we've learned from you and the love and kindness that not only we have received from everyone in the faculty but from the friends we made there and keep it with us forever. We're so glad we made the choice of putting John William at Kids for Kids when he was just 3 years old and we will speak highly of your school and our time there.. We love u guys ❤️❤️❤️

Elsa Recinos

Excellence, professionalism, kindness, responsibility and cleanliness are some of the few words with which I could describe Kid for kids Academy. The Principal Mis Davis, the staff and teachers are always attentive to the needs of the children and their academic performance, they always look for the best way to communicate with the parents to let us know the needs that our children have. I could not be happier with the teachers who are excellent and with the academic and learning level that my son has demonstrated. I have been recommending kids for kids academy because it is excellence. Ms Davis is a great principal who is always innovating and trying to help those in need. thank you kids for kids and Ms Davis for making the learning and achievement of my son Julio Cesar a path of joy, motivation and a lot of professionalism. Elsa Recinos

War Ren

I LOVE this place. Love the people and all the children.

Alejandro Cardenas

Excellent academy, really nice personnel, my son is always happy to go to school!

Priscilla Ferrer

Love this place ...friendly staff. Very clean. Kids actually learn 🧡

Norely Fortis

Couldn’t be happier to have my daughter in this school! My little one will soon join!

Yonedi Mihanys

This school is more than a school it’s an extended family that even reaches deep into our local community. I’m so lucky and proud to have the pleasure of having my kids and I feel like we are not alone. Kids for kids is what you expect and need and more...all provided with professional caring!
Superior group of givers! Thank you so much love the Santana &Ayabarreno Family...(Yonedi 🙂 )

This is a GREAT school, my daughter has been attending Kids for Kids Academy since she was 1 yrs old (now 3). The teachers truly care about the students and place a large emphasis on education from the time your child walks through the door. Every aspect of their day has some type of education concept to it. Every day my daughter comes home from school and it simply amazes me when she talks about her day. In addition, I absolutely love the life cubby system that they use it gives me a glimpse of my child's day. With all that being said I cannot forget to mention Beth Davis who is a true educator in every sense of the word you can tell that she loves what she does. Her focus on education with these kids from an early age is commendable and appreciated. In a state that is not as education driven as it should be I am happy that Kids for Kids academy will give my child the needed head start she will need to excel in her academic future. posting

I am very happy with Kids for Kids Academy. I have seeing how my daughter has developed since we enrolled her last year. I love their focus on teaching kids both science and compassion. I had my kids enrolled at another school nearby but they did not receive the attention that I felt they needed and when we came to K4K we just saw a 180 degree change in behavior and in academic development. posting

My daughter loves Kids for Kids Academy. She is happy to go there everyday. Their structured curriculum, nurturing staff, and fun environment is the perfect combination for learning and growth. Irma Fiallo

Susan Owens

We really cannot say good enough things about Kids for Kids Academy. We have been saying that for one year now when my daughter started at ten months old. Now she has just completed her first year! It was so important for us to find a place that we could leave our daughter and feel comfortable, that we could trust and know our daughter would be happy. Ms Murielle and Grandma Virginia of Green door are amazing with the children. Just now at the end of the school year my daughter was sent home with keepsakes from the Teachers. I was really taken aback with the thoughtfulness that had gone into making these for us parents. Keepsakes to cherish forever. Two books, a CD with photos and a video and a record of important milestones. One book was a photo-book, the other was my daughter’s drawings and crafts made throughout the year. The CD!!! When I loaded the CD onto my computer I watched the video clips put together as a movie, I cried with happiness. My goodness what a great year my daughter has had at Kids for Kids. I mean I already knew that, but a video/picture said a thousand words. In every picture and video clip my daughter looks so happy in her environment. In the fitness class the kids have so much fun. Outside watering the plants and looking after Peaches the Turtle, in the playground running around having fun. Painting, reading and playing. Interacting with the other little ones. Who would think they would do so much with a one year old!! Ms Murielle knew my daughter's grandparents were visiting from Wales, UK, she took the trouble to make an extra gift/keepsake especially for them. It was a lovely painting that she had helped with. My daughter's grandparents are Welsh, Ms Murielle had found out that in Welsh we call them Nain and Taid. The painting was addressed to them in their Welsh names. This was truly going the extra EXTRA mile. Honestly if you are thinking of joining the Kids for Kids family, think no more. I don't think we could be more happy and grateful to the Team and in particular Ms Davis who runs everything from top to bottom, to Ms Murielle for all the love and care given to my daughter, to Grandma Veronica that helped and guided me when I needed support as a first time mom. 

Alba Drickler

My son started going to this school and what a change!!!!! I love this school, the teachers are awesome Mrs. Patty, Mrs. Luz and can't forget Angie!!! My son has learned sooo much in such a little time. Every morning he wakes up he tells me he wants to go to school even on weekends!
Mrs. Davis has been very generous with our family and I thank her for that!
Kids for Kids Academy is the best and I recommend this school to anyone!

Jeremy Stranding

After just a week of having my four year old son with K4K he came home talking about Magnetism, I was blown away. The schools dynamic Science approach to teaching our children is nothing short of amazing. This school's accreditation speaks for its self. My son has never been happier, and the teacher and parent interaction is wonderful. I am always up to date on what is happening with my son each day. They communicate with a weekly letter emailed to parents. I highly recommend this Academy to any parent looking to better their Child's future.

Danilo Barreiro

Kids for Kids academy is a truly wonderful place. From the awesome and caring staff headed by Mrs. Davis to the great facilities and educational infrastructure they have. You can tell that they spare no expense to create an environment where our girls feel safe, loved, appreciated and motivated to learn.

Joanna Gaetan

My first daughter, who is now 6 years old, went to Kids for Kids academy since she was 15 months old until she graduated from VPK, and she loved every minute of it. Now, my 3 year old is attending Kids for Kids. We tried putting her in a cheaper daycare first, but she could not adjust. As soon as she started Kids for Kids her attitude towards going to school changed...she is happy every morning when she wakes up because she is going to Kids for Kids Academy and she loves it! Even though finances are tight, my husband and I are making the financial sacrifice in order for our daughter to be happy in school and have an excellent education.

Melissa Adams

When our nanny left, we were so concerned about how Sean would interact with the other children especially since he wasn’t walking yet. Mrs. Davis assured us that he would come along fine and start walking very soon and she was right! Sean has thrived at Kids for Kids Academy School and we recommend them highly to anyone considering child care up to first grade. My only complaint is that they don’t go through 6th grade so he can stay in that wonderful, caring environment.

R. Calana

I am a single grandmother of two beautiful little boys who I adopted since infancy. I needed to work, so I looked for a school/childcare center that I could entrust my grandchildren with. I looked and looked and couldn’t find a place I was comfortable with. I wasn’t sure if Kids For Kids Academy would take a child who was not walking. I reached out to Beth Davis, she said she would take them. That was 7 years ago. She also welcomed my other child who has been at Kids For Kids Academy for the last 5 years. Both boys love attending Kids For Kids Academy. We all love Ms. Davis, Ms. Marta, Ms. Ariel and all the staff. This school is not only dedicated to the children and staff, but also to the parents. I give Kids For Kids Academy much more than 5 stars. I give them unlimited stars!

Alexandra Hernandez

My son son has been attending this school since he was just shy of 2 Y/O and he is now 3 1/2. I wouldn’t trade kids for kids for any other school. My husband and myself struggled to pick the right school for our son (were first time parents so we were very worried about him being in the care of anyone else but ourselves). Needless to say, fast forward to today and several teachers later and my husband and myself feel like we drop him off at our second home each and every day. Our son loves going to school and loves the teachers. The school, staff, Mrs. Davis are all very welcoming and the communication is amazing. They are also very familiar with all the families that come to pick up and can tell right away a new face! Maria is very tentative to all the children’s food allergies which is a huge plus for us as well. If I can rate higher than 5 stars, I would! Thank you all for everything you do each and every day and thank you for all the accommodations throughout this challenging year!

Jenelle Torres

I can’t say thank you enough for all you guys do for our children! It is a great comfort for me to know that my children are happy and have formed a bond with their teachers, as well as their classmates. Every week I am amazed by the development changes in both children! I’m happy to say that each day I can worry less because I know they are well loved and cared for by the staff at Kids for kids Academy

Giselle W

While searching for a school in the SouthWest Kendall area, Kids For Kids Academy showed up on our recommendations. After briefly browsing the reviews however, we decided to skip over it for the time being. A fellow parent however convinced my husband and I to go in and talk to Ms. Davis and instead of relying on what we read. Needless to say, we haven’t looked back since.

Though it’s a little bit pricier than we’d originally budgeted for, if you actually break down the costs, it’s not much more expensive than the other schools. Plus, this isn’t a day care - the kids are actually being taught and follow a syllabus! As a bonus, nutritious meals are served (with organic fruits and veggies) .... wholesome meals that the kids eat and I wish I had the time make! Pre-covid, the kids had weekly music lessons, soccer, and gardening, and we had a monthly parents night (aka Saturday night dates where the parents can have fun and the kids can chill with their buddies). The classrooms/main areas have animals (“Rexa” is common name to hear at home), the kids have journals, and are also assessed formally and a report sent home (annually). In our case, our son took a little bit of time to start speaking, so we were recommend for speech therapy and now well we have the opposite problem 😁 The teachers here are all caring, empathetic, know the children by name, are professional, go beyond what is expected of them, and best of all - the kids love attending!

Of course I can go on and on and on, but if you’re reading this and you’re on the fence like we were, visit and see for yourself. And if you’re like us,.... we’ll see you next semester!

Jennifer perez

I absolutely love this school! I cannot say enough good things about it. My name is Jennifer fong and both my kids are currently attending (3 and 1 year old). When my daughter started she couldn't walk and was only saying mama and papa. She is now 3 years old and knows all her letters, colors, shapes, and even plays soccer at school. I feel 100% secure when I drop off my kids every morning that my children will be well taken care of, loved, and safe. Even with the craziness of covid-19 Ms. Davis and her staff have gone above and beyond to make sure the kids are in a safe environment. As if that wasnt enough they feed my kids healthy food every day and teach them healthy habits like brushing their teeth after eating. My daughter now asks me if the food she is eating is healthy and how it is good for her body. My son is learning sign language and although he cannot tell me what he wants he can gesture when he wants to eat. With all that said I 100% recommend kids for kids academy!

Andrea Garcia

My son has been attending Kids For Kids since he was 2 years old. In an effort to save money, I enrolled my son in public school for VPK. We ended up being going him back to Kids for Kids for Kindergarten and it has made all the difference. The teachers are so attentive and trained so well. Immediately I noticed a difference in how much my son was learning and progressing academically, and even his behavior improved by leaps and bounds. In such crazy times with this pandemic, Kids for Kids has gone above and beyond to keep us all safe while giving our kids such a fun learning environment. I feel so grateful and fortunate that my son is able to attend Kids for Kids.

Tiffanni Diaz

I love kids for kids. When I First thought about putting my daughter in school kids for kids was the first one to come to my mind. Mrs.Davis’s extensive background in early have had education has made kids for kids such a quality school. I love how advanced they are in terms of technology and that I am able to get updates on my daughter throughout the day and communicate easily with her teacher and staff. I would highly recommend kids your kids academy to anyone looking to enroll their child and then academically challenging and innovative school!

Maria Jose Alarcon

My nephew loves it. And my family trusts their care

Rene Alarcon

My name is Rene Alarcon my kid is a brown door now and he love his teacher Mrs. Anna, he's been there for years and he loves every morning when he has to go to school.

The staff at this center is amazing they are like a big family. I'm so happy and glad that my kid is part of this big family, as a father I can tell this is the best place my kid can be.

Thanks to Ms. Davis and her amazing staff for loving and taking care of our kids!!!!!!

Natalie Sosa

I went on a tour of this school and was very impressed all around from the educational philosophy, the organic food, and the activities that children engage in. I also was pleased with the precautions taking place to prevent the coronavirus. Dr. Davis and Ms. Wanda have been incredibly attentive and responsive and showed genuine concern with assisting me. My experience has been nothing but positive, so I recommend!

Kaeden Overton

Excellent human beings. The love and care for the kids it’s admirable. My grandson is very happy and looks forward to be there.

Am Foxxx

Carlos 333

Lets see

My son went there when he was little 11 years ago when he was like 2 .....They were THE BEST! A bit expensive but worth it at the least! The director is awesome all awesome ! Lots of activities and events so nice ~ and graduation is beautiful . Initials of my baby REA blue door vibes! lol

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Early Toddlers

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Cute little young kid boy at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


1 ½ - 2 ½ Years

Cute little young kid boy at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


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Young kid boy showing a robot design building blocks at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


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