Parent Reviews

Dora Marshall

I’m Zoe Marshall’s (purple door) mother. I wanted to thank you for your amazing school and teachers. Zoe loves going to her school new room. She loved rainbow door and it’s the same with purple door now. There are many ways I can tell that she is feeling comfortable at her new room but I wanted to share with you what she said. We were talking with her about why kids go to school and grownups to work and that she will be going to many school
for many years and she said “I want to go ONLY to my school with Miss Marta“.

Also, many thanks for the weekly emails. I find them very useful and practical; they help me
stay on tract and make sure I didn’t miss any important info.

Many thanks!!!!

Felix Josh Cheech Brechtefeld

Great place!!!! Definitely recommend it.

Jennifer Perez-Fong

I was so nervous putting my daughter in school. Kids for Kids has been amazing. She went from crying when I dropped her off to waving bye and giving me a kiss when I drop her off. She is so happy there and I can see so much growth in her in the 2 short months that she has been going to school. The teachers are great and so caring. The director is super nice and accommodating. You can tell everyone loves what they do at this school.

Maria Eugenia Millan

What a beautiful and excellent school my son is being able to attend to. Every staff member deserves a 5*. I am grateful for having your school as my son's second home. He loves learning at Kids for kids Academy. Thank you Ms Davies and all her staff for loving and caring about my son. Thank you so much!!

This school is amazing! My son went here for 2 years and was more than prepared for kindergarten. He loved all of the teachers and staff. I always felt like I was leaving him in the best place while I was at work. I highly recommend this school. posting

As a teacher and first time parent, I was apprehensive about sending my twins to any school. I checked out a few schools and took 3 years off from work because I was so unsure. Once the twins went to school, their vocabulary increased and they were well accepted and made friends quickly. Even being in the same class they were able to be individuals. They are now in public school after spending 4 years at their FIRST school. We still visit and donate when we can. They love their first school and teachers. The staff welcomed us and we felt like family. posting

My daughter is 10 months old and she started kids for kids in April of 2012 and I can say that she has learned so much .She loves her teachers. When I walk into the room and she sees her teachers she gives a big smile. This is one school that really cares about your child . I can go to work and feel at ease that my daughter is being care for. posting

Lisa Rios

Kids for kids academy is the best school my daughter has learned so much the teachers, the staff and Beth Davis are outstanding. The school serves very healthy food and has many enrichments to support their healthy initiative. They have virtual cubbies for the kids and send parents pictures and videos from class IPAD. I would recommend this school to anyone that what's their child to have the best education.

Kristi Beckler

Absolutely the most amazing school. My son has been going there since he was 2 he is 5 now I can not say enough good things about the staff or the principal Mrs. Davis. Everybody is so professional and caring they all look after our most precious things as if they were their own. We used to live in New York and we have seen the schools up north. I can tell you this school is in a league of its own in the best possible way. Keep up the amazing work.

Kids for Kids Academy is one of the few pre-schools in the country that has a science lab and teaches STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math education). They provide daily child care (similar to day care but miles apart) and education through first grade. Our son Sean recently graduated and I can say (not because he's my son) that he is one of the most well balanced, educated, kind and caring student in his new class.

Tara Morera

My son went to this school for 2 years. It is an amazing place to send your children! I never had to worry about leaving him, he loved all of the teachers and staff. He started kindergarten this year ahead of most of the other kids in his class because they teach so much at Kids for Kids, but also in a way that excites the children about learning. I highly recommend this school.

Kris Ruiz

When my son started Kids for Kids just after his second birthday, I was worried because he wasn't talking at all. I was afraid the teachers wouldn't understand what he needed/wanted. Boy was I wrong. I can't believe the change in him. He is now 3 and a half and he speaks in full sentences. He loves to tell me all about his day and what he had for lunch. I love to hear him tell me about all the different classes he does including Science. I have friends who have kids the same age or maybe even older who are not as advanced as my son. Absolutely amazing! I can't say enough great things! Thank you everyone at Kids for Kids Academy for the great direction and amazing care you have given my son!

Brett Adams

Yes, we as his parents had a lot to do with that but for the 30 hours a week he was with Ms. Davis and Kids for Kids Academy over the past few years, there has been no drop off. The school does not own a TV and only shows "movies" on camp days. I mentioned the science lab, my son loved it and wants to be a scientist after everything he learned. (Ms. Davis does all the science labs and teaching) Most people don’t know this but - Ms. Beth Davis, is a nationally recognized leader (and Best Selling Author) in the area of early childhood learning and it shows in everything they do there.If you want the best education in the area, you can do no better than Kids for Kids Academy - they are truly in a class by themselves.

Rogers-de Almeida

As an attorney who works in family law, I have been exposed to many childcare providers and can say without a doubt that your facility is the best I have seen. . . I enjoy hearing about all they've learned when they come home excited at the end of the day and knowing that they are in the safest and best environment that I can put them if they aren't with me.

Tynnetta Rogers

My children have attended Kids for Kids Academy since they were nine months and two years old. They are now two and five, and I must say between the three of us we have never been happier! I have never seen an educational center where the children don't want to leave, and are so excited to get there the next morning. The Teachers greet the children with warm smiles and hugs and they greet each other with hugs! In my opinion with teachers and staff that have that much caring and respect for each other are teachers I always want with my kids!

Claudia Merisio

The best experience for the kids. Music class, sports, science lab, gardening, lots of field trips and the teachers are amazing and really unforgetable... hands up to Ms. Davis, to the staff and to all the amazing teachers of K4K👍❤🙌

Vivian Balmana-Bech

Nothing that I say about this school would give ot justice. My three kids went to this school. The oldest is now in Middle school. She goes there for tutoring after school. My middle daughter goes there afterschool and so does my little one. The staff is amazing! The kids are so well prepared and I can't say enough about Beth Davis the director. She truly has a gift for what she does. I definitely recommend this school. I strongly believe the early foundation is key to a great student and thankfully my three are great students and I credit it to Kids for Kids

Queenie Baker

Excellent school, great atmosphere best school ever, my grandson loves it he's happy to get there as a matter of fact on weekends he says I want to go to school. always happy so I'm happy. love Mrs Davis and all the staff and teachers.

Zamira Barrios

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beverly Hoover

Excellent human beings. The love and care for the kids it’s admirable. My grandson is very happy and looks forward to be there.

K4K strives to provide a safe and awesome environment for our kids. My 4 year old is extremely well- adjusted and has built a trusting relationship with the teachers and staff. It is an organized school and the director always thinks ahead as to how to make the experience a better one for the students. I love the strategies used in the teaching environment, the healthy eating, exercise, science and math oriented curriculum, the use of technology, music and language classes, amongst other opportunities. Kids learn about caring for others, learning while playing, and respecting others. This has been a blessing for means my family. Also, I love that teachers post daily updates on student progress on a program called Life Cubby. It is so impact foul to login and see what my little girl is doing in school daily. It's is especially helpful when I travel am out of town. Just love this school and highly recommend it as a wonderful place for kids to learn and grow. posting

All 3 of my children went to this school. I have to say that is was a truly amazing experience. They learned so much in the time they were there. My oldest started at 2.5 years old, my middle child started at 16 months old and my youngest son as 2. They were so well prepared when they entered Kindergarten. The staff is very nurturing and the director Beth Davis is an amazing person. The school is curriculum based therefore, the kids are always learning and interacting. As of the last 2 years they now have a science lab where the kids do experiments and learn about Science and Math. How many preschools can you say that about. I truly recommend this school to anyone that wants to give their kids a HUGE head start. posting

Bannister- Young

I wanted to share my experience with Kids for Kids Academy. My daughter attended this school from the age of 14 months and have received an exceptional education which prepared her for entry into Elementary School. This is a clean, safe, and friendly learning environment which was very important for us. All of the kids that graduated with my daughter from this school are now either gifted or honor roll students and I owe it to the competent, gifted, dedicated and talented teachers. My daughter is now 10 years+ and continues to attend Kids for Kids in their remarkable aftercare program where she continues to learn. They have been preparing her for each milestone in her life....elementary, upcoming middle school and I am sure that they will always be in our lives as I will continue to highly recommend this school to all who I come into contact with. 

Susana Nava

My son, Colin, has attended kids for kids academy since he was one and a half years old. All his teachers have been kind and competent and have truly prepared him to be an incredible student and young man. He has learned everything from the ABC's to how to be a good empathetic citizen of the community. All of his friends that graduated with him are now honor roll or gifted students. Colin now attends the amazing after school enrichment program where he continues to strive. Beth Davis and all the staff are caring, compassionate, and always willing to go the extra mile for us. I love this school.

Angie Garcia

My son is a Diabetic Type 1 insulin dependent since the age of a year and a half. I never thought that getting him into a school for VPK would be such a challenge. After two months of being turned down I finally found Kids for Kids Academy who said yes; Will take him and were willing to learn. It has been a great experience for my son. Mrs. Ana & Mrs. Miriam have been amazing. Also Mrs. Deli, Amanda, & Mrs. Davis have been wonderful. I would highly recommend Kids for kids to anyone. They have definitely gone above and beyond.

Phyllis Harris

If you are looking for a clean, and nurturing learning environment for your child, we highly recommend this school. They don’t use bleach and water like most place to clean, they use a green plant based product. Our grandson has attended K4K for 2 years, and is currently in kindergarten. He is not just "doing well", but is thriving under the guidance of the exceptional teaching, and support staff at this wonderful school.

Lucia Ryan

We loved Kids for Kids! Our children had lots of nurturing and an outstanding curriculum. Both our kids were very well prepared for kindergarten after attending Kids for Kids. Highly recommend this school.

Annette Jackson

K4K Academy is the greatest school ever. When I gained custody of my grandson at age two, he was very difficult to handle. This school miraculously were able to get his emotions in order. The owner and the teachers and all her staff are all so warm, patient, encouraging, consistent, and benevolent. The school is always clean, neat, child-safe, child-friendly with every corner representing something to learn. The open library is my grandson's favorite incentive. My grandson wakes up with excitement to go to school and I have to struggle to get him to leave school at the end of the day. After one year, my grandson is 100% better. He is so smart, and cooperative. My entire family are grateful to K4K Academy for being that catalyst for DJ.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy we are with your school. . . Most importantly, the teachers and staff are all very kind and loving, and they focus on the positive characteristics of each child and help them shine! Thank you for everything! We highly recommend Kids 4 Kids Academy! The Soto Family

Kim Littman

I am a teacher at Jack Gordon across the street. I can tell you from personal experience that kids leaving Kids For Kids are well prepared. When looking at the kids on the honor roll, most of them come from Kids For Kids Academy.

Elba Barrios

Excellent preschool good environment for children’s and excellent teachers!!!!🙏🏼😊

War Ren

I LOVE this place. Love the people and all the children.

Alejandro Cardenas

Excellent academy, really nice personnel, my son is always happy to go to school!

Priscilla Ferrer

Love this place ...friendly staff. Very clean. Kids actually learn 🧡

Norely Fortis

Couldn’t be happier to have my daughter in this school! My little one will soon join!

Yonedi Mihanys

This school is more than a school it’s an extended family that even reaches deep into our local community. I’m so lucky and proud to have the pleasure of having my kids and I feel like we are not alone. Kids for kids is what you expect and need and more...all provided with professional caring!
Superior group of givers! Thank you so much love the Santana &Ayabarreno Family...(Yonedi 🙂 )

This is a GREAT school, my daughter has been attending Kids for Kids Academy since she was 1 yrs old (now 3). The teachers truly care about the students and place a large emphasis on education from the time your child walks through the door. Every aspect of their day has some type of education concept to it. Every day my daughter comes home from school and it simply amazes me when she talks about her day. In addition, I absolutely love the life cubby system that they use it gives me a glimpse of my child's day. With all that being said I cannot forget to mention Beth Davis who is a true educator in every sense of the word you can tell that she loves what she does. Her focus on education with these kids from an early age is commendable and appreciated. In a state that is not as education driven as it should be I am happy that Kids for Kids academy will give my child the needed head start she will need to excel in her academic future. posting

I am very happy with Kids for Kids Academy. I have seeing how my daughter has developed since we enrolled her last year. I love their focus on teaching kids both science and compassion. I had my kids enrolled at another school nearby but they did not receive the attention that I felt they needed and when we came to K4K we just saw a 180 degree change in behavior and in academic development. posting

My daughter loves Kids for Kids Academy. She is happy to go there everyday. Their structured curriculum, nurturing staff, and fun environment is the perfect combination for learning and growth. Irma Fiallo

Susan Owens

We really cannot say good enough things about Kids for Kids Academy. We have been saying that for one year now when my daughter started at ten months old. Now she has just completed her first year! It was so important for us to find a place that we could leave our daughter and feel comfortable, that we could trust and know our daughter would be happy. Ms Murielle and Grandma Virginia of Green door are amazing with the children. Just now at the end of the school year my daughter was sent home with keepsakes from the Teachers. I was really taken aback with the thoughtfulness that had gone into making these for us parents. Keepsakes to cherish forever. Two books, a CD with photos and a video and a record of important milestones. One book was a photo-book, the other was my daughter’s drawings and crafts made throughout the year. The CD!!! When I loaded the CD onto my computer I watched the video clips put together as a movie, I cried with happiness. My goodness what a great year my daughter has had at Kids for Kids. I mean I already knew that, but a video/picture said a thousand words. In every picture and video clip my daughter looks so happy in her environment. In the fitness class the kids have so much fun. Outside watering the plants and looking after Peaches the Turtle, in the playground running around having fun. Painting, reading and playing. Interacting with the other little ones. Who would think they would do so much with a one year old!! Ms Murielle knew my daughter's grandparents were visiting from Wales, UK, she took the trouble to make an extra gift/keepsake especially for them. It was a lovely painting that she had helped with. My daughter's grandparents are Welsh, Ms Murielle had found out that in Welsh we call them Nain and Taid. The painting was addressed to them in their Welsh names. This was truly going the extra EXTRA mile. Honestly if you are thinking of joining the Kids for Kids family, think no more. I don't think we could be more happy and grateful to the Team and in particular Ms Davis who runs everything from top to bottom, to Ms Murielle for all the love and care given to my daughter, to Grandma Veronica that helped and guided me when I needed support as a first time mom. 

Alba Drickler

My son started going to this school and what a change!!!!! I love this school, the teachers are awesome Mrs. Patty, Mrs. Luz and can't forget Angie!!! My son has learned sooo much in such a little time. Every morning he wakes up he tells me he wants to go to school even on weekends!
Mrs. Davis has been very generous with our family and I thank her for that!
Kids for Kids Academy is the best and I recommend this school to anyone!

Jeremy Stranding

After just a week of having my four year old son with K4K he came home talking about Magnetism, I was blown away. The schools dynamic Science approach to teaching our children is nothing short of amazing. This school's accreditation speaks for its self. My son has never been happier, and the teacher and parent interaction is wonderful. I am always up to date on what is happening with my son each day. They communicate with a weekly letter emailed to parents. I highly recommend this Academy to any parent looking to better their Child's future.

Danilo Barreiro

Kids for Kids academy is a truly wonderful place. From the awesome and caring staff headed by Mrs. Davis to the great facilities and educational infrastructure they have. You can tell that they spare no expense to create an environment where our girls feel safe, loved, appreciated and motivated to learn.

Joanna Gaetan

My first daughter, who is now 6 years old, went to Kids for Kids academy since she was 15 months old until she graduated from VPK, and she loved every minute of it. Now, my 3 year old is attending Kids for Kids. We tried putting her in a cheaper daycare first, but she could not adjust. As soon as she started Kids for Kids her attitude towards going to school changed...she is happy every morning when she wakes up because she is going to Kids for Kids Academy and she loves it! Even though finances are tight, my husband and I are making the financial sacrifice in order for our daughter to be happy in school and have an excellent education.

Melissa Adams

When our nanny left, we were so concerned about how Sean would interact with the other children especially since he wasn’t walking yet. Mrs. Davis assured us that he would come along fine and start walking very soon and she was right! Sean has thrived at Kids for Kids Academy School and we recommend them highly to anyone considering child care up to first grade. My only complaint is that they don’t go through 6th grade so he can stay in that wonderful, caring environment.

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Cute little young kid boy at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


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Cute little young kid boy at the playground at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


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Young kid boy showing a robot design building blocks at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.


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