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Proud To Be Awarded The First Ever "Change The World Award"

Founder Beth Davis earned the 2020 Change the World Award for outstanding leadership skills that benefit your child’s community. From spearheading the Seeds of Hope Scholarship fundraiser to re-energizing her team with cutting edge training, you and your child enjoy a culture of excellence and passion.

Author of award-winning books on early learning

She taught for more than 20 years, is a Nationally Board Certified Education Specialist and author of award-winning books on early learning. She also has an Early Childhood Education Certification and an Advanced Director Credential. Now Beth Davis runs one of the most recognized preschools in Miami-Dade and makes her way into the classroom regularly to take part in the mission she has carved out for her young students: to inspire and engage the scientist within.

Beth R. Davis
Director of Kids for Kids Academy

Hands-On Science and Math

Her book, “Hands-On Science and Math” does just that by offering age-appropriate experiments for young children to discover the world around them through real world observation, discussion and critical thinking. From magnetic fields to buoyancy and salt water, she offers all kinds of creative and fun ways to make learning a joy.

You’re Never Too Little to Make a Big Difference

Before that, she authored, “You’re Never Too Little to Make a Big Difference,” a guide on offering tips and strategies to teach empathy to children of all ages, because good grades aren’t more important than social emotional intelligence, often overlooked by staunch academic curricula.
You’re Never Too Little to Make a Big Difference
kid & teacher at a Daycare and Preschool Serving Miami, FL

Davis’ early learning design takes a holistic approach to overall wellness

Here, your child will learn an appreciation for the environment and their role in it. They’ll learn to cooperate and work in a team, and develop a healthy appetite for outdoor play and nutritious foods all under the tutelage of highly qualified teachers who value their crucial role as early educators.

When you see the light bulb go off, you will never be the same.