SCHOOL AGE - Silver & Gold ( Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

When your child has fun when they are learning,
they will love to learn!

Our program uses a hands-on, creative learning process to teach literacy, math, science and physical activity

School Age | Kindergarten - 2nd Grade | Serving Miami, FL

We Accept the Step-Up Scholarships for our Kindergarten - Second Grade Program. Students who qualify will pay only $40 weekly for our private school. Regular private school tuition is $190 weekly. Our classes are limited to 14 students per call vs 28-30 in public school. The school day also includes music & soccer classes and organic meals...ALL INCLUDED

We Use The CREATIVE CURRICULUM, A Hands-On Approach to STEAM Topics

The teachers at KFKA use innovation, enthusiasm and creativity to approach every subject they teach.  This means that the students learn by participating in hands on projects in a small group setting. Small groups get more individual attention from the teachers and promotes group discussion and sharing ideas.  Creative Curriculum engages and exercises so many senses, like fine motor skills, critical thinking and social behaviour. 

Owner and teacher Beth Davis wrote a book outlining her creative curriculum that is used at KFKA: Hands On Mind On Preschool is an award winning book that is highly regarded and used as a resource by preschool teachers around the world.

We Use and Teach Technology Related Skills While Limiting Screen Time

Technology is becoming a more prevalent part of our children’s lives. At KFKA, the children can have a break from screen time and engage their minds and hands with other hands on materials and activities as well as social play with each other. KFKA does not have any TV screens in their classrooms, and while tablets are available, we limit your child’s time with tablet screens to 20 minutes twice a week.

literacy is a critical life skill

Our goal is to provide your child with the tools and support they need to be reading and writing by the end of first grade. Learning letter sounds, letter and word recognition and story time are activities used to teach reading. Tracing letters and other fine motor control exercises encourage writing skills.

We Go Beyond Basic
Math Skills, and Teach
Your Child To Find Patterns In Everyday Things

Math is not just counting, adding and subtracting on paper at a desk – it’s finding patterns and measuring things and making everyday stuff quantifiable. Math is taught when kids are cleaning up activities and sorting, during creative art time when drawing and making patterns or in the garden where kids count and group plants or measure how tall a vine is. Your child will see how important math can be through all its practical applications.

We Are Known For Our Hands-On Science Program

The KFKA science program is well known, thanks to owner and teacher Beth Davis, who has developed a hands on curriculum and published a book about it. The science lab is equipped with a microscope for each child, so they can learn and experiment at their own pace. And like everything else we do at KFKA, science doesn’t just stay in the classroom. We take its lessons out to the playground and in our garden, so scientific ideas are applied directly to your child’s experience.

socio-emotional skills are taught daily

Your child will benefit from the small adult to child ratio of our classrooms. The children are divided into smaller groups, so that they may interact with each other without being overwhelmed by a large number of peers. Group discussions and the ability to share their ideas and perspectives gives your child a safe space to learn and hone their social skills while getting them ready to enter the bigger world of grade school.

physical fine and gross motor skills get lots of attention

Physical activity is an important feature of our curriculum. Children spend at least 90 minutes in our playground, which allows them to get some fresh air and develop their gross motor skills. The yard is protected from the sun by shade sails and the temperature is regulated with twenty misting fans installed throughout the playground, which also keep the mosquitos at bay. In addition to free play outdoors, grade one kids participate in soccer lessons once a week. Soccer is great exercise that encourages coordination and endurance, but also teaches children about teamwork, leadership and self-regulation.

music and movement is a key part of the week everyone looks forward to

Silver door kids receive music instruction on a weekly basis. Music and movement are all encompassing activities that teach so many different skills. For instance, learning how to keep a beat is a transferable skill to dance, and learning time signatures are closely related to learning math.

practical life skills turn into habits when practiced daily

Hands on learning is not just academic, but practical as well. Children learn practical life skills in various ways, such as dressing themselves and learning to clean up their space after an activity. Our garden is a great starting point to learn about the progression of life skills: planting and growing vegetables, washing hands before preparing and cooking the vegetables, serving the food they cook, clearing plates after meals and finally brushing teeth after lunch.

Hands On Mind On Preschool

Hands On Mind On Preschool is a book developed and written by KFKA owner Beth Davis. This highly regarded teaching resource has won awards and is the basis of the science program. Kids have so much fun as they learn about physics, biology and math. You can see how much fun it is to learn at KFKA here

We Use the Conscious Discipline COMMUNICATION APPROACH

Our teachers are trained in the method of Conscious Discipline to communicate with the students. Conscious Discipline uses neuroscience, child development research and psychology to help children feel safe and connected to the adults around them, which gives them the space and capacity to learn and problem solve. These skills are not only for the classroom, but will extend into your child’s life outside of school and give them the ability to form healthy relationships and a strong aptitude for communication that will help them succeed in the future.

enrichment programs at no extra cost (all inclusive!)

In addition to our academic curriculum, KFKA offers a well-rounded enrichment program.  Silver door kids participate in soccer lessons once a week and music lessons are offered weekly.  The hands on science lab is an important part of our daily learning, as is the learning and playing we do in our garden.  All of these wonderful experiences for your child are inclusive in our tuition.

safety & security are always a top priority

Your child’s safety is always on our mind. Doors to the outside are all locked and require key or card access. Each classroom has a phone so teachers can easily contact each other. CCTV security cameras are found throughout the property and the playground yard is fenced in. In addition to the physical safety features of the school, all of our teachers have completed background checks and are certified in First Aid and CPR training.

stay updated daily with our lifecubby app

Your child’s progress is easily tracked and reported using the LifeCubby software and app. Easy to install on your phone or tablet, you can use this tool to communicate directly with our teachers using digital messaging. Teachers can communicate the upcoming curriculum and special events so you are always in the know of what is happening at KFKA. The best feature of LifeCubby are the awesome photos and videos you will receive so you can see how your child is learning, thriving and having fun!

an all organic food program includes lunch and snacks

Fully organic meals and snacks are included with the tuition and are prepared in-house every day. If your child has any food allergies or restrictions, we can accomodate for it; also, our school is a peanut-free environment. Our meal plan follows the guideline of the state Child Care Food Program (CCFP), which dictates best practices for providing your child with the nutrition they need to function and learn during the day. Our aim is to provide a wide variety of nutritious foods and instill healthy eating habits that your child can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

lots of field trips to expand your child’s mind and experience

Gold Room kids get to participate in field trips (for a nominal fee), which offers variety in their curriculum. A change of pace and scenery is a special treat and garners excitement. In-house field trips include visits from people in the community that come in and teach the children about who they are and what they do. For example, a local author will read their book to the children and hold a discussion with them afterwards, giving the kids a chance to express their ideas and ask many questions.  

Our afterschool program, grades Kindergarten to 5, include:

Daily Organic Snacks

Low class sizes

Structured Homework Help

Computers that are available for on-line homework

Physical Education Class

Free Choice time at the end of the day with games, garden time and Legos available

Full day camp is available for an additional fee on all Public School Teacher Planning Days,
so that when you need us, we don’t miss a beat.

We Have Smaller Groups and Higher Teacher To Student Ratios

Smaller groups means more individual attention for your child. At KFKA, adult to child ratios are better than the Florida Department of Children and Families (DFC) mandated ratios.

parent reviews

"We as parents are very grateful..."
As parents, we are very grateful with all of the teachers from K4K and Ms Beth Davis for the love and work they do for our kids giving that extra mile in everything.
Nohelia J.

BEST SCHOOL!!! Both of my daughters went to Kids for Kids Academy. My oldest daughter transitioned beautifully into their program since 3 years old. She was able to experience preschool and VPK and kindergarten. She was exposed to science, math, reading, language arts, writing, and music. She was also very much a kid with the best experiences of playtime, story-time, holidays, events, etc. I am a University educator, so to see my daughter flourish to her potential because of Beth Davis and her amazing faculty, they were able to encourage the fun and importance of learning. She is now 6 years old, in the gifted program in an IB school, and is on the principal's honor roll for two grading periods. They helped me, as a mom, to discover the journey of my youngest daughter by helping me find the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The sensitivity of the faculty was full of love and unbelievable. They guide your child and work with you to help develop your children to their authentic self. I will forever be grateful for Beth and the staff at Kids for Kids Academy.
Julie S.

"The teachers are amazing and really unforgettable..."
The best experience for the kids. Music class, sports, science lab, gardening, lots of field trips and the teachers are amazing and really unforgettable... hands up to Ms. Davis, to the staff and to all the amazing teachers of K4K👍❤️🙌
Claudia M.

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