Preschoolers Will Play & Discover Science At Work In Their Day To Day

To Become School-ready, They Will Receive A Well-rounded Education That Includes Creativity, Physical Activity And Academic Skills.

Preschool | 2 ½ - 3 ½ Years | Serving Miami, FL

Age Appropriate Classrooms include:

Yellow/Blue Door
2 ½ - 3 Years

Rainbow Door
3 - 3 ½ Years

Orange Door
4 by January

safety and security is a top priority always

The security of your child is of utmost importance to us. Students at KFKA learn and play all day in a secure environment that boasts a fenced-in yard, locks on all the doors with access-codes, and the watchful eyes of CCTV surveillance cameras.

Creative Curriculum Engages Your Child’s Mind And Body

KFKA owner and director, Beth Davis, is a science teacher with over 20 years of experience. Her curriculum for getting your child school-ready includes hands-on activities encompassing science, physical activity, self-care skills, social skills, and creativity. The teachers at KFKA are bilingual and spanish is spoken and learned throughout the day.

science lessons started young create curiosity for life

KFKA’s Little Laboratory has been voted best in the state.  Each child gets their own microscope so they can make uninterrupted observations and learn in a very hands-on way.

Starting at age 3, preschoolers will participate in the Hands On Science Lab, where they will learn basic scientific concepts and research/observation skills.  Learning these concepts early will make it easier for a child to understand when learning them again in grade school.

voted best "little Lab" in the entire state

we’ll build on your
child’s social skills to
create positive habits

A strong emphasis is placed on how one takes care of themselves. Kids have a routine of washing their hands at appropriate times, before meals, after outdoor play. And after lunch, everyone brushes their teeth. Students also learn how to prepare meals and serve each other, which encourages cooperation and interpersonal skills.

music and movement for
developing your child’s
mind and body

Participating in music and dance has been proven to help a person learn academic concepts such as math and literacy … But it’s also fun! Rainbow kids use percussion instruments to create their own music and learn to keep a beat. They also sing songs, learn dance moves or dance freely to express themselves physically.

physical activity is an important daily routine

Pre-schoolers spend 90 minutes playing outdoors on the playground and play structure every day. Their gross motor skills develop as they learn to jump, balance and climb. In addition to outdoor play, all of the children participate in soccer lessons. Aside from the myriad physical benefits of soccer, the kids learn leadership skills and how to work with others.

children are encouraged to follow their passions

Pre-schoolers have the freedom to choose what activities they wish to do. Whether they like to build with blocks, create with paints or leaf through books, the children are free to follow their passions and master the skills that come with it. This gives a child confidence and a sense of self.

see your child thriving
with lifecubby

LifeCubby is a reporting and communication tool used to track your child’s progress at KFKA. You can correspond with teachers, see the daily schedule and curriculum and receive pictures to see just how much fun your child is having each day!

a variety of enrichment programs are all inclusive

Pre-schoolers have the benefit of many enrichments at KFKA. Your child will participate in many unique experiences such as soccer lessons, music instruction, gardening and a hands-on science lab. The teachers are bilingual and can provide instruction in Spanish. Children participate in small group activities, in-house field trips with special guests and off-campus field trips to mix things up. All of these things and more are included with tuition.

healthy habits are encouraged with our food program

100 % organic lunch and snacks are included in the tuition, and you can be sure that your child is getting all the nutrition they need for the day. Our food program follows the Florida State Child Care Food Program (CCFP) that provides guidelines for healthy meals and snacks made to fuel young bodies and minds. We do not serve sugary drinks like juice, only bottled water and organic milk and we can accommodate any food allergies or restrictions.

owner/teacher tenure

Beth Davis, owner and teacher at KFKA has over 30 years of teaching experience. She has authored a number of books and teaching resources. In addition, Beth has served on expert panels for the Florida Department of Education, taught at universities and developed workshops for teaching children the subjects of science and empathy. As a former grade school teacher, Beth knows what your preschooler needs to be kindergarten ready.

literacy everyday at school and at home

Story time is an important part of each day at KFKA. Literacy skills are encouraged by learning letters and their sounds, looking through books and having books read to them. KFKA has a little lending library so literacy learning can be encouraged at home as well.

parent reviews

"You can tell everyone loves what they do at this school."
I was so nervous putting my daughter in school. Kids for Kids has been amazing. She went from crying when I dropped her off to waving bye and giving me a kiss when I drop her off. She is so happy there and I can see so much growth in her in the 2 short months that she has been going to school. The teachers are great and so caring. The director is super nice and accommodating. You can tell everyone loves what they do at this school.
Jennifer P.

"The kids are so well prepared..."
Nothing that I say about this school would give it justice. My three kids went to this school. The oldest is now in Middle school. She goes there for tutoring after school. My middle daughter goes there afterschool and so does my little one. The staff is amazing! The kids are so well prepared and I can't say enough about Beth Davis the director. She truly has a gift for what she does. I definitely recommend this school. I strongly believe the early foundation is key to a great student and thankfully my three are great students and I credit it to Kids for Kids.
Vivian B.

"Highly recommend"
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Zamira B.

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