TODDLER - Red Door (1 ½ - 2 ½ Years)

Watch Your Child Blossom

They Learn Practical And Social Skills, As Well As The Beginnings Of Academic Learning In The Red Door Room.

Toddlers | 1 ½ - 2 ½ Years | Serving Miami, FL

A Fabulous Playground To Climb, Ride, and Play Team Sports

Toddlers love our playground, where there are structures to climb and tricycles to ride.  The children get at least 90 minutes of physical activity everyday.  Starting at age 2, the kids learn how to play soccer, which not only develops their gross motor skills, but teaches them about team-work and boosts their self-esteem. SOCCER STARTS IN YELLOW DOOR at 2 ½.  You can talk about things like teachers use bubbles and outdoor time to expose kids to other sensory activities like feeling things like ice and other things as well as picnic outside and group gross motor activities like parachute play and tunnel and ball pits.

Practical Life Skills To Foster Independence

Our kids in Red Door are at the age of blossoming independence. Their daily routine includes activities that foster practical life skills and self-care. For example, the children help to prepare and serve food, clear their dishes after meals and brush their teeth after lunch. Learning how to care for themselves at this young age bolsters a child’s confidence.

Opportunities To Explore Their Creativity

Letting your toddler express themselves with paints, markers, instruments and storytelling will cultivate the very important skill of creativity. An early appreciation for music and creative activities improves memory, math skills, spatial skills and emotional intelligence. Every day, music is learned through listening as well as hands-on time with percussive instruments.

Developing a Solid Foundation for Literacy

Early literacy skills are important for a child’s future success in school and later in life. Toddlers have daily story time, as well as free time to spend thumbing through books. Even though they may not be able to read yet, being told stories, looking through picture books and learning about word sounds provides a solid basis for future reading skills.

Empathy Is Practiced Everyday

Empathy is a core value that is taught to each child every day and throughout the day. In all of our activities, the children learn to cooperate, negotiate and compromise. Toddlers learn how to take turns, share and express themselves to each other in a kind and compassionate way.

Creating A Safe Space Is Always Our #1 Priority

Your children are learning and playing in a safe and secure environment. Spacious outdoor play areas are fenced in, security cameras can be found throughout the facility, and entry points have key code locks. In addition, all teachers are trained in CPR and first aid AND RECERTIFY EVERY 2 YEARS and have completed background checks.

Watch Your Child Progress Day by Day

You won’t miss out on the happenings of your child’s day with LifeCubby, the communication tool we use at KFKA. Teachers can send you videos and pictures so you can see how much fun your child is having every day. In addition, teachers can share notes about daily activities, curriculum, meals and other important correspondence.

Nutritious, Organic Food Fuels Young Minds

Fresh, nutritious, organic lunch and snacks are served daily and prepared in-house. Our school is a peanut-free environment and we can accommodate any child’s dietary restrictions, allergies or sensitivities. We do not serve sugary drinks, only milk and bottled water. Our goal is always to nurture your child inside and out. Parents may celebrate their child’s birthday by bringing in an afternoon healthy snack.

parent reviews

"Excellent academy"
Excellent academy, really nice personnel, my son is always happy to go to school!
Alejandro C

"I love this daycare!"
I love this daycare! I'm very pleased with their service, teachers, curriculum and organic food service. They allow therapist onsite if the child needs the service.
Wendy R.

"Great place!"
Great place!!!! Definitely recommend it.
Felix B.

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