Hands On Minds On

Author of award-winning
books on early learning

Using Hands On Minds On in her preschool for a two-year period, 98% of voluntary PreKindergarten students entered Kindergarten prepared for success. And in its first two years, Kids For Kids Academy was placed in the top 9% of all preschools in Miami-Dade County for kindergarten readiness

National Board Certified Teacher

The curriculum was developed by National Board Certified Teacher, author, and Academy founder Beth Davis, and emphasizes hands-on science and math instruction while weaving in early literacy development and teacher collaboration (Theme Listing in Appendix A).

learning as they explore

The Hands On Minds On approach recognizes that what might be seen as play by some, is actually a child’s way or “working” and learning as they explore.

17-Years of Classroom experience

Its key concepts are modeled after Davis’ research, and her classroom experience over 17-years as a classroom teacher and elementary science lab teacher.

hands-on science

In that research, she proved what most of us know intuitively: Children exposed to hands-on science instruction excel more than students limited to textbook learning or worksheets.

the children showed
the highest gains

In fact, in the study, Davis doubled the amount of hands-on instruction given to the lowest performing student population. As a result, the children showed the highest gains compared to others who went without.
Group of young kids playing with puzzle building block at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.

Quest for Discovery

Based on the Hand On Minds On approach, your child will enjoy block building and exploration with vehicles and animal figures, dramatic play with diverse dolls and clothing, a library with cozy nooks for reading and listening to stories, puzzles, a fully loaded arts and crafts space for creative painting and more, a science lab where they’ll use microscopes to check out insect replicas, and where they’ll scoop, sift, and measure in their quest for discovery.

A large part of the curriculum is also based on teacher collaboration. We believe every teacher has unique talents, and our leadership values and nurtures them.

Likewise, we believe every child has unique talents that we’re committed to nurturing to help them reach their developmental milestones.

Click here for developmental standards for Birth through Kindergarten.

Click here for Four Year Old and Kindergarten Standards.

Davis holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, A Masters Degree in T.E.S.O.L (Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages), and an Educational Specialist Degree in Computer Education. She has also published curriculum for TS. Denison Instructional Fair and Miami-Dade County Public Schools, taught in the College of Education at Barry University, acted as a curriculum consultant for the Florida Department of Education, and is a workshop presenter for teachers.