EARLY TODDLER - Green Door (24-30 months)

Reinforcing your child’s development with playful learning.

Our loving and welcoming staff make Kids for Kids Academy a second home and family for your child.

Early Toddlers | 24-30 months | Serving Miami, FL

Your child’s safety is our top priority

One of the hardest things a parent has to do is leave their baby with someone else. With external safety measures such as security cameras and restricted access control, paired with our highly trained and caring staff, you can be assured that your child will be safe with us every day.

Engaging in playful learning

Children are like little scientists, constantly experimenting and testing the world around them. By playing peek-a-boo, handling different sensory materials, reading picture books and many other activities, our educators will engage your child and help them explore their world through play.

Fostering Creativity for Future Success

Humans are inherently creative and artistic. Studies have shown that exposure to music and other creative activities positively affect a child’s memory, language and mathematics development and spatial intelligence which will lay the groundwork for that child’s success in the future. Sparking creativity in a child can never start too early. Your child’s day will be full of fun songs with actions, painting and coloring, and other creative activities.

Mastery of Movement

Children develop at different paces. In the early toddler room, one child may be trying to stand up and another might be learning how to walk. No matter what stage your baby is at in their development, from tummy time to running free, our educators will recognize what support they need and guide them through to mastery.

A Clean and Calm Environment, Free from Harmful Toxins

In line with our philosophy of caring for the environment, our classrooms are sanitized with a non-toxic product called Envirox, rather than harsh chemicals like bleach. Your child will thrive, play and learn in naturally clean surroundings.

On-Site Resources for Parents

If you need developmental support for your child or your family, KFKA can help relieve some of the stress that comes with searching for solutions. Speech therapy, behavioural therapy and a library of parenting resources are available on site.

Diapers and wipes provided

You can cross “remember to bring diapers and wipes” off your list! KFKA will provide these toiletries so you have one less thing to worry about.

See What Your Child is Up to Every Day via LifeCubby

With LifeCubby, teachers can capture and share special moments by posting pictures two to three times a week. This tool allows us to report your child’s diaper changes, naps, and meals. In addition to daily communication with teachers, we also give progress reports twice a year in this app, which also helps us remain paper-free and environmentally friendly.

parent reviews

"Love this place!"
Love this place! Friendly staff, very clean. Kids actually learn 🧡
Priscilla F.

"Couldn't be happier..."
Couldn’t be happier to have my daughter in this school! My little one will soon join!
Noreli F.

"Excellent teachers!!"
Excellent preschool good environment for children’s and excellent teachers!!!!🙏🏼😊
Elba B.

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