In School Fieldtrips & Birthday Celebrations

Monthly On Site fieldtrips are for children ages 3 1/2 and Up and will include students from the following classes:  Rainbow, VPK, Gold Kindergarten, Silver First Grade and Silver Second Grade.  If your child is in attendance on the day of the fieldtrip, your account will be billed to cost of each event.
October 14 Miami Children’s Museum Presentation “Not A Box” $6
November 10 Reptile Show by Reptile Discovery $6
December 8: The Little Farm Petting Zoo $8
January 12: The Jungle Gym Exercise and Activity Bus $6
February 9th: Meet A Sign Language Author Cost $8, each child will get a copy of Kentrell Williams’ Book
March 9: Miami Children’s Museum Presentation “Dr. Seuss” $6
April 13: The Jungle Gym Exercise and Activity Bus $6
May 11: Pizza Lakeside Picnic  NO CHARGE, Rainbow class not included in this trip.
VPK, K, 1, & 2 parents must sign a permission form to allow students to walk next door.
Consider limiting large crowd home birthday celebrations and allow your child to share their birthday here at school with their classmates.  When celebrating at school you have 2 choices:
OPTION 1: Host a pizza party for your child’s class:  Ask your child’s teacher their lunch time and the number of students in the class.  Email with your child’s name and class so that the kitchen will be alerted to not send in the main course.  Order and have pizzas delivered for the class.  Please provide 1 slice for children ages 1-2 and 2 slices for children ages 3 and up.  You can also send in goodie bags (without candy) that will be passed out when the children are dismissed.  Bags can include items like Goldfish, little cookies, fruit snacks, bubbles, stickers, playdough, and other party toys.  Balloons are not permitted on site as they pose a choke hazard.  NO NUTS
OPTION 2:  Schedule a 1-hour celebration on The Jungle Gym Fitness Safari Bus.  The cost is $150 for the hour.  Call Giavanna to schedule at 305-987-0787.  You can see photos below or on her Instagram or Facebook under Jungle Gym Fitness Safari.  One adult will be permitted to attend to take photos as long as proof of vaccination is shown, and the adult wears a mask.