Take a stroll through our garden!

Farm to table month exemplary

In the past several months, all of the kids in our school ages 1 to 7 had a chance to plant in our garden. Now that things are growing nicely our children ages four and up are doing field studies using the garden as their outdoor classroom. This week they started answering questions that took them on adventures to count and measure the vegetables in the garden. This week we will be cutting the lettuce and serving it for lunch! Studies show that Kids to grow their own vegetables tend to eat more vegetables.

Here is a copy of the field study guide students ages 4 and up are completing on their visit to explore the garden. Check out all the math and measurement skills they are practicing in their outdoor classroom.

Our 2021 Growing Season Has Begun!

1st & 2nd Grade Students explain their knowledge of parts of a plant and their function the science lab.

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