2022 Thanksgiving Collaborative Class Feasts

The generosity of our families is endless.  We asked for foods to be brought in for the community class feast and you all answered the call.  So much food was brought in that the classes were not only well fed,  but there was enough fruit and pies that the extra will be served on Monday.  
Click on the class folder to view photos from the class feasts.
Also for Thanksgiving  our families all answered the call to share their hearts with others…
The Family Turkey Projects were the best they have ever been.  The creativity and love put into them will make the homeless families feel so loved when they hang the family turkey projects in the cafeteria at Chapman in Homestead.  Although they are homeless and living in a shelter, they will know they are loved by complete strangers.  We will continue to collect turkey projects until Monday morning as they will be picked up Monday afternoon.  
I had a goal to help 7 families from our school with $100 in Publix gift cards.  Because of all the families who gave between $5 and $50 we were able to help 8 families with $100 each.
I am thankful you are a part of our school family!

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