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Children 100% Safe and Secure as they play, learn, and grow

Our primary aim is your child’s safety, which is why our facilities are equipped with security cameras, phones in all rooms, restricted access control, and a fenced-in yard.  Parents deserve to know that their precious youngsters are in the safest environment possible and that they are being watched over at all times. 

Super Scientists Continuously Learning From Discovery

Science is a superpower when it comes to developing observation, discussion, and critical thinking skills. In our little laboratory, each child does their hands-on experimentation with their own microscope, and learns from their many discoveries. Our little lab, designed for children ages three and up, is unrivaled and has been voted the best in the state.

voted best "little Lab" in the entire state

Early Reading Skills Bring
About Later School Success

Our Literacy library boasts 20 copies of every book so that each child can have their own copy to read. Rifling through pages at first, and later piecing together words and pouring over pages, reading is the very basis for the skills your child needs for success in school. We also have a lending library, affectionately named the “Little Library” for your child to borrow books to take home.

Behavior Improves When
Children Engage in Learning

When your child learns through hands-on experiences, they not only develop critical thinking skills, their behavior improves due to their active listening, sense of purpose, and participation. We encourage eager, happy children to make decisions, make mistakes, to follow instructions, and explore through their sense of autonomy.

Our Hands-On Mind-On Curriculum Teaches Empathy

The Kids for Kids Academy  Hands-On Mind-On Curriculum™ and Creative Curriculum teaches children to learn while at play and to investigate and explore the world around them.  Plus, Conscious Discipline techniques are woven into the curriculum, for support with social skills and communication.  Empathy and a sense of connection to others make children caring citizens even at this tender young age.

Owner, Author, Experienced Science Teacher, and Mother of Two in Your Child’s Classroom

School owner Beth Davis has over 30 years of teaching experience and still steps into the classroom every week. Beth loves teaching and Science, and is the author of an award-winning book on the subject. A former elementary teacher and adoring mom, Ms. Davis offers a unique perspective on activities and curriculum that will give your child a head start on school success!

Get Your Free Copy of Beth Davis’s Inspirational Book With Your School Visit!

Your Exceptional Experience Is Backed by Our 30-Day
“Happy Family” Guarantee

Every parent wants to know that their child is in the best place for their health, happiness, optimal learning, and growth. Our child-centric immersive learning environment and caring teaching staff are exceptional, and we will gladly refund registration within 30 days if you are not 100% in love with your child’s early learning experience.

Music, Soccer, and Hands-On Science Enrichment Courses

Our enrichment courses add variety and enhanced experiences to your child’s day, as well as brain development and gross motor skill development. Best of all, the fees are included in your regular tuition.


  • Helps the brain develop
  • Teaches focus and relieves stress
  • Helps to understand math
  • Improves self-expression and social skills
  • Boosts self-confidence


  • Improves physical health
  • Helps maintain a better emotional state
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Forges strong social bonds and teaches teamwork
  • Builds leadership skills

Hands-On Science

  • Engages multiple senses
  • Allows for learning by doing: observing, asking, and experimenting
  • Let’s children’s interest guide discussion
  • Emphasizes learning through their discoveries
  • Teaches critical thinking skills

Fun-Filled, Themed Family Events Bring Our
Community Together

Children excel when well-surrounded in a solid community environment. This is why we host exciting family events, that bring parents, teachers, and children together in the spirit of fun.

Some of the themed events we celebrate include:

  • Monthly Parents Night out
  • Muffins With Mom
  • Donuts With Dad
  • Halloween Happening
  • Class Thanksgiving Feasts
  • Spring Egg Hunt
  • Family Career Day

In-House Chef Prepares Organic Breakfast, Lunch,
and Snacks from Scratch

All meals and snacks are healthy and entirely organic. Kids for Kids Academy provides a peanut-free environment and gladly caters to any food allergies and sensitivities. We take extra care in ensuring your child’s diet is the healthiest, such as replacing overly sweet and sugary juices with filtered water or organic milk options.

Practicing Good Health Habits With The Smart Start
Healthy Initiative

We promise your child a balanced, healthy diet and plenty of outdoor physical activity for a minimum of an hour and a half a day, with our Smart Start healthy initiative. This program is also our way of fostering good health habits in children, like brushing their teeth after lunch, which we do daily.

Practicing Great Care for Our Environment, Every Day

Children cultivate and tend an organic garden, fed by water collected by rain barrels, and are taught the importance of protecting the air, water, plants, animals, and our natural resources. School-wide practices, such as being paper-free and using the non-toxic cleaner “Envirox” instead of bleach and using water purification systems, support a clean, healthy, and wholesome learning environment for your child.

NAEYC Accredited for
Fifteen years and Running

Only programs that provide the best learning experiences for young children, and provide student educators with the highest quality professional preparation, are acknowledged with the prestigious NAEYC accreditation. We are honored to be ranked among the very best for fifteen years and running.

The Gold Seal Accreditation Highlights Our Excellence

Accreditation as a Gold Seal Quality Care program demonstrates a level of educational professionalism and commitment to quality standards that surpass the broad benchmarks of health and safety. These programs go beyond the required standards that all Child Care Facilities must comply with as they continue to pursue excellence.

In-House Visits From Community Experts are Fun and Engaging Ways to Learn

Experts and professionals make monthly visits to teach your child about different careers and professions. We also host an annual career day. Visitors include scientists, authors, animal experts, and even the zoo is a part of our outreach community.

Farm-to-Preschool Recognized for Excellence by the USDA

Children learn about nutrition from the ground up as they cultivate organic food, and tend a 100% organic garden. This initiative teaches community, motivation, and satisfaction from a job well done as children get to experience getting their hands in the dirt as well as eating they yummy organic produce they have grown.

Supporting Parents and Families with On-site Resources

We know how busy life can get, and how difficult finding extra help for your child can be, especially when you need it most. This is why we offer on-site speech therapy as well as behavioral therapy, in addition to the resource of our parenting library, so that we can support you, nourishing your relationship with your child.

parent reviews

"The kids are so well prepared"
The staff is amazing! The kids are so well prepared and I can't say enough about Beth Davis the director. She truly has a gift for what she does. I definitely recommend this school. I strongly believe the early foundation is key to a great student and thankfully my three are great students and I credit it to Kids for Kids.
Vivian B.

"More than a school it’s an extended family"
This school is more than a school it’s an extended family that even reaches deep into our local community. I’m so lucky and proud to have the pleasure of having my kids and I feel like we are not alone. Kids for kids is what you expect and need and more...all provided with professional caring!
Yonedi M.

"Every staff member deserves 5 stars"
What a beautiful and excellent school my son is being able to attend to. Every staff member deserves 5 stars. I am grateful for having your school as my son's second home. He loves learning at Kids for kids Academy. Thank you Ms Davies and all her staff for loving and caring about my son. Thank you so much!!
Beverly H.

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Early Toddlers

12-18 months


1 ½ - 2 ½ Years


2 ½ - 3 ½ Years


4 by September 1


Kindergarten - 5th Grade

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Get Your Free Copy of Beth Davis’s Inspirational Book With Your School Visit!

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