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A child will be released only to the custodial parent or legal guardian and the persons listed below (contact persons must be 18 years of age or older). The following people may be contacted in the event that we cannot reach a parent/guardian and are authorized to remove the child from the facility in case of illness, accident or emergency. For the safety of your child, our staff will ask for a photo ID of any unfamiliar authorized person before releasing your child to them.

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Weekly tuition is due on Friday prior to the week attending and is considered late at 6:00 pm Monday. At 9:00 am Tuesday, all delinquent accounts will be billed a $25 late fee. To avoid late payments, parents are encouraged to enroll in the AUTO DRAFT USING BRIGHTWHEEL. This program will automatically draft your tuition from your checking account on the day it is due. You must re-register your child every year in the Fall. Just because your child is attending the Fall or Summer program, does not automatically enroll him or her in the following program. There are NO TUITION REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR DAYS YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT. No credit is given for National Holidays, School Closures, or Hurricane Days. IF YOUR CHILD IS SICK OR YOU TAKE A VACATION, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TUITION IN ORDER TO HOLD THEIR SPACE IN THE CLASSROOM. All checks returned with INSUFFICIENT FUNDS will be charged a $25.00 FEE. Any outstanding tuition after withdrawing from the Center will be submitted to a collection agency. Any fees incurred in collecting outstanding accounts will be the responsibility of the Parent. Two weeks notice must be provided to disenroll from the school. ANNUAL fees are calculated by multiplying the weekly fee by 52 weeks and dividing by 12 months. Our annual tuition is divided into either weekly installments. Those installments are due weekly including the last week in December when the school is closed as tuition is based on an annual amount. Families are entitled to two week vacation during the summer. Families who do not attend those two weeks will not be billed.

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