Weekly Letters from Silver Door Kindergarten

Silver Door Kindergarten Weekly Letter January 12, 2018

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful winter break. It is so great to have your students back and eager to learn. I wanted to inform you that with the new year starting you may see a few new and improved changes to your students HOMEWORK BINDERS. As you may have noticed all the students received new binders on Monday when we returned from the break. The next changes will be made to our behavior chart. The behavior chart will still gave the same colors and be the same concept but the superhero theme will be changing. This change will be happening within the next few weeks.

This week during language arts and reading we focused on what people use to do their jobs. We read the stories “Whose Shoes?” and discussed the different uniforms that people have according to their jobs. We also talked about the equipment that the people in the story use to do their jobs. As the week continued we began using ADJECTIVES when we practiced writing sentences. We learned that adjectives are the words that describe something. The students learned that adjectives can be words that describe something such as the things: colors, shapes, or sizes, or texture. This week we focused on the SHORT /Oo/ sounds. As you noticed on their spelling words this week I mixed up the ending and beginning sounds of the words but the middle sound stayed the same with the short “o.”

During math we began working on CHAPTER SEVEN! This chapter will have us picking up from the number eleven through twenty. The students have already learned about the numbers eleven through fourteen this week! The students also used their adding skills to find two numbers that can sum up the new numbers we learned.

We had our Science Lab with Mrs. Davis this week! The students were excited to be back to doing fun experiments with Mrs. Davis. This week in science we learned about SNOW and winter and the different clothing we use when the temperature drops on a thermometer. Therefore we tied up the science lesson in class with our science lab experiment and made SNOW in our hands. The students were excited to be able to hold snow in their hands and found it to be cold but not as cold as it is in real life.

During music with Mr. Brandon the students learned about rhythm being a repeated pattern of sound when we are singing.

During soccer the students warmed up with an obstacle course and then continued with playing Traffic Lights, the children then took turns passing the soccer ball to one another to learn how to control the balls movement better.

Have a great long weekend,

Mrs. Angie


Silver Door Kindergarten Weekly Letter December 22, 2017

Dear Parents of Silver Door Students,(K and 1)

This week has been a very festive one! We started the week off by wearing our cozy pajamas to school. We read an article about how gingerbread men are made and sold. We also read the story called, “The Gingerbread Man.” On Tuesday, we came in our ugly Christmas sweaters and we practiced for our Christmas caroling. On Wednesday, we wore red and green for Santa’s Visit. We also read stories like “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and “The Christmas Selfie Contest.” On Thursday, we wore blue and white to represent Hanukkah. We brought a menorah from the office and the children had to create our own menorah. They came out beautifully! On Friday, we wore our Santa hats and Christmas socks for our Christmas caroling! We were able to perform twice, once for Blue, Rainbow, and Gold Doors and the second time for the people in the senior center next door. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch them sing!

Both Kinder and First took their beginning of the year sight word test. All the children did great!

In soccer class, we did and obstacle course, played Sharks vs. Minnows, and Pokémon Go. Later we ended the class with goalies and kickers.

Our class elf, Wink, was very mischievous! He made glitter angels, brought us Christmas themed pencils, made his own ugly Christmas, brought us candy canes, and we were able to give him one last goodbye hug! It was so great having Wink visit us and we hope he comes back next Christmas!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful presents that we have received! We are incredibly grateful!

We wish you all a safe and happy holidays! See you in January!

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana


Silver Door Kindergarten Weekly Letter December 15, 2017

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,

This week we have been learning about Hanukkah! The students learned about the different traditions families have while celebrating Hanukkah. This topic also opened up a discussion about traditions that we share with our families during the holiday season. Some students shared that during the holidays they have many relatives over, some take vacations for the holidays, some students shared that they enjoy baking with the family, and others simply like decorating the inside and outside of their homes for the holidays.

Parents we have been working hard on our sight word list! our Test is on Wednesday. Your students are doing great with reading their words please remember that these words are not only for learning for the test but to know as a part of Reading. I have made the decision to split the test in half therefore on Monday if your student is struggling with the whole list I will stop them halfway and retest with the second half on Wednesday. On Monday I test from the word “I” – “Zero.” and then on Wednesday it will be from the word “four” – “on.”

Parents we have concluded the first six chapters of our math book! When we return from the winter break, we will be dedicating a week to review and then pick up with chapter seven.

During soccer the children practiced racing through an obstacle course, playing sharks and minnows, and lastly have a small game of goalie and kickers.

During Music the students continued singing holiday songs. We will be caroling in the front of the school on Friday at 9:00 a.m of next week.

There has been a small change to our Holiday Spirit Week please note the changes. We will make the changes on the homework log as well.

Monday 12/18 is Pajama Day
Tuesday 12/19 is Ugly Sweater Day
Wednesday 12/20 wear green and red for Santa’s Visit
Thursday 12/21 wear blue and white for Hanukkah
Friday 12/22 Christmas Hat and Socks day for caroling which will begin at 9:00am

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Angie


Silver Door Kindergarten Weekly Letter December 8, 2017

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,

This week we have started doing our sight word review! We are playing matching games and fill in the blank with the words that are on the list that I have attached to the homework log. This is what we will be focused on until we take our test on December 18,2017. We are doing learning centers in which the students review the alphabet, read stories, and have one on one time with me to focus on our sight words. Next week I will be reviewing and highlighting the words in which I strongly suggest you focus on with your child.

During math we began working on Chapter 6. This chapter is focusing on subtraction. We are learning about taking away from a group and how many items are left if another item leaves. Parents as our Language Arts and Reading lessons are a bit shorter we will be doing two math lessons a day to finish out the first half of the year with Chapter 6. We will begin Chapter 7 when we return in January.

During soccer we warmed up with an obstacle course in the field. After, the students played a game of Sharks and Minnows followed by the students practicing kicking the soccer ball to one another.

In music with Mr. Brandon, the students began practicing holiday music! This week the students voted and started learning Jingle Bell Rock. During our holiday spirit week we will have a day during that week to go caroling in front of the school!

Parents next week Friday December 15, 2017 we will have a field trip to Actors Playhouse. As always you are welcomed to join us on the field trip.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Angie


Silver Door Kindergarten December 1, 2017

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,

I am so glad to have welcomed the students back after our Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone enjoyed delicious turkey. I know that the students were excited to be back and talk about what they did during the Thanksgiving break. I have also been hearing stories about those Mischievous Elves on a shelf that come out to help Santa keep an extra watch the children. As you might hear stories, we too have an Elf that comes to visit Kindergarten and First Grade his name is Wink. He will be coming on Monday and will stay until December 22, 2018.

This week in Language Arts and Reading the students worked with fixing the punctuation of a sentence that is asking a question. We fixed the capitalization at the beginning of a sentence if it was lower case and added a punctuation mark if it was missing. The students also learned that if there is a name of a person or store it must be upper case even if it is not at the beginning of the sentence. This week we also learned about neighborhoods. We learned that a neighborhood is an area where we live in that has shops and schools in the area. The students read the story “Please Take Me For A Walk.” This story was about a dog who wanted to go for a walk in his neighborhood. He described all the places he likes to visit when he goes for a walk and what he likes to do there. We viewed different maps of neighborhoods and how each one is different but also has common things like a supermarket, schools, and parks. Lastly, we learned about the letter /Cc/. Parents, I have attached the sight word list that the students should be studying at home daily. A few methods that have worked are writing the words on index cards and reading them with your child. I suggest doing about five to ten words daily and adding as you go. Next week we will be focusing on just the sight words. Testing for all the words will begin on December 18, 2017.

In math we concluded our chapter based on addition! We took our test on Friday and I am proud on how well the students grasped the information based on adding. Next week we will move on to Subtraction. We will be done with the chapter before we go on our winter break!

During soccer the students played Sharks and Minnows, obstacle courses, and goalie and kickers.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Angie


Silver Door Kindergarten November 17, 2017

Dear Parents of Kindergarten Students,

This week we learned all about Pilgrims, The Mayflower, and The Wampanoag. We learned that Pilgrims came, landed on the new land, later named Plymouth Rock on a boat called The Mayflower. The Wampanoag lived in America when the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Rock. Both Pilgrims and the Wampanoag worked together and celebrated the first Thanksgiving about 400 years ago!

Remember that our Thanksgiving Feast is on Tuesday 11/21 at 11:30 a.m. and we hope you will join us. It is not too late to sign up for an item to bring to our feast. Due to space limitations only 1 guest per child. Looking forward to seeing you there!

This week during language arts and reading we focused on grammar and sentence structure. Parents please continue to encourage your students to sound out words and write each letter they hear to make the word. Many of the students know the letter sounds but are afraid to make mistakes but it is okay! We are learning. This week we learned about sounds that we hear at different times of the day. We read the stories, “Clang, Clang, Beep, Beep, Living in the City.” and “The Turtle and the Flute.” Both stories envolved different sounds in the community. We compared the sounds that we would hear in the city and the sounds we would hear in a forest. We learned that volume can be loud or soft depending on the environment.

In math we continue adding! The students are catching on to the terms that we are using in math and have noticed that addition sentences can be worded in many different way.

During soccer we warmed up with an obstacle course in the field. After, the students played a game of Sharks and Minnows. Next, the students practiced kicking the soccer ball to one another.

In music with Mr. Brandon The students turned into drummers and singers. Half of the class practiced being drummers while the other half sang to the beat and then the halves switched places. It was a great experience for the students to take turns singing their favorites songs and learning new beats.

This week we had a great time on our in school field trip on Ms. Cuqui’s Adventure in a Box. The children had a great time exploring a bus full of learning experiences and different reptiles.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Angie