Silver Door 1 Weekly Letter September 22, 2017

Dear Parent of Silver Door 1 Students,

First off, I’m so glad to hear that all your damages during the hurricane were minimal and that all the families were safe. I’m so glad to bring back some type of normalcy to the children.

This week was a combination of what we weren’t able to finish pre-hurricane and what we missed because of the hurricane. Next week will be back to normal. We finished with the short i words and our week 3 sight words. We read the story “Big Pig.” On Wednesday we took our sight and spelling test. That same day we started with our new spelling words, the short o words. We also reviewed the consonants /d/,/w/, /x/, and /l/. We also read a story called “To Be A Kid.” It was a beautiful story that spoke about children all over the world and what it means to be a kid, such as, playing outside, going to school, and making friends. Next week we will continue with the short o spelling words and week 4 sight words.

In math, we continued with subtraction. We used pictures to help us find the subtraction sentence and the difference. On Wednesday the children took their Chapter 3 math test and they all did great! We also started Chapter 4, which continued with subtraction. We took apart 7, 8, 9, and 10. Next week we will finish chapter 4 and our test will be on Friday.

In science we continued with seasons and weather. We compared what types of clothes we wear during each season and different activities we do in each season. We also learned what type of weather belongs in each season. Next week we will continue with seasons and weather and have a test on Tuesday, September 26th.

During soccer class with a coach Eric, we played Traffic Lights followed by Pokémon, Go, and Stuck In The Mud.

In music class with Mr. Brandon, we reviewed what we learned last week about music notes. We took turns reading the notes.

Have a super filled weekend!

Ms. Adriana


Silver Door First Grade Weekly Letter September 1, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door Students,

Some reminders before we begin talking about the week:
Monday, September 4th is Labor Day. Our school will be closed.
Friday, September 15th is our first field trip to Miami Children’s Museum.

This week has gone by so smoothly and all the students are really understanding the routine in our class. Our superheroes in training are become more and more independent!

In language arts and reading we continued on the sound for short a and words that have the short a sound. For example, apple, sat, plan, etc. Our spelling words resembled words that have the short a sound. Our sight words were found in the two stories we read as a class. The book titles were “Nan and Fan” and “We Can!” We also spoke about how we correctly write a sentence. Each sentence needs an uppercase in the beginning and either a period, exclamation mark, or question mark in the end. We also learned that all names no matter where they are located in the sentence need to be capitalized. We took our sight and spelling test on Friday and everyone did great!

In math, we began Chapter 2. Chapter 2 included finding new ways to add to get to the sum of seven, eight, nine, and ten using ten frames and counters to find our answer. We also learned how to turn a horizontal addition sentence to a vertical addition sentence. We ended the chapter with solving word problems. Our week ended with a Chapter 2 test. Next week we will begin subtraction.

In social studies, we continued with the topic of families. We spoke about how families help us. Some responses were helping them with homework, taking them to school, getting them dressed, and giving them kisses. We all said that love is the most important thing our families can give us. We also spoke about how families change. Families change by moving into new house, adding pets, parents getting new jobs or children changing schools.

In music class, we continued learning beats and repeating the beats that Mr. Brandon did on his African drum Djembe (pronounced jembe).
In soccer class we were able to play on the field. We played an obstacle course as two different teams.

Have a super filled long weekend!

Ms. Adriana


Silver Door 1 Weekly Letter August 25, 2017

Dear Parents,

Calling all superheroes in training: Level 1 to Silver Door!!

Welcome parents and students to the brand new classroom of Silver Door 1! My name is Ms. Adriana and I will be your child’s first grade teacher. I am so excited to be able to have your child in my classroom. It has been a wonderful and busy first week back to school.

This week during language arts and reading we read a story called, “I Am Six.” It focused on children who are six and they spoke about things they do together in their classroom with their teacher. We even made our own book about our classroom and the things we all do together. We have been focusing on words that have the short a sound. For example, cat, sat, and Sam. We also read two stories as a class titled, “Cat Sat” and “The Mat.” We retold the story from beginning to end by using pictures. The consonants we focused on were /m/,/s/,/c/,and /t/. We discussed their sound and how the letter sounds can be found in the beginning and the end of the word. On Friday, we had our first sight word test of the year and everyone did great!

This week in math, we had a quick review test on what we learned in math such as, patterns, numbers, and shapes. After, we began with Chapter 1 of our new math book. We learned our vocabulary words plus, sum, equals, zero, and addition sentence. By the end of the week we were professionals on identifying our vocabulary words! This chapter included adding +0, +1, +2, +3, and +4. Together we discussed that drawing out counters can help us visually find the answer. Friday was our first chapter test of the year. They all did so great! Next week continues on addition concepts such as, vertical adding and adding +5 and +6.

For social studies, we first spoke about ourselves. We learned all of our classmates, age, birthday, favorite color, favorite number, and what they want to be when they grow up. We finished by doing a self-portrait. Later, we discussed our families. We learned that some children have big families while others have small ones. We also spoke about what is our favorite thing to do with our families. We ended the week by drawing everyone in our immediate family and writing in our social studies journal what we like to do together. Next week we will continue on families.

In soccer with Coach Darryl, we played Night At The Museum and On The River in the covered area in the front due to the rain. Hopefully next week we will be able to play on the field!

In music class with Mr. Brandon we practiced by mimicking beats on our desks while he would bang the beats on his drum. Later on we will begin reading music and notes.

We would like to wish Mia Owens a wonderful 6th birthday on Friday! We hope you had a super day filled day!

Have a super weekend!

Ms. Adriana