Weekly Letters From Silver Door 1st Grade

Silver Door First Grade November 17, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students!

Just a quick reminder that next week will only be a two day week. Therefore, I will not be scheduling any sight or spelling words. Our class feast is on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 11:30am, parents are welcomed to come, only 1 guest per child. Wednesday is a teacher planning day, it will be a non-instructional day.

This week has been a great one! I am starting to see the growth in reading, spelling, and writing their sentences. It’s always great to see them be so independent in their classwork and seeing them accomplish so much. I read the story “The Secret Code.” It was about a boy and a girl wo were reading books. Difference is the boy is blind. He reads book using his fingers to feel the bumps that are called braille. We made a venn diagram and spoke about how the book of the boy is alike/different from the book of the girl. We also learned the braille alphabet and wrote our first names in braille in our morning journals. We also discussed the cluster of the s, such as STem or SPlat. The sound we reviewed was the short e sound, like in men. I also introduced the silent letters in kn (n), wr (r), gn( n). I will be continuing the review as the weeks go by. As a class we read, “The Best Pet.” It was about two girls who entered their parrot, Slim, into a contest. Slim’s trick was telling knock knock jokes. Slim ended up winning first prize! Later, we discussed some knock knock jokes, which they all enjoyed so much! Ask your child if they learned any new ones! We also quickly reviewed what street signs are and what type of signs they see on the rode. They’re all so observant while they are in the car! The week ended with a sight and spelling test, they all did great!

In math, we finished of Chapter 9 by reviewing the different type of graphs. Picture graph, tally table, vertical and horizontal bar graphs were spoken about. We also answered questions to compare two different objects in a graph and finding out which had the most or the least. As the week went on, I decided to take Thursday as a review and push their test back to Friday. It really helped out the children who were struggling. Their test went well. Chapter 10 will included tens, ones, and hundreds.

In social studies, I felt it was a great time to talk about Pilgrims and Native Americans. First we started off with Pilgrims. We saw a six minute video on how Pilgrims lived, what they ate, and what children used as toys. Later, we read the article about the Pilgrims. Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock 400 years ago, they came on the Mayflower. They used wood and grass to build their homes. They used corn for almost every meal such as cornmeal, cornbread, and even corn stew made with milk. The children played with poppets and had a game of ninepins (sound familiar?) Later we read about Native Americans called Wampanoags. We also saw a video about how their lives were 400 years ago. They lived in wetus that were made with grass and bent leaves. They grew corn, beans, and squash. They made cornmeal and cornbread, The children made dolls out of leather called mishoons and used boats to travel. After reading both stories we made a venn diagaram to see how pilgrims and native Americans were alike and different.

In music class, Mr. Brandon made up a song out of a story. He later divided the class, half as singers and the other half as drummers. They both did the same beat. Later they switched places.

In soccer class, we had an obstacle course, played Sharks versus Minnows, and practiced our kicking and goals.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Adriana


Silver Door First Grade November 10, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students,

We have an in-house field trip on Friday, November 17, 2017 to Ms. Coqui’s Adventures in a Box!
The theme for the next three weeks will be family and friends. This week in language arts and reading we read the story “An Egg Is An Egg.” The story talks about how everything can change, and nothing stays the same. An egg eventually turns into a chick, a tree branch can break into a stick, a baby grows up to a child. The story was about a mom explaining to their child that things change but it ended in the sweetest way. No matter how big a child may grow, they will always be their parents baby. This week almost all their spelling words had the cluster of the l such as FLop and had the short o sound. As a class, we read the story “Who’s In A Family?” It had all their sight words in it. The story was about different families and what families like to do for fun. We also reviewed what a complete sentence is. A sentence must start with a capital, end with a period, and have a noun and action part. The week ended reading a poem titled “Good Night.” We learned that a person that writes poems is called a poet. In writing we practiced answering questions using complete sentences. Thursday was our sight and spelling test and they all did so great considering it is a short week. Next week we will discuss cluster of the s and silent letters.
In math, we started chapter 9. Chapter 9 introduced different graphs. We also introduced the math vocabulary words, sort, tally marks, tally graph, concrete graph, and picture graph. The children had to be able to correctly graph the pictures and be able to tell which one had more, which one had less, and comparing both groups. Next week we will continue graphs. The math test for chapter 9 will be on Thursday, November 16.

This week in science we spoke about the parts of a plant and what plants need to survive. This was a review for the class since we spoke about it last year. We reviewed that a plant has seeds, roots, stem, leaves, and petals on a flower. For plants to grow they need water, air, sunlight, and soil. To better see how this process works we were giving cucumber seeds to plant in our school garden. Each child had the opportunity to fill a pot with soil, put a cucumber seed in, and water it. We can’t wait to see how the cucumbers will grow!

With Veterans Day happening this Friday, it was a perfect time to read our Scholastic News Articles about Veterans! We learned that Veterans are in our armed forces. The armed forces include the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force. We saw a quick video titled “Thank You Veterans!” The video informed us that the President of the United States is known as the Commander in Chief and is in charge of our armed forces. The article we read was about the Gomez family. Both parents are in the army and their children Daniel, 10 and Isabella, 6 had to move with their grandparents. Lastly, we wrote a letter to our Veterans. All their letters were so sweet, I will be mailing them in sometime next week.

In soccer class with Coach Danny, we started off by doing two rounds of an obstacle course. In the obstacle course we used steps, hurdles, rings, and cones. After, we practiced being the goalie and kicking.

In music class with Mr. Brandon, we learned about rhythms and using the notes that we have learned to make a beat and make a song. They are all participating and being able to make music!

I would like to wish Mihanys Santana a great birthday! We hope your day is great!

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Adriana


Silver Door First Grade November 3, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students,

I would like to welcome Jackson Vargas to our class! We are glad to have you join our Kids For Kids Family.

This week was a pretty eventful one! On Tuesday, October 31st, we had our annual Halloween Happening! It was an exciting and fun filled one! Our friend Mia Rios was able to come visit us and it made all of use very happy to see her! The day started by filling bags of candy for the homeless shelter, then we read the story “The Haunted Mansion”. We did some Halloween crafts making our own jack-o-lantern and Halloween bookmarks. We also played Halloween Bingo, which the kids really enjoyed. We made our spider sandwiches for lunch which included, bread, cheese, pretzels for the legs, and raisins for the eyes. It was delicious! The day ended with the parade and trick or treating. What a memorable event! Pictures will be up on Life Cubby or Facebook soon.

In language arts and reading, we learned about the cluster r sound. For example, trip has the TR sound. We also learned about contractions like he is turns to he’s and it is turns to it’s. We also read the story Hilda Hen’s Scary Night. Later, we classified and categorized the story by animal, toys, and plants. As a class they read the story “What a Trip!”. It spoke about families that takes trips together. They had a writing activity about picking their favorite family trip. On Friday, they took their spelling and sight test.

This week was short for math. We finished off chapter 8 by identifying whether it was an addition or subtraction sentence. On Wednesday, we took our Chapter 8 test. On Thursday, we took our Unit 2 Test that’s a a cumulative test of Chapters 5-8. Next week begins Unit 3 and chapter 9 where we will be talking about graphs.

In soccer class with Coach Danny, we did an obstacle course, played Sharks and Minnows, and then practiced our kicking and goalie.

Next week in science we will be talking about the parts of plant and we will begin going to the garden.

Have a great weekend,
Ms. Adrianna


Silver Door First Grade Weekly Letter October 27, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students,

I am sure that by now you have heard the news of one of our own classmates and friend, Mia Rios. Mia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on October 20th. Since then Mia has started her chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to her weak immune system and chemotherapy she won’t be able to come back to Kids For Kids Academy for some time. I have spoken with the rest of the kids about Mia’s situation and they’re very understanding and wish their friend the best of luck. To help ease this transition for Mia, the rest of the class and myself, Mia’s mom sent a monkey named Quinn to be Mia’s representative. He will sit in her chair during class and lunch, he will come to soccer and music with us, and he will join us on field trips. We will be taking pictures with him to send them to Mia. He will also be able to deliver any cards or notes we might want to send to her. On Tuesday of next week we will also be watching a short movie called “Why Charlie Brown Why.” It is an age appropriate movie about a student in Charlie Browns class who gets Leukemia and has to stop going to school. It really is great for the students to understand what is happening to Mia and that she will be okay. Please be prepared for questions form your child. If you are interested in donating money or gift cards to Mia Rios and her family please write a check payable to KIDS 4 KIDS or drop off the money in the office. I’m sure they will greatly appreciate it! We have such high hopes for our little fighter, Mia!! Lets Move Mountains for Mia!!

Reminder that next week on Tuesday October 31, is our Halloween Happening! Our event will be held from 9am to 11am. If your child plans to dress up, please send a change of clothes for after the festivities.

This week in language arts and reading we read the story “Pearl’s First Prize Plant.” We also learned about the verb endings -s, -ed, and -ing. We also continued blending more short I words. We discussed what possessives are such as Kim’s pet is a pig. As a class, we read the story called “Mr. C’s Dinner.” All our sight words were in the story. We focused on making predictions as to how the story would end. We reviewed that a noun is a naming word. Our classwork included identifying the naming words in sentences. We spoke about words that describe size. For example, huge, small, gigantic, and tiny. We practiced our writing by writing about our favorite foods. On Thursday, we took our spelling and sight test.
In math, we started chapter 8. Chapter 8 had the vocabulary words rule and fact family. We reviewed counting back. Also, circling the subtraction sentences that are subtract 0 or subtract all. We also subtracted form 10. We circled the subtraction sentences that used the same numbers meaning they were in the same fact family. We ended the week with following rules such as charts that says subtract 2 or subtract 3. Our test for chapter 8 will be on Wednesday, November 1st.

This week in science we continued with pumpkins. We opened up our class pumpkin and counted how many seeds were in it. Together we had 679 seeds. Before we opened it, we predicted how many lines it would have, if it will sink or float, and how many cubes tall it is. Mia Owens prediction was closest, she said there were 29 lines and it was actually 30. I predicted 16 cubes and I was right, our pumpkin was 16 cubes tall. Also, our pumpkin sank. I sent home a nice project that involved their own pumpkin that they picked at the patch last week. It will be due on October 31st.

In soccer class with Coach Danny, we started off by doing two rounds of an obstacle course. In the obstacle course we used steps, hurdles, rings, and cones. After, we practiced being the goalie and kicking.

In music class with Mr. Brandon, we went back to reading music. Mr. Brandon would write notes on the board. Each note stood for a word. Later, he let us sing songs that the children made up.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Adriana


Silver Door First Grade Weekly Letter October 20, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students!

Just a quick reminder that Friday, October 27th, is a Teacher Planning Day. Our center will be open but it will be a non-instructional day. An absence won’t count against your child’s attendance. Tuesday, October 31st, is our Halloween Happening! We will be celebrating Halloween from 9am-11am. Please have your child bring an extra pair of clothes for after the Halloween activities.

In Language Arts and Reading we started the week by reading the story “Counting On The Woods.” It was about using the numbers 1-10 and things you can find in the woods. Such as, vines, tracks, bugs, and trees. We also learned about finding the topic of story, the main idea, and the details. Our spelling words all had the double final consonants sounds like, fall and back. We also learned about plurals. Plurals are words that mean more than one like, cats or bugs. As a class, we read the story “Seasons.” It was about the four seasons fall, winter, spring, and summer. Our sight words came from this story and it was so wonderful seeing them all recognize and can read this story with little to no problem! We also read two poems that have the Japanese style called Haikus. Haikus are made up of three lines and are mostly about nature. The vocabulary words were the months of the year. We tied the seasons to the months of the years and spoke about our birthdays. To end the week, we reviewed that nouns are the naming part of the sentence and verbs are the action part. Mia Owens gave me a wonderful sentence that said, “Oliver crawls to me.” And Kevin gave me the sentence, “My mom runs a lot.” Together we identified the noun and verb in each sentence. Our week ended with our weekly spelling and sight test, which went great!

This week Chapter 7 was introduced. Chapter 7 must do with subtraction sentences and number lines. The math vocabulary words were count back, number line, and related facts. We used number lines to help us subtract by counting back. Number lines are a great way to visualize subtraction problems. We also learned about related facts, which are addition and subtraction sentences that use the same three numbers. For example, 2 + 3 = 5 and 5 -3 =2. The last lesson was using pictures and diagrams to help find the missing number in the subtraction sentence. We took our chapter 7 test on Friday. Next week begins Chapter 8 and the test will be November 1st.

For the next two weeks, we will be discussing everything about pumpkins. We started off by learning the life cycle of a pumpkin. It starts as a seed, then the seed sprouts, the sprout turns into a plant, the plant grows into a vine, the vine grows a yellow flower, the flower dies and a green pumpkin emerges, and finally it turns into the giant orange pumpkin we know. We drew the life cycle in our science journals and drew our prediction of what a pumpkin patch will look like. On Friday, we predicted whether our class pumpkin will sink or float, how many cubes tall it is, and how many lines it has. On Monday, we will see if our predictions are correct and we will open our pumpkin up to take out the pulp.
In soccer class, we ran through obstacle courses that involved hurdles, steps, rings, and cones. Later we practiced being the kicker and the goalie.

Our field trip was on Friday to the Pumpkin Patch! It was a great time being able to see something that we are learning about!

Have a great weekend,
Ms. Adriana


Silver Door 1 Weekly Letter October 13, 2017

Hello Parents of Silver Door 1 Students,

Just a reminder:

Friday, October 20th is our first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch!
Friday, October 27th is a Teacher Planning Day! Our center will be open though it will be non-instructional.
Tuesday, October 31st is our Halloween Happening! Children will be able to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Please bring an extra pair of clothes to wear after the Halloween Happening.

This week in language arts and reading we read the story Jasper’s Beanstalk. It was about a cat who planted a seed and waited for the bean to sprout. We also learned about the consonants /qu/, /j/, /z/. We also learned the short u sound. We also learned about setting, character, problem, and solution. We also read the story “A Hut for Zig Bug.” It was about a bug named Zig that was trying to find new things for his small hut. We learned about action words or verbs. We were able to identify the noun and verb of a sentence. The last story we read was actually a play title “The Rope Tug.” One group acted the story out about an elephant and hippo who wouldn’t let a rat in their hut. The other group acted as the audience. Then we switched thru groups. On Friday, we took our sight and spelling test. Everyone did great! Next week will be words with double final consonants such as fall or back.

In math class, we began Chapter 6. Chapter 6 had the vocabulary words doubles, count on, and order rule. They continued on with addition but this time they used rules, such as add 3 or add 4. They also reviewed using an addition sentence to find the answer of a math word problem. They also practiced word problems that I wrote for them on the board. They took their Chapter 6 math test on Friday. Next week will be Chapter 7 and their test won’t be until Wednesday, November 1st.

In science, we spoke about day and night. We spoke about different things we see during the day and night and what we can see in both. We learned that the sun does not move in fact it is our Earth and Moon that rotates on its axis around the sun. The moon always follows the Earth. We read a story called “Day and Night At The Farm”, “Bright at Night”, and “Day and Night Path The Woods.” We also learned about morning, noon, and evening. Our sun in the morning is to the east, at noon it’s overhead, and in the evening it sets to the west.

Next week we will be talking about pumpkins and the life cycle of a pumpkin. Ending with our field trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday.

In music class with Mr. Brandon, we continued on with arpeggios and using numbers to count.

In soccer class, we had an obstacle course using hurdles, steps, and rings. We also played a game of Pokémon Go.

We would like to wish Ariana Barberan a very happy 7th birthday on Friday! We hope you have a lovely day!

Have a super weekend,
Ms. Adriana