Weekly Letters From Rainbow Door

October 14, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

The topic for this week was  “The Garden”. The children practiced the song, “This Is The Way We Plant The Seeds” and we talked about what
plants need to grow such as water and sunlight.

We introduced the letter “G”, the days of the week, and we talked about and learned about the weather.

In art this week, the children took part in the following activities:


              Monday……The children made and decorated the letter Gg.
              Tuesday…….The children worked in their journal.
              Wednesday….The children colored and glued a flower for the little garden.
              Thursday ……The children made different flowers and vegetables using play-dough.

The children enjoyed the Fun Bus on Wednesday, Music with Ms. Michelle on Thursday, and fitness with Ms. Crissy on Tuesday. During their visit to the Science Lab,  with Mrs. Davis the children practiced their skills in sorting, counting and graphing. For their cooking activity on Friday, the children made a cheese ball.

 The student of the week is Bia Sanchez. Please send in a poster with pictures of Bia with her family to share with the class on Monday.

Note: On Friday, we will send home pumpkins for the children and family to decorate…use your imagination and have fun!! Please return by
October 24th.

Have a great and safe weekend!!

Mrs. Miriam and Mrs. Perla


October 7, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Class Students,

This week, we introduced the letter “L” and we are learning about fall. Although we do not get the full change of the seasons, the humidity is low, the wind is blowing, some leaves change colors and fall from the trees.

On Monday, While on the playground, we noticed the changes in weather. The children were not sweating as much and the mosquitoes are gone. We collected leaves off the ground. We discovered that some were yellow, red or brown but the ones on the tree were still green. In the Science Lab, the children learned how some objects float and some sink when put in water.

On Tuesday, we rolled paint on leaves that we collected from the playground and pressed them onto paper. We discussed how we could see the veins and stem of the leaves. The children enjoyed fitness with Miss Crissy.

On Wednesday, we traced the letter “L”, colored and decorated with leaves. We discussed other words that begin with the letter “L”. We played a game, “How many leaves are in the bag?” We let each child graph their name under the number they guessed.

On Thursday, the children had music with Ms. Michelle. We colored small paper plates and glued on fall leaves to make a wreath.

On Friday, we  squeezed lemons, adding sugar and water to make lemonade. We will also be visiting the computer lab.

Congratulations to Zachary Ruiz for being next weeks, Star Student of the Week. A reminder to pick up your child’s classwork from their cubby next to the office every Friday.

Thank you from Ms. Miriam, Ms. Virginia,  andMs. Perla


September 30, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

The topic of this week was “Fire Safety”. During circle time we talked about 911, keeping away from matches, candles, the stove, etc., the danger of playing with fire and how to be safe. We also explained the job of the firefighters, and introduced the letter “Ff”.

The art activities for this week were:

Monday- we decorated the letter F.

Tuesday- we colored with crayons and decorated with glitter a fire flame.

Wednesday- we used our journal to trace and decorated a fire truck.

Thursday- we traced and decorated a phone and wrote 911.

Friday- free art.

During the week the children also enjoyed music with Ms. Michelle, fitness with Ms. Crissy, and Spanish with Ms. Olguita

The student of the week will be:  “BELLA CAMACHO”, please bring a poster to share with the class.

Have a great and safe weekend!!!

Mrs. Miriam, Mrs. Perla, and Mrs. Virginia


September 23, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

Greetings from our room! This week’s topic was Dinosaurs. The students learned about the different types of Dinosaurs, what fossils are, and learned about the letter D. Some art activities the students participated in during the week were decorated and colored the letter D, decorated a Dinosaur, and traced and decorated a diamond. Also the students participated in Fitness class, the Fun Bus, and had a wonderful time in Music class with Michelle.

Please remember Open House will be on Monday Sept 26 from 7pm-8pm. The student of the week for next week will be Mia Zackaryas. Please bring in  a poster with family pictures of your child, family members and pets.

Have a great weekend! See you at the Open House.

Mrs. Miriam, Ms. Perla, and Ms. Kavita


September 16, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,
           This week’s topic was  Classroom Rules. The students  learned the importance of rules such as use walking feet, cleaning up, listening to our teachers and our peers, using nice hands and taking care of our books. Some of the art activities for this week were : Decorate and color the Letter C, Trace and decorate a face, Paint a rainbow, and draw a picture of your school. On Friday the students made Safari Punch…yum! The students will participate in Fitness class with Ms. Krissy,the Fun Bus and Music class with Ms. Michelle.The student of the week for next week will be Sophia Alsopp. Please bring in a poster with family pictures of your child. Please remember weekly to bring in pull ups and wipes for those students requiring them.   Also, please remember picture day is 9/22/11.
Take care and have a great weekend.
Ms. Miriam
Ms. Kavita

September 9, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,
            Greetings from Rainbow! Monday school was closed in observance of Labor Day. This week’s topic was Apples. The students did art work pertaining to apples such as decorating an apple tree, tracing  and decorating the tree  with apples. Our letter for this week was the letter “A”   for which they traced and decorated the Letter A for apple. On Tuesday, the students participated with the Fitness Fun. One Wednesday, every had fun on the Fun Bus. Music with Ms. Michelle is always a treat for one and all on Thursday.  The students are learning Spanish three days a week. Please remember that Open House is Sept. 13 at 7:00pm. Please send weekly pull ups and wipes for those students that require them.
             Have a great weekend!!
Ms. Miriam and Ms. Kavita