Weekly Letters From Rainbow Door

September 2, 2011 – Rainbow Door

Dear Parents of Rainbow Room,

Greeting from our room! This week’s class topic was “All About Me”. The students were asked about their favorite animal, food and toys.

The children gave wonderful responses to the questions asked by the teachers.

Some art activities the students participated in included painting with colors, decorating the letter of their first name and hand painting.   They also colored their favorite animal and glued it on paper.  Friday we made cookies. MMMMM… delicious!!!

We enjoyed our first music class with Ms. Michelle, went to the Fun Bus and had a blast in Fitness class.

Open house is coming up; please check your calendar for the date. Also a reminder for parents, send pull-ups, wipes, and an extra change of clothes.  Please check your child’s cubby weekly for any items that need to be replaced.

Have a great weekend

Mrs. Miriam

Ms. Kavita

Mrs. Perla


August 26, 2011 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

Welcome to Rainbow Door! This school year will be filled with new learning experiences, growth and a fun loving environment. We look forward to working with you and the students throughout the year. This week’s theme consisted of welcoming back the children to school, with introducing them to their new classroom, their learning environment and new friends. Some of the activities the students participated in this week included coloring an apple, decorating a crown with letters, painting with watercolors, and free art to express each child’s creativity. The children got the opportunity to explore the many different centers and activities Rainbow room has to offer. Please remember that if your child is wearing pull ups, please send in weekly items such as pull ups, wipes and extra clothes. We look forward to seeing our parents of Rainbow room and hope to make this a wonderful school year.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Kavita
Ms. Miriam


December 17, 2010 – RAINBOW DOOR

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This was a very good week!  The topic this week was  Christmas and we learned the letter “C”.
The children were very busy doing different projects for the holidays.  They had Fun Bus and music with Ms. Michelle. This   week, we took pictures with Santa, went to the Science Lab and  to the Computer Lab.
Our children are learning more every day.  We are reviewing the alphabet and also learning
the sounds.

On Monday, the children traced and decorated a Christmas tree to decorate their bulletin board.
On Tuesday, they made a musical instrument,(maracca), out of paper towel rolls which they painted and decorated with glitter.  On Wednesday, they put together a Christmas ornament.  On Thursday, they decorated Christmas stockings and on Friday they cooked Christmas cookies and decorated them with icing and red and green sprinkles. It was a very busy week which we enjoyed with the children!

We want to wish you and your family a safe and joyful holiday.  We look forward to a good year with you and your children here in Rainbow Door.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Mrs. Miriam and Mrs.Wanda