Weekly Letters From Rainbow Door

Rainbow Door Weekly Letter May 12, 2017

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful week talking about our moms. We finished all our surprises and had a blast giving them to you on Friday at our Muffins For Mom Breakfast. Thank you to all the moms who were able to make it. I hope it will be something for you to always remember. I know, as a mom, I cherish every memory of my dear children. This week, we have been preparing for Mother’s Day by making a card and lots of little surprises for our moms. I tell the children that it is a surprise to keep from mom until we finish all our projects. A surprise, not a secret because we shouldn’t keep secrets from our parents. We learned that there is several ways to say Mom, mommy, mother, mama and mami. Mommy is a special woman that takes excellent care of us.

In Enrichment this week:
Soccer: The children are loving the new soccer field are are able to do so much more now with the new grass there. This week coach Eric had a large obstacle course set up. The children jumped up and down a stack of 2 or 3 stepping boards, threw the ball forward, and zig-zaged in and out of the cones all the way to the finish.
Spanish: In Spanish Ms. Luz talked about mommy and all the special things she does for us. During story time she also talked about the concept of opposites such as big and small, long and short.
Science Lab: The children made bath salts to give as gifts for their moms. We mixed Epsom salt and baking soda, some soap and a few drops of scented oil. The children then used funnels to pour it into bottles. We hope you like it and get a chance to use it.

We want to thank the parents of Rainbow Door for sponsoring such an amazing lunch for the teachers. It was one of the best and everything was delicious!

Parenting Tip: Straying Too Much From Routines
Consistency is key for preschoolers, says pediatrician Tanya Remer. When you’re not being consistent with your routine, preschoolers get confused and may act out more or throw more temper tantrums. Altmann says, “If sometimes you let them do something and sometimes you don’t, they don’t understand.” Your child probably wants to know why last time Mommy let her play on the playground for 10 minutes when school got out but this time wants her to get in the car right away. Or why did Mommy lay down with her for 10 minutes last night while she fell asleep but now says she can’t.

Fix it: Be consistent across the board — whether it’s with discipline, sleep habits, or mealtime routines. Altmann says if your routine is consistent 90% of the time and your child is doing well, then so are you, and a minor exception may be OK.

Quote of the week: A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend !

Ms. Nadia


Rainbow Door Weekly Letter May 5, 2017

Dear Parents,
This week, we have been learning about Curious Crawlers (insects and bugs). We learned that insects like ants, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, bees, ladybugs, etc. have 6 legs, 3 body parts (head, thorax, abdomen), 2 antennas and some have wings. Not all bugs are insects. A spider is not an insect, it is a Cephalothorax. It has 8 legs, 2 body parts and no wings. Butterflies are insects. There are 17,500 kinds of butterflies. They come in all different colors. Some have spots and some have stripes. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and also read our favorite book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” several times during the week. We also looked at the insects and bugs we have in our Science and Discovery Area and sorted them by their characteristics. Did you know that insects’ bodies are designed to help them live in their environment? They do not have any bones in their body but a hard covering around them called the exoskeleton. Insects’ mouths are designed specifically to access their favorite foods. Ants and caterpillars have strong jaws, like tweezers, to grip and chew their food. Butterflies and bees have a proboscis, which is a long tube, like a straw, for sucking up nectar. House flies are insects that draw liquids from food into their mouths like a sponge. Some vocabulary words the children learned throughout the week are: insects, worms, crawl, antenna, life cycle.
This week the children played soccer in the new soccer field. The new artificial grass looks amazing and the children had a blast running back and forth in the field. Please see pictures on Facebook if you haven’t already.
In music, Mr. Brandon brought some new instruments called Sound Shapes. The Sound Shape Series are pre-tuned drums that are mounted in vibrantly colored Acousticon frames. All the children got to play them and loved them. We have also been working on some projects for Mother’s Day this week. The reason that we started a week before is that so all the children will have something to proudly give to their mom at the Muffins for Mom breakfast between 7:45-9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 12th. Please come and have breakfast with your child on that day!

Reminder: Friday, May 12th is Rainbow door’s teacher appreciation lunch. A sign up sheet will be posted at the door next week.
Quote of the week:
“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” -Haim Ginott
Have an awesome weekend !
Ms. Nadia, Ms. Luz and Ms. Helen



Rainbow Door Weekly Letter April 28, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week, we are talking about our families. (Mommy, daddy, brothers, sisters, grandparents ). We spoke to each child about who is in their family, how many brothers or sisters live in their house. They didn’t forget the pets! We also talked about extended families, (uncles, aunts, cousins). During Circle Time we also talked about what we like to do with our family like, going to the park, playing games, watching movies etc. Then we drew a picture to represent each member of our families. We also looked at and shared the family pictures on the family board. The children were thrilled when they had a turn to stand up in front of the class and show their family photo and to name each member of the family. Books we read this week: “What Brother/Sisters Do Best”, “Llama Llama Missing Mama”, “Are You My Mother? and “The Kissing Hand”.

In enrichments this week:

Soccer: On Monday during soccer,  along with the emphasis on their gross motor skills, Coach Eric also emphasized the children’s listening skills by playing different games that require the children to follow directions. They played games like Taxi and What Time Is It Mr. Wolf.

Spanish: Ms. Luz talked about the family and introduced words like “mama, papa, hermanos, tios, tias, primos, abuelos y abuelas”. They also learned about the letter F for family and “familia”, as well as other words. The children have a blast in Spanish class.

Music: On Friday, Mr. Brandon brought his guitar and the children sang their favorite songs. He also introduced the musical notes to the children. He explained how musical notes are like the letters and each note has a specific sound. The kids were fascinated by it and they also got a chance to read the notes themselves.

Muffins With Mom will be on May 12th.

Quote of the week:

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. ”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Nadia, Ms. Luz, and Ms. Helen



Rainbow Door Weekly Letter April 21, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week, we are learning about our Planet Earth and the letter E. We learned that Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Land and water cover the Earth. There is more water than land. Earth has different kinds of land like: plains, hills, cliffs, mountains, etc. and different kinds of water like: rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. also, salt and fresh waters. We use natural resources from the Earth. We need them to live but we have to take care of the Earth. We can help save the Earth’s land, water and air. We can help if we do the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. We looked on the bottom of paper, plastic and glass items to see if it had a Recycling Triangle on it and yes, it did, time to recycle that item. Please teach your children at home, if you are not all ready doing so, to recycle, reuse and reduce the amounts that we already use. If we all do our parts, our Earth will be a better place for us, our children and grandchildren. We learned vocabulary words like: technology, erosion, minerals, weathering, and natural resources. We also learned words that start with the letter E, elephant, eggs, elf, eight. Books we read this week: Earth Day, Everyday, The Earth Book, and  Our House Is Round.


This week in soccer Coach Eric had the children do different activities with a rope ladder. The ladder was laid on the ground and the children jumped in the squares first with both feet together, then hopped on one foot. After that they did an obstacle course, and free play with the soccer balls. We hope you had a chance to pass by and check out the renovated playground during the week. The children absolutely love it. Please see pictures on life cubby and Facebook.

In Spanish, Ms. Luz talked about the earth. The blue color represents the water and green color represents the land. We also reviewed the other colors. She also talked about family and the different family members that live with us ( Papá, mama, hermano,hermana, Abuelos ).

In music the children had a blast exploring the ” talking drum” with Mr. Brandon, along with their favourite songs on the ukulele and a dance party in the end.

For cooking this week the children added blue and green color to the cream cheese and mixed it. Then they spread some blue and some green cream cheese on a bagel to make it look like the planet earth. It looked and tasted amazing.

Quote of the week: “If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others.” Dr. Haim Ginott

Have a terrific weekend!

Ms. Nadia and Ms. Luz



Rainbow Door Weekly Letter March 31, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week our theme piggy backed off of our previous theme spring, and we learned about Flowers and the Garden. We also learned about the letter “G”. We have been learning about plants and how they need water and sunlight to survive. We learned the parts of a flower like: petals, stems, leaves, and that the roots grow under the ground to keep the plant alive. We looked at the many different shapes and colors that flowers come in. We made our weekly visit to the garden and looked at the different flowers. We also saw the different stages of how the tomatoes are growing. We picked some green peppers and tomatoes, cut them up to see the insides and tasted them. Some of the Books we read this week : Bear and Squirrel Are Friends, How Plants and Animals Live,  Planting a Rainbow, and The Curious Garden.

Enrichments : In soccer the children played the game “On the river, on the bank”. They love this game and seem to be getting better at it every week. They also went through an obstacle course and did some free play with the soccer ball. In Spanish, with Ms. Luz the kids learned new words with the Spanish letter G. gorilla, gato, gorro, galleta, gusano y ganso. They also read a story about the garden and sang and danced to their favourite songs. In Computer Lab the children did some games introducing the letters and listening to the sounds of the letters. Cooking: We made beautiful bouquets of flowers out of bananas, strawberries, celery, red and green grapes for cooking. Please see LifeCubby for pictures.

We are having an egg hunt on Thursday, April 6th. Please bring in 12 plastic eggs filled but no candy please. We will be making special bags for the egg hunt so please do not bring a basket for your child.

A little reminder, next week begins our Teacher Appreciation Luncheons. For those parents that are new to our school the way it works is from now until the end of school year, every Friday, each class sponsors a luncheon for the Staff. About a week prior to the luncheon there is a sign up sheet where the parents can choose to bring in items for the classroom teacher as well as the other staff members. Of course it at a voluntary basis and any contribution is greatly appreciated. Rainbow Door Luncheon is set for Friday, May 12.
Spring Break: April 10-13. Public schools will be closed but we are still open our regular hours. It will be camp/non-instructional and your child may not be with their regular teacher or in their normal classroom. We will also be closed in observance of Good Friday on April 14th.

Quote of the week: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

Have a wonderful weekend,
Ms. Nadia and Ms. Luz



Rainbow Door Weekly Letter March 24, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week we had great fun learning about Spring.  Monday, March 20th was the spring equinox/ first day of spring. We reviewed the different seasons and talked about how the weather changes, it starts to get a little warmer and flowers start to grow.

For art this week, we made picket fences using Popsicle sticks, and decorated them with animals and flowers. They came out really cute. The children also colored paper plates and glued pre cut flowers of their favourite color. The children also worked in their journals.  Some of the books we read this week are “Spring Is Here”, “Colors Of Spring” and “Bear’s Flowers”.

In soccer this week along with practicing kicking the ball, the children also played a listening and comprehending game, “On The River Or Bank”. The children stood on a red line and when the coach said on the river they would jump a step forward. When he said, on the bank, they jump back on the red line. In Spanish this week, the topic was spring. Ms. Luz talked about the different colors of flowers and also counted the flowers in Spanish. In music this week the children had a blast. Mr. Brandon brought tambourines for all the children and when Mr. Brandon played the drum, they played the tambourine to the same beat.

Congratulations to Mia Torres for being our next Student of the Week. Please bring in a decorated poster with pictures of family and friends on Monday.

Parenting tip: Underestimating the Importance of Play

Many parents feel they should sign their children up for enrichment programs to give them an edge. But that’s not really the case. What’s most enriching at this age, says psychologist Lawrence J. Cohen, author of Playful Parents, is free play. That includes dramatic play (make believe), rough housing, and goofing around. “Free play is how children’s brains develop best,” he says. “In play, children will naturally give themselves the right amount of challenge — not too easy or too hard.” Fix it: Allow your child time and space for free play. Remember that preschoolers define play as “what you do when you get to choose what to do.” Free choice — the voluntary aspect of play — is important, Cohen says. “Preschoolers love to vacuum or do housework, but it’s play. It’s not on their chore list. They’ve chosen to do it and they’re just doing it for fun,” he says.

Quote of the week: Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

Have a terrific weekend,

Ms. Nadia and Ms. Luz