Weekly Letters From Rainbow Door

Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 21, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week. Mrs. Luz is already on vacation and Ms. Samantha has been at Rainbow Door for the week.

This week our children visited the country of Colombia. We learned about the language spoken there, the music, and the sport which is soccer.
The children learned about the flag, its colors and shape. They also made the flag by using yellow, red and blue do a dots on construction paper. Working on the flag gave us the opportunity to go over terms like; top, bottom and middle. When introducing the country of Colombia, we went over letter recognition by spelling it and then counted how many letters were in the word. It is a great opportunity to begin working on the alphabet since most of them will be heading to VPK in the fall.

This week we also had our Digital Story Time which they always look forward to and enjoy. We watched some animal stories and of course, Dinosaurs(those are always their special treat).

Thursday we had soccer where they did wonderfully. They played the “Cookie Monster Game” where the cookie monster has to tag kids as they run from the green steps to the fence until all of them have been tagged. It was awesome to see how well all of them played and followed directions. After that game, we played soccer and there were a few goal celebrations amongst them. We really had a great time at soccer this week.

Friday was water play which is now the highlight of their week. They come in every Friday showing off the their bathing suits, water shoes and towels. It is fun beating this heat while playing and getting wet.

This week at the playground the children played blowing bubbles. There is also a new bowling set which they are learning to play with, since it is very difficult for them to understand about taking turns. The boys had fun while playing basketball also. They are really exercising and having fun while at the playground.

Next week we will be visiting the island of Japan. There will be lanterns, Japanese fans, and sandwich sushi. We look forward to having another fun week learning about Japan.

Happy birthday to Jonathan whose birthday was this week.

Have a safe and great weekend.
Mrs. Wanda and Ms. Samantha


Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 14, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

This week at Rainbow Door we learned about Cuba. The children learned that Cuba is an island and that we can travel there by water or in an airplane. We also discussed about the language that it is spoken there which is Spanish. Some of the children mentioned that they speak Spanish at home and mentioned a few words in Spanish. We also learned some information about the flag. We went over the letters that spell Cuba. The children spelled each letter while I wrote it on the board and talked about the shapes that are in the Cuban flag. They recognizeD that it has a red triangle and we counted how many blue and white stripes are in it also.

After learning about it the children traced a red triangle and cut it out. They also cut out 3 blue stripes from blue construction paper. Then they glued everything on a white square paper to make the flag. They did an amazing job and it was a great project to practice fine motor skills (holding a marker to trace, cutting and gluing), following directions, colors, shapes and letter recognition.

This week we had our digital story time where the children chose to watch some dinosaurs stories, Click,Clack Moo Cows That Type, Bugs,Bugs,Bugs, and Good Night Gorilla.

During soccer this week the children had lots of fun running an obstacle race. They had to follow some steps demonstrated by Coach Eric and they did wonderful while they ran, jumped and skipped through the race.

On Friday we cooked. Our children enjoyed a mango shake which is something typical and healthy from Cuba.

Next week we will be travelling to Colombia.

Have a safe weekend!

Mrs. Wanda and Mrs.Luz


Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 7, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week we had a fun filled busy week at Rainbow while celebrating our nation’s birthday and learning about this country. The children worked on different projects and activities while learning about The United States of America. On Monday we made 4th of July hats with paper plates. The children chose between red and blue to color their plate from which later we cut out a star and wrote 4th of July on it. We also watched 4th of July themed digital stories about the flag and Presidents which they enjoyed.
Wednesday when we came back from celebrating 4th of July, the children shared about the fireworks and different activities which led us to making fire work pictures with glue glitter and Q-tips. They pretended to paint with Q-tips while spreading the glue and glitter on black paper. It was a great activity since they were sharing about their previous experience with fire works while working on this.

Thursday we had soccer where they played the game “Cookie Monster Are You Ready?”. They had to run from one side to the other while escaping from the “Cookie Monster.” Later they played a game of soccer and we had several gooooals! Afterwards we had our cooking activity where after discussing on the board about the colors of the flags, we made “Patriotic Toasts”.

On Friday we had our water play which the children enjoyed a lot.

We have been busy learning and having fun at Rainbow Door, please see all the pictures in Life Cubby.

Next week we will be traveling to the Island of Cuba. If anyone wants to share something about Cuba with your child’s class, let me know and we can arrange it. I know that we have children whose parents are from Cuba, therefore if you can find it in your time whether it is pictures, costumes or music, feel free to do so.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Mrs. Wanda and Mrs.Luz


Rainbow Door Weekly Letter June 30, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students;

This week the children learned about the country of Trinidad.

We began the week by talking about the colors of the flag which are red,black and white. The children colored red on white paper and then glued a stripe of black construction paper diagonally to resemble the flag of Trinidad.

Since one of the special events in Trinidad are the carnivals, we made carnival masks. We painted paper plates with do a dots, decorated them with stickers and then taped a popsicle stick to hold it while dancing to they typical music of Trinidad.

Along with all of the crafts, the children had a great time during our digital story time. We heard some stories about dinosaurs on Monday and on Wednesday we had a great time listening and watching musical stories. We saw Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Dem Bones. They loved it and look forward to their “stories on the board” like they call them. We also had soccer this week where even though it was raining and we had it under the roof at the front of the school, we had a great time playing; “On The River, On The Lake and On The Bank.” We also played “Traffic Lights and Museum.” These are great listening and following direction games where they move, stop and even practice numbers by making groups of 2,3,
4, 5 and higher numbers.

We also had a little treat this week from Mrs. Davis. On Monday and Tuesday we got to go to Hero Gym and had a blast playing, excercising and dressing up as super heroes and princesses. I posted some pictures in Life Cubby about these two days.

On the rainy afternoons the children have been doing reinforcement in the classroom. We have been working on puzzles, cutting, gluing, tracing, play doh (fine motor activities).

The children have been decorating the class for fourth of July while working on their fine motor skills.
Next week we will be learning about our country; USA. The children will be painting, cooking and doing hands on activities to celebrate the 4th of July.

Have a great and safe weekend.
Mrs.Wanda and Mrs.Luz


Rainbow Door Biweekly Letter June 23, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students;

Hello and welcome to summer camp in Rainbow dDoor. My name is Mrs.Wanda and for the next weeks until August 4th I will be working in Rainbow Door along with Mrs. Luz.

During the first week of summer camp the children at Rainbow Door were very excited while they were getting everything ready for Father’s Day. They made cards, placemats and ties for their fathers. It was really nice to see every one at “Doughnuts with Dad”. The children were very happy and were still mentioning it on Monday when they came back.

This week we began visiting the country of Panama. Even though they are too young to understand about different countries, we mentioned that is a place far away that we can get there faster by plane. We also learned about the flag and it’s colors, listened to their music and made a simple mola. The children also had fun making a mango pudding on Friday which is a typical healthy food from Panama.

The highlights of these past two weeks have been water play on Friday and the digital story time Mondays and Wednesday which they really look forward to every week.

Next two weeks we will visit Trinidad and will land on USA the week after in honor of the 4th of July holiday, (Independence Day).

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Mrs. Wanda and Mrs.Luz


Rainbow Door Weekly Letter June 09, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

The last day of school…. The closing of one door and the opening of another. I want to thank each and every child for all the warmth, the memories and the learning that we have shared this school year. This past year we have grown together. A little bit of each of you will always be with me.

To the parents: Thank you for allowing me to be your child’s teacher and entrusting your most precious thing, your child, to me. Thank you for sharing your pride and joy with me. I have done my best to keep them safe and happy this school year. I have enjoyed all the hugs, smiles and kind words your children have shared with me. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me.

It is my hope, that one day they will look back on preschool and remember me. They may not remember that I taught them the ABC’S and the numbers but it is my hope that they remember how I made them feel. I wish you all the best and trust that your child is ready and eager to move onto the next step.

Thank you so much for your end of the year gifts, it is really appreciated!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer.

Ms. Nadia and Ms. Luz