Weekly Letters From Purple Door

Purple Door Weekly Letter December 8, 2017

Hello Parents of Purple Door Students,

As always, we hope you all had a great week. This week at Purple Door was extremely eventful. First, we started our Monday with learning Christmas carols. As we have stated before, we definitely see some musical stars in our futures. This was also the launch of many, many crafts for our month of December. The children are so very excited to see the product of all their hard work. I cannot go into too much detail…. I would be sad to spoil their surprises.

As we are learning about Christmas and Santa, next week we will be learning about Hanukkah, then we will be heading into Kwanzaa. The children are thrilled to learn all the different ways a person can celebrate the holidays.

Mr. Brandon came on Tuesday with more Christmas Carols…. ask them to tell you which songs they learned and that feeling they got by singing it.

Thursday we wrote our letters to Santa. The list goes on… their excitement and joy of the thought of what Santa may bring our students under the tree brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

I want to continue to thank all the parents for bringing their children on time. It truly makes a difference remember consistently is key.

Thank you to Erich for bringing in his poster! The children loved learning more about him. We love seeing what the children bring in and how excited they get to introduce themselves to the class.

Our student of the week is Georges Sabe.

Another exciting event is coming, our class field trip. As always we would love to see some of our parents partake in their children’s excitement. It will be December 18th, we will be heading to Actors Playhouse. Tons of fun!!! Hope to see you there!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wanda & Mrs. T.


Purple Door Weekly Letter December 1, 2017

Hello Purple Door Parents,

We have had a very exciting week! We hope you all had a great week as well. This week Purple Door had turned into mini paleontologists, exploring the lost world of dinosaurs, which kick started our letter for this week. Dd is for dinosaur and dots. Ask them to name things that begin with the letter D.

Monday started our exploration with Dino’s…. Creating a brontosaurus by tracing the uppercase D with markers and filling it in with crayons.

Tuesday we learned new vocabulary that related to dinosaurs (Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus rex, Fossils, etc.) we created a skeletal structures of a stegosaurus and brontosaurus and compared the differences. The children also learned greater than and smaller than. They gathered on the carpet in pairs and stacked counters together and compared which one was greater than and smaller than… Seeing it visual helped then grasp the concept better.

Wednesday, the students painted their own dinosaurs, because no one can ever tell what color dinosaurs were back in the day… The children used their imaginations and came up with some very creative colors to depict what they thought they looked like a million years ago.

Thursday/Friday were extra special. Coach Danny, in soccer came up with a new obstacle which let the children get wild (but not too wild) which allowed them to express their energy. After the obstacle they enjoyed one of their most favored game… Sharks and Minnows. Friday, we had our cooking activity which you guessed it was a dinosaur! We used many different ingredients to create our very own Dinos. We used this time to discuss what they thought that dinosaurs ate. Most of them agreed that some ate meat (carnivores) and plants (herbivores) but we also introduced a new word, omnivores (eats both meat and plants) Ask your child what they are….

We also turned the students into dinosaurs. They created their own head-dresses and stomped around like real live dinosaurs.
I want to thank you for bringing your child on time. We have seen an overall improvement in our children and the quality of Circle Time.
Student of the week is Erich… Please bring a poster in describing himself, his family, the thing he loves etc. Maya will also be going home with Erich.

Now that we have finished up November and our Thanksgiving festivities, we are kicking off the month of December and all the magic that it brings. In the next couple of weeks we will be learning about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. If you do not wish your children to participate in any of these activities for religious reasons, please let us know so we can make proper arrangements.

Thank you, have a wonderful weekend.
Mrs. Wanda & Mrs.T


Purple Door Weekly Letter November 17, 2017

Hello Purple Door Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed your week. This week in Purple Door we had a super busy week. First we had our Thanksgiving Feast preparation where the children had a wonderful time creating all the decorations for our up coming Thanksgiving luncheon. They are very excited to present them to you all. Learning about Thanksgiving has been our main focus for this week; listening to stories, learning the sounds a turkey makes, (ask them to demonstrate). This week we also began learning the letter Tt. “T” is for Turkey. We learned many different words that start with the letter T and the sound that it makes.

In the children’s journals we asked them to draw picture of what they thought Thanksgiving was about and encouraged them to tell us what they are thankful for. Let me just say, we have some very family orientated parents in this classroom. Most of our students were thankful for their parents, siblings, and friends. We have a very loving and devoted group with us this year. You all should be proud. I know we are!
I want to send a special thanks to all the parents that signed up to help our class with bringing in food for our feast this coming Tuesday which will start at 11:30. Our feast is open to parents that want to share this special event with their children. Unfortunately, we only have room for one guest per child and due to insurance restrictions, siblings are not able to attend. They worked very hard at making everything perfect for you. **Rather than making a trip back to pick up your child, you may leave with your child after our feast.**

On Tuesday the children had an amazing session with our music teacher Mr. Brandon. He brought in a guitar and had all the children singing and dancing. We may see some aspiring rock-stars in our future! Our garden is finally starting to take shape. We have not had to water our watermelon and tomato plants yet this week. Mother nature has taken care of that for us. The children are still monitoring their growth and you can see their excitement grow with every inch that their plants are growing. Ask them to share with you what plant they are growing inside our classroom. The garden has expanded to our class now.

A big thank you to all the parents that continue to bring their children on time. We have seen a big change in our Circle Time and it is for the better. Remember consistency is key. Lets continue to show them good habits.

Have a great week.
Mrs. Wanda & Mrs. Teeara


Purple Door Weekly Letter November 10, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

We hope that everyone had an amazing week. We SURE did here in Purple Door. It may have been a short week but we were able to get a lot done. We did not have a letter this week which allowed us to focus on the entire alphabet and numbers. The children were able to figure out which number was missing from a set of numbers.They also went over, not only the letters, but the sound that each letter makes. They learned the life cycle of a flower following, ‘”The Tiny Seed”, a book we read to them during Story-Time, Which fit in perfectly with our gardening/planting adventures this week. Hint: Ask your child what plants and seeds they planted this week.

On Tuesday our students worked hard at putting a class book together; they were the authors, and illustrators of our very own class book. We went over the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Their interpretations of ‘The Tiny Seed’ book will be available to see, if you so choose, in our class library.

Music tied in beautifully with our review of numbers. Mr. Brandon was able to teach the children rhythm and tune using numbers and how you cannot have music without both rhythm and tune together.

Maya our class mascot made it back safely with great stories to share which the class. Thank you to Khalissi and her family for sharing Pinto Farms with everyone. Maya looked like she had a blast! Maya is now in the hands of Elias and the class cannot wait to see what Maya gets into next….

Parents, we are working with the students to remember their phone numbers. We explained to them the importance of knowing their phone numbers and how helpful it can be in an emergency situation. So, please, take the time to help them study their phone numbers.

Last but not least, please remember the importance of having your child here ON TIME. Please, drop your child off either in the Science Lab before breakfast, before 8:15am or at the playground before 8:20am. Circle Time is the most important part of our school day. Let us help them get a great start to their day.
Student of the Week: Khalissi

Please bring a poster showcasing who she is, what she likes etc.

Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Wanda & Mrs. Teeara


Purple Door Weekly Letter November 3, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students;

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

This week at Orange Door we had a super busy week. First we had our Halloween Happening where the children had a great time dressing up, doing projects, listening to Halloween stories, and going on a parade. They also cooked their own lunch where they made mummies with bread, pizza sauce, cheese and olives. Then it was placed in the oven to make small pizzas. For dessert they made candy corn out of tangerines, pineapple and whipped cream. They were so happy to eat their lunch that they made themselves.

On Wednesday we began learning about the seasons and the letter Vv. We learned its sound, words that begin with it and practiced writing it. To learn about the seasons, we read stories, discussed what happened in each season and made projects. We made a beach ball, decorated a fall leaf and made a diagram of each season in the journals. Along with the topic we learned about temperature (how hot or cold something is), weather conditions( windy, rainy, and snowy), and we reviewed fall colors.

This week Sora brought back our class monkey mascot which her family named Maya. Thanks for welcoming Maya home. When Sora shared her journal it really looked like she had a great time. Maya will be going into someone’s home every week with a book and journal. This is to encourage reading comprehension and story telling.

Next week we will be learning about the topic of Garden. The children will be learning all about plants and will be going to the garden to plant tomato plants, fruits and vegetables. We plan to have a fun week!

The student of the week is: Logan. Please bring poster with pictures about himself and family to share with the class.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
Mrs. Wanda and Mrs.Teeara


Purple Door Weekly Letter October 27, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

This week at Purple Door we began getting ready for our Halloween Happening. The children discussed about how they celebrate Halloween and it was super interesting to hear what costumes they will be wearing for Halloween. So far we will have lots of super heroes, ninjas, draculas, skeletons and princesses. It should be a fun filled Halloween celebration!

We also learned the letter Ll. We learned its name, sound, and practiced writing the letter and words that begin with this letter.

On Monday, the children worked with the pumpkins that they brought from the pumpkin patch. First we measured them by using cubes and compared sizes, then we tested them to find out which ones sank or floated. The children were introduced to these two terms by placing their pumpkin in a container with water. They were also predicting what would happen before they placed their pumpkin in the water and then tested them to find out what really happened. After all of these activities, we decorated them by using different colored tissue papers and they came out beautifully. The children worked on decorating their bags for the Halloween parade, made picture frames and made pictures to place in the bags that will be filled with candy for the homeless children.

During Circle Time we went over compound words like ladybug and lighthouse. The children learned that these are words that have two words in it. We also went over sorting, estimating, counting and terms like; more, less, least when we prepared the candies donated to fill the Halloween bags for the homeless.

Our Halloween Happening is on Tuesday. You are welcome to come and watch us in the parade at 10:15 and also to volunteer in the activities.
The student of the week will be Diego. Please send poster with pictures about himself to share with friends.
Have a safe and great weekend.

Mrs. Wanda and Mrs. Teeara