Weekly Letters From Purple Kindergarten

Purple Door Weekly Letter June 09, 2017

Dear Purple Door Parents,

We can’t believe that we are writing the last letter for the 2016-2017 school year! How can it be that these nine months just flew right by us? All your children have grown so much and we don’t only mean height! Academically they’ve grown, personalities have grown, and friendships have grown too!

This week has been spent prepping for our End of the Year Luncheon that was held on Tuesday. Wow, was their performance great!! We hope you loved seeing your child’s artwork, their performance, and the awards they received. We are so incredibly proud of all their hard work that they’ve done this year. We can’t say it enough on how amazing these 15 children are!

On Thursday we decided to have a movie/pajama day to celebrate the end of a wonderful year. We watched Wreck-It Ralph (which is the inspiration of their graduation song) and Big Hero 6 as we munched on popcorn and fruit gummies. At the end of the day we took some class pictures and gave each other our goodbye hugs.

Parents, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the beautiful flowers and gifts that both Mrs. Angie and I have received. We truly appreciate that you have trusted us with your precious children. Thank you, thank you!

To our first grade babies, we wish you the best of luck in your new schools!
To our kindergarten babies, have a great summer and see you next school year!

Have a wonderful and relaxing summer,

Ms. Adriana and Mrs. Angie


Purple Door Weekly Letter June 2, 2017

Dear Purple Door Parents,

It’s hard to believe that we have been prepping for our End of the Year Luncheon! We are getting all the crafts and decorations ready for this big day! Our luncheon will be held on Tuesday June 6, 2017 at the Country Walk Clubhouse at 11am to 1pm. Your child still needs to come to school at the normal time, we will be walking them over to the clubhouse. We hope to see you all there!

Our first field day occurred on Thursday! Before hand the children split into three groups of five and came up with their own team name and decorated their team banner. The teams were Blue Super Cannonball, American Vipers, and Awesome Smashers. On field day we participated in 12 different events. The events we played were flags, fill the bucket, find your shoes, football relay, wacky waiter, cup stack tower, linking hula hoops, human ring toss, potato sack race, leapfrog, baton racing, and obstacle course. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves besides the heat, we were sure to keep extra hydrated! At the end of the event we came back inside and tallied our scores. In the end first place went to Blue Super Cannonball, second place went to Awesome Smashers, and third place went to American Vipers! Congratulations to all teams for working so well together!!

Next week is the last week of school and to celebrate we will be having a spirit week!

Monday is Mickey and Minnie Day! Wear a Mickey/Minnie shirt and don’t forget your mouse ears! If you don’t have a mickey shirt wear a plain red shirt!

Tuesday is Luncheon Day! Come dressed in your best clothes to celebrate a magical moment! Students still need to be at school by 8:20 a.m.

Wednesday is Superhero/ Star Wars Day! Wear your favorite superhero or Star Wars shirt!

Thursday is the last day of school! We will celebrate by wearing our pajamas and watching a movie!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all Tuesday at the luncheon!

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana


Purple Door Weekly Letter May 26, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

In language arts and reading, first grade had their last set of spelling and sight words of the year. How has time flown by so quickly?? Our spelling words all ended in -er and -est. We quickly reviewed words that end in -ly and words that had the vowel+r sound. We read the book Frog or Toad? as a class. All of our sight words came from the story we read. We ended the week by taking our last spelling and sight test of the year.

This week in language arts, kindergarten went over the sounds that the letter -ph, -sh, -ch, -wh, and -th make. We practiced saying words that make these sounds and we used worksheets to identify the difference between the sound because sometimes they are similar to certain letters. It was exciting for the students to have their last spelling and sight test. Everyone did a great job. It is hard to believe that we are finishing up kindergarten!

For math, first grade had a quick review on counting money, comparing values, and recognizing coins. On Tuesday we took our test and everyone did so well. This was the end of our math lessons for the year.

In soccer class with Coach Eric we warmed up by playing a game of Traffic Lights and On The River. Later, we played Stuck In The Mud using the soccer balls and finished off by playing Ghost Busters.

In music class with Mr. Brandon he brought his sound shapes and mallets again. This time we all sat in a circle and he split us up in groups. One group would play one set of beats and the other group would play a different set of beats. At the end we all played together. Mr. Brandon noticed that once we played together we would play one beat instead of two because of the loud drum.

This week we made our invitations for our Kinder/First Grade Luncheon that will occur on Tuesday June 6, 2017 from 11:30 am-1:00 pm at the Country Walk Clubhouse. Each student is allowed to bring up to two guests. The attire is semi-formal. We hope to see you there!

Next week on Thursday June 1, 2017 we will be having a field day! We have split up into three teams, created a team name, and decorated our own poster board. We will be competing in 12 different games. Please bring, make sure your child is wearing socks, sneakers, their gray school shirt, and shorts. They may also bring hats, and an extra pair of clothes. We will apply bug spray here and if you want your child to wear sunblock please fill out a form in the office. It will be an exciting day!

Have a great long weekend,

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana


Purple Door Weekly Letter May 19, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

In science both groups spoke about our sun. What our sun is, what the sun does for us, and how can we protect ourselves from the sun. We learned that our sun is indeed a star! The sun gives off energy and light to everything living on Earth. We can protect ourselves from the sun by using sunblock, wearing hats and glasses, or using the shade from trees. As a way to see the sun at work we had a lab with Mrs. Davis. We had these solar papers where we were able to place different items such as keys, gears, and magnets on the paper. We placed it in direct sunlight for about 5 minutes. After, we came back inside removed the items from the paper and saw that it had made a shadow! We were able to take these papers home!

This week first grade had spelling words that had the vowel a + r sound such as smart or large. As a class we read the story Fireflies for Nathan. In the story we revisited compound words such as butterfly, bullfrog, and ladybug. We also spoke about our five senses and using words to describe them. For example something can taste salty, feel hard, or smell smoky. We also reviewed the prefixes dis- and re- with words like appear. Next week we will have our last spelling and sight test of the year!

This week Kindergarten continued learning about words with a cluster of “r” we learned the words fry, trip, drip, drop, free, and crib. This week we read the story “What a Trip!” the story had to do with a group of children taking a trip on a boat in the sea. We read about different colored fish and whales. Each student took turns reading a page in the story and I am proud of the progress the students have made. Most students are reading on their own! Next week we will be learning about the –th, -ch, -sh sounds! This week their sight words have helped to prepare the students for next week’s classwork.

In math, we began the week by reviewing the three coins we discussed the week before. We were also introduced to the quarter, half-dollar, and dollar bill. We learned that 100 cents make up a dollar. So we learned that 100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes, and 4 quarters all make $1. Next week we will review the coins one more time before we have a test on Tuesday May 23rd. This will conclude our math lessons of the year.

Kindergarten is officially done with math and has been reviewing the concepts we have learned this year!

In soccer class with Coach Eric, we played a game of Traffic Lights with the soccer balls. We also played Stuck In The Mud, Ghostbusters, and Pac-Man.

There was no music class due to our field trip to Bird Bowl.

The school year is coming to a close so please keep on the look out for more information on our Kinder-First Grade Luncheon, Spirit Week, and Field Day!

We would like to thank our amazing parents of Purple Door for hosting the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon this past Friday.

Have a marvelous weekend,

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana


Purple Door Weekly Letter May 12, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

This week first grade started the last theme in their language arts book. We learned the vowel+r sound, such er, ir, or, and ur. We spoke about math words such as multiply, divide, equal, half, addition, and subtraction. We also learned about using words to describe sound. For example a cat can pur, a car horn can beep, and a bee can buzz. On Thursday we took a practice spelling test that involved everyone passing the test a day early!

This week in kindergarten we learned about words with a cluster of “r” in the word such as brag, crab, grin, grab, trip, trap, tree, and crack. As a class we read the story “Let’s Trim the Track!” the story was about Fran, Gran, and her friends helping their community clean up their track. We read the story to practice reading the words with a cluster of “r.” All the students did amazingly on their spelling and sight word test! Next week we will be learning about contractions with ‘s, an example will be taking it is, and changing it into it’s.

In Math, first grade began talking about money. We learned about pennies, nickels, and dimes and their values. We also learned that when counting pennies you count by 1s, when counting nickels you count by 5s, and when counting dimes you count by 10s. We also learned to compare values and find different ways to get the same amount. Parents, I suggest you let your first grader help you count your change. It will be a great way to reinforce what they’re learning in class. Next week we will continue money and introduce quarter, half dollar, and dollar bills.

Kindergarten has concluded all their math lessons for the year. I am proud of how their last test went! The students did great on their test. Starting next week I will be sending home pages of review worksheets of all the lessons we have covered over the school year.

In soccer class with Coach Eric, we played the game of Traffic Lights using soccer balls to help us practice our toe touches and dribbling. We also played a game of Pokémon Go, Foxes and Farmers, and Stuck In the Mud.

In music class with Mr. Brandon, we started off the class by making up our own silly songs. Later, we reviewed what we did last week with the sound shapes and mallets. We continued taking turns on reading and playing music that Mr. Brandon taught us.

This Friday was our Muffins with Mom celebration. We would like to thank all the moms (and grandmas and dads) that showed up to have breakfast with their child. They have been working so hard for a few weeks now and we are sure it made them incredibly happy for you to see all their hard work!

Reminders: Our last field trip of the school year to Bird Bowl is on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Also, next week our teacher lunch will be
sponsored by Purple Door Parents. There is a sign up sheet at the front window.

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend,

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana


Purple Door Weekly Letter May 5, 2017

Dear Parents of Purple Door Students,

This week both groups continued learning about the different forces of motion. The students had a lab with Mrs. Davis in which they discussed how a ramp can help make a toy car go faster. The students collected data from 4 trials. In the first one the students put two books and the car did not go very far. Then they added four, then six, and lastly eight books. The students analyzed that the cars went farther as the ramp had a higher slope. After we collected the data with Mrs. Davis we made a graph in our classroom.

This week first grade heard the story “Natural Habits.” It was about two animals that had natural habits they were trying to stop. We spoke about what are some of our habits. We also learned the vowel pair’s oy, oi, aw, and au and our spelling words had the vowel pairs. We also learned the suffixes -ful, -ly, and -y. We read the story “The Surprise Family,” it was about a chick who was raised by a boy. She grew up to be a hen and wanted a family of her own. The boy got her eggs but they ended up being ducklings! The hen still loved the ducklings as her own. We compared and contrasted chickens to ducks. We also learned to be descriptive in sentences. Instead of saying, “Look at the chair.” We can use size, shape, color, and numbers to describe it like “Look at the large green chair that has four legs.” This can help us become better writers and help us illustrate the sentence. On Friday we had our spelling and sight test, everyone did so well!

This week kindergarten reviewed what a verb (an action word) is. After each student gave an example of what a verb is we discussed how we can make a new word from the original word by changing the ending sound. One example was the word pick, picks, picked, and picking. We changed the ending sound and discovered that there are four different ways to use the word in a sentence, depending on what you are trying to say. This week we also reviewed using the short /i/ sound in words such as, miss, mitt, did, sit, hit, and pin. We also read the story “Mr. C’s Dinner.” In the story different animals receive a paper which turns out to be an invitation to a dinner party. The animals believe that Mr. C is pulling a trick and really just wants to eat them. Throughout the story the students read previous week’s sight words and this week’s sight words. The students are reading more independently which a huge milestone for them!

In math, first grade finished off chapter 12. We continued speaking about capacity: which containers can hold the most and which can hold the least. On Wednesday we reviewed the whole chapter and took a practice test. Thursday was our actual test and I’m proud to say we got straight A+ all around! This chapter was the last chapter of our book. Next week we will begin with money.

Kindergarten began working on subtraction problems in math. Students picked up the concept of taking away from the higher number to get their answer. Next week we will continue with the subtraction and have our test next Thursday, May 11, 2017.

In music class, Mr. Brandon brought sound shapes of different sizes and brought different drum mallets and sticks. We learned that hitting the drums with different size mallets and sticks makes a different sound. We also practiced what we learned about beats and rests and performed as a class.

In soccer class with Coach Eric we played a game of traffic lights but this time using soccer balls. We learned to tap the ball with alternating feet and dribbling fast and slow. We ended the day playing a game of ghostbusters.

Remember Purple Door moms, our Breakfast with Mom is scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2017 at 7:30 am to 9:00 am be ready to see all the beautiful surprises your children have for you!!

Our field trip to Bird Bowl was re-scheduled to Tuesday, May 16, 2017. It will be our last field trip of the year.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Angie and Ms. Adriana