Weekly Letters From Orange Door

Orange Door Weekly Letter August 11, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door,

This week we’ve visited France! For our morning gatherings we’ve discussed facts and topics about France. We’ve also listened to the French National Anthem.
-France is the largest country in western Europe. It shares its borders with Belgium to the Northeast, Germany and Luxemburg in the East as well as with Switzerland, Italy to the Southeast.
-France’s flag colors are Red, White, and Blue. The French refer to the flag as ‘Tricolore’ (french for ‘three colours’) which represent,’Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite’ (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity).
-The Gallic rooster (French: le coq gaulois) is France’s National Bird. It represents the fighting spirit of French.
-France is also known for the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most well known structures in the world. It was originally built as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair in 1889, and it’s named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company was in charge of the project. The French name for the Eiffel Tower is La Tour Eiffel, it also has the nickname La dame de fer which means the iron lady.

Each day Orange Door practiced counting in French! What fun we’ve had counting to 5! You can try it too! 1-Un, 2-Deux, 3-Trois, 4-Quatre, 5-Cinq.
On Tuesday we’ve made “Bonjour” (hello) signs to hang on our front door to greet our guests as they enter Orange Door.

On Wednesday we took a trip to the movies and saw “Lego Batman”!

On Thursday our mini Architects made their very own Eiffel Towers from straws.

Extra curricula activities: Soccer with our new coach, Darell, was tons of fun! We’ve played a new game this week.
For Gross motor we did some dancing, writing, and water play!

Story time- We’ve read “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick”, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “Armadillo Rodeo”, and “A Wish-For Dinosaur”.

Water play was a splash! The children enjoyed themselves in sprinkler system.

On Thursday 8/17/17 Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm
On Friday 8/18/17 School Closed for professional development.

Don’t forget to check on Life Cubby and the Kids for Kids Academy Facebook page, pictures of these events will be posted.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ms. Ariel and Ms. Melisa.


Orange Door Weekly Letter August 4, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door:

The theme of the week was India/ Whole grains and Healthy Hydration.

As a morning gathering we all went on a airplane to the magnificent country on India. We started with the introduction of India, then we listened to the National anthem. As usual on Mondays; the children did the activity on “turn and talk”. They learned facts about India:
*India has the largest population in the world.
*India is the seventh largest country.
*Capital is New Delhi.
*Most populated city is Mumbai.
*India belongs to the continent of Asia.
*Main language is Hindi.
We all learned the most famous person is Mahatma Gandhi, and the national symbol is the endangered Bengal tiger. At the end of the week they reviewed the topic.

For academic enrichment they worked to identify examples of “Go” grains. They discussed what they ate for breakfast. They used movements for Go: they jumped with lots of energy, if is not a Go they pretended to move very slowly. They tried the healthy eating with crackers, banana and cinnamon. After that they had free art. They keep learning about healthy drinking options: during cooking, they had water, added fruits and herbs they then enjoyed drinking it. The children ended the week by writing brown rice, oatmeal, and bread.

For digital story time, they watched: “Bark George”, “Dinosaur Bones”, “Goldilocks And The Three Bears” and “The Red Hen”.

In small group activities, the children drew and colored the flag of India, they drew the map of India, and they wrote a sentence about India. The kids made an elephant by using a big white plate, colored it gray, glued wiggle eyes and used a lot of imagination. The also traced their hands and decorated using crayons and markers.

To keep them active on gross motor they hopped on one foot, jumped as far they could go, walked backwards, had relay races and used bin bags for balance.

Remember that every Friday we are going to have water day, so parents make sure to send your child with all water gear and extra clothes to have fun and unforgettable moments this summer.You can see the pictures on Life Cubby !

Coming up field trips and special events:
8/9/17 field trip to the movies $12

Have a nice and safe weekend!
Mrs. Ana and Mrs. Tayra


Orange Door Weekly Letter July 28, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door,

This week’s destination was Japan! There was much to talk about this week. Japan is an island nation off the coast of East Asia, its covered with many mountains and an array of wildlife. Their national tree is the cherry blossom. The students made their own cherry blossom trees with pink colored tissue paper. Japanese culture is rich with arts like ceramics, textiles, swords and dolls, dance performances, tea ceremonies, martial arts, calligraphy, origami, Geisha and games. We also made geisha fans with water color paint to mimic the writing style, (brush strokes), of Japan. Japanese cuisine was an interesting subject to the children because unlike Americans that use forks they use chopsticks to eat rice or noodles, soup, fish, vegetables, and tofu. We watched short clips of Japanese sports such as sumo wrestling and martial arts like judo, karate and kendo.

Speaking of sports, Coach Darell has been doing an awesome job in soccer keeping our students well exercised!

On Friday we had a Field trip to Actors Playhouse. It was a beautiful show which the children really enjoyed.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Ariel and Ms. Melissa


Orange Door Weekly Letter July 21, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door,

Our fifth destination on our travels around the world is Colombia. Colombia is a Spanish country situated in South America. Its climate is mostly tropical with a rich diversity of bird and plant species. Colombian cuisine varies by region. Some of the most common ingredients are rice, maize, potato and meats. Their music is mostly influenced by guitar, flutes and percussion instruments. The most popular musicians from Colombia are Shakira, Juanes and Carlos Vives. This week we did the many symbols of Colombia. We first made the flag with do-a-dots. Then we worked on the national flower the Cattleya Trianae (May Flower) and made the national bird the Andean Condor out of paper plates.

During soccer with coach Darrell, we played “Sleeping Giant” and “Cookie Monster”, a game where the children have to run past the coach without being caught. Water play has been blast! The children love jumping on the sprinklers. In this summer heat, it’s a great way to cool down. Also this week during our digital story book we watched “Leo The Late Bloomer.” Leo The Late Bloomer is a heartwarming story that teaches about patience, everyone develops and learns at their own pace.

Have an awesome weekend!

Ms. Ariel and Ms. Melissa


Orange Door Weekly Letter July 14, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door,

Our next destination is close to home, 90 miles from Key West, Cuba! Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean Sea, it’s the largest island in the Caribbean. Their climate is fairly similar to ours, mostly tropical. The flag colors are composed of red, white and blue similar to the United States of America. Cuban culture is very rich and lively from its music to its food. Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz are two main singers we listened to. The children watched a short clip of the many styles of dance from the mambo, cha-cha-chá, salsa and the rumba. We made a colorful paper plate conga shaker to dance to the music! On their leisure time Cubans love playing dominoes and cricket. We a made our domino piece. The children laced a green construction paper banana leaf. The Cubans use banana leaves in their cooking in the from tamales and pasteles. We had delicious refreshing mango shake called a batidos on Friday.

In soccer this week with Coach Erik we performed many obstacles races.

Don’t forget to check out bookflix the children watched Storybooks about dinosaurs, which they really enjoyed.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ms. Ariel and Ms. Melissa


Orange Door Weekly Letter July 7, 2017

Dear Parents of Orange Door,

“The land of the free and home of the brave!” -Francis Scott Key- This week, was a short week due to the Fourth of July. I hope everyone enjoyed a family-filled, patriotic celebration. The children even drew sparkling fireworks. The United States of America was our third destination on our travels. We talked about the many symbols such as the bald eagle, monuments (Statue of Liberty and Liberty Bell), the flag, and influential Presidents. We also listened to our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. We created the flag by finger painting and adding star stickers.

We had our first field trip of the summer to the movies, the children enjoyed watching “Rio 2”. During digital storybook time, we watched stories that were related to the United States of America. In soccer with Coach Darrell, we played “Sleeping Giant” and “Traffic Lights”.

Water play reminder: please bring a towel and a change of clothes in a plastic bag.

Have a nice weekend!

Ms. Ariel and Ms. Melissa