Weekly Letters From Green Door

Green Door Weekly Letter August 11, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door,

We are pleased to announce that we have a new baby at Green Door; we welcome Maite,(5months), and her family to our big family. She is familiarizing very well and fast to our environment, and we are more than happy to have her with us. This week we traveled to France. The children enjoyed listening to different types of music while doing finger-plays; they also danced to music from France. Alia and Alfredo are doing great, they love to play at the gym mat. Zoe enjoys spending time at the library. Oliver is sitting up and also trying to crawl. Jordyn love to play with her friend, Oliver. Maite is doing fabulously during tummy time.

Many toddlers seem to need the comfort that a cherished soft toy or blanket provides. Such transitional objects, which represent Mommy when she is absent, usually become extremely important to the child sometime around the first birthday. These transitional objects are used primarily to help a child fall asleep or to provide comfort during stressful times. If your 2-year-old still has a fierce attachment to a teddy bear, a cloth diaper, or a baby blanket, don’t worry. Sooner or later, she’ll outgrow it. But if your toddler seems to need her favored object all day long, perhaps she could use more parental cuddling and affection. Increase your one-on-one time with her, and keep her busy and distracted. (source: www.parents.com).

A child sleeping in a strange place or away from his mother, cries out for his “blanket” or special doll. Receiving it, she clutches it desperately, and begins to calm down. She then goes back to sleep. What is it about the special object– a transitional object– that comforts a child in such a soothing way? Why is it desirable for every child to have one? How do you help a child develop an attachment to one if he doesn’t develop one on his own? What are some of the special problems involved with transitional objects?
Security objects are used by toddlers to relieve tension and anxiety. They are usually soft, cuddly things, like a blanket, a diaper, or fuzzy teddy bear — something that a baby can hold close to his nose and his mouth. Children seem to need them most when they are going to sleep or visiting new places, or when they are away from their parents.(source: http://www.ecpcla.org/2013/08/23/security-blanket/).

A reminder to always read to your infant, as often as possible, to improve their cognitive skills and comprehension. It also allows for more bonding between child and parent which is equally as important.

Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Murielle and Mrs.Yanet


Green Door Weekly Letter August 4, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door,

We would like to take the time to say that we had Ian, one of the older babies move to Red Door. Ian is transitioning very smoothly and already making new friends. We welcomed three new babies to Green Door this week, Jordyn, Alia, and Alfredo; the new babies are adjusting very well.

This week we didn’t travel because the new ones did not have their passports yet, but we will be taking the trip to France next week. We had plenty of indoor time because of the weather, we read lots of books, listened to music, and we are focusing on our colors red,white, and blue.

Have a safe weekend.

Mrs. Mercy, Grandama V, and Miss Paulina


Green Door Weekly Letter July 28, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door,

For the past few weeks we have been going and going like little pink bunnies. This week we traveled to Japan, what a nice week. We took our red and white construction paper & a glue stick to make the flag of Japan.

A thumbs up to Enzo he is doing well, able to go up and down the slide. This is helping him with his physical development, specifically gross motor,
(large muscles). We had one of our babies move on, Baby D is now in Red Door. We are also transitioning Ian to Red Door. We wish Zoe well as we missed her this week, and we are sorry she missed out on our trip to Japan.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, well wishes from Green Door

Grandma V., Mrs. Mercy & Ms. Paulina


Green Door Weekly Letter July 21, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door:

Just a few words to let you know how much we thank you for trusting in us enough to let your little one’s travel with us to
all the places we have gone to so far, we have more to do. This Week we went to Colombia, which means we had to
do more reading, because our colors of the flag changed from red, white and blue, to yellow blue and red. Therefore we went back
to one of our favorite books, “Brown Bear”, to talk about yellow duck.

We give a high five to Ian, he added a few word to his vocabulary. Last week, shoes, he will take every look out, until he finds the book of shoes.

Be safe and have a great weekend.

Grandma V. and Mrs. Mercy


Green Door Weekly Letter July 14, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door,

We are back on the road, after a relaxed week in the USA, food, fun and sun. In keeping with the theme we have a lot of traveling and learning to do. This week we spoke about Cuba and celebrated the Flag of Cuba.

We have been reading lots of books about colors, being most of the flags contained red, white and blue. This week the book they enjoyed the
most is “My Colors” by Rebecca Emberly, The Big Read Apple (rojo), Blue Fish (azul). We The Fish, and We Count Only One Eye, they love looking at this book.We also read White Snow Flake (blanco). With this they can see all the colors we have been working with during our summer travel.

Be safe and have a great weekend.

Grandma V. and Ms. Mercy


Green Door Weekly Letter July 7, 2017

Dear Parents of Green Door Students,

For the past 3 weeks we did some traveling around the countries. This week we will be staying in the USA to relax, have fun with our friends, eat, swim and do lots of fun thing with family.

The 4th was a day to celebrate and learn what we were celebrating and why. Even though they are very young, it’s not too early to start talking to them about the day we celebrate and why.

All of our babies are growing up and moving to the next level, we will miss them and continue loving them. Baby D (Dion) will be the next to move on.

We did lots of reading about colors red, white blue to represent the colors in our flag.

Thank you for trusting us with your precious children.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Grandma V. and Mercy