Weekly Letter From Gold Door Pre VPK

Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter October 20, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door Students:

This week, we have had fun with Pumpkins and creepy crawlers. The children learned that spiders have 8 legs, most of them have 8 eyes, some are colorful and that they can make webs to trap their food.

The children also learned about bats. That they sleep upside down, sleep during the day, live in caves, hunt at night, eat fruits, insects, flowers and some eat fish. Also that they may look spooky but they are also fantastic! They came in many colors.They can be black, gray, red, yellow, orange or even white!

The best part of all was cutting the top of a Big Pumpkin and take the seeds out! We counted some of them, got to smell and touch the inside of it, and finally we toasted them with a little bit of butter and salt! They also learned that they grow on farms in a place called a Pumpkin Patch. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They grow on vines, and scarecrows are placed on the field to scare the birds away!

For art this week, the children traced, color and decorated a bat. We called it “Ricky the Bat”. The children also made a spider with a small paper plate. They colored it with black crayon and glued eyes and legs made out of black construction paper. For the pumpkin, the children did hand prints with orange paint and green for the stem.

Soccer: The children enjoyed doing the obstacle course and kicking the ball.

Music : They had a blast dancing one of their favorite songs, Gummy Bears! Mr. Brandon played his Ukulele and sang Halloween songs.

Cooking: This week was fun! We made mummy muffins! Ask your kids how they made it and what they used!

Books we read :
Fantastic Bats by Justin McCory
Halloween Howl by Norman Bidwell
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams
Pumpkin In Fall by David Bauer

Congratulations to Emma Fernandez. She will be our next Student of the Week! Please bring your decorated poster by Monday.

Have a nice and safe weekend!

Mrs. Marta


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter October 13, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1 Students,

This week we learned about Fruits and Vegetables! Young children can be taught many new items or ideas through repetition. Play games or pretend play with your children, using plastic pretend fruit & veggies. You should also most definitely add in actual fruit or vegetables from time to time. Or just talk about it during a meal or during snack time! Talk about different characteristics of fruit and vegetables. When doing this, you’d want to discuss sizes, shapes, lengths, texture and color. Talk about the things that happen with your senses when you eat certain fruits and vegetables. What does it taste like? Do you want to sneeze when you eat it? Does it have a sound when you bite into it or when you knock on it? What does it smell like when it’s cut open, peeled or squeezed? Does it feel firm or squishy? These are all perfectly good ideas for questions to talk about with your children.

In class we created collages with advertisements. During Circle Time we brainstormed about what they already know about fruit and vegetables.We briefly touched on the food pyramid or my plate which is basically all the food groups that should be included in your daily diet. We also talked about where they come from, and what people have to do to make them grow.

Art: The children used fruit stencils, traced, colored and decorated a pineapple and an apple with paint, tissue paper and glue. In their journal the children drew their favorite fruits and vegetables.

Cooking: We made a delicious hummus and eat it with pita bread.It was fun for them to see all the ingredients mixing in the blender. They tasted the garbanzos before we made the hummus. Most of them really liked it!

Parent Tip: Break children’s bad habits. Children like adults, are creatures of habit who take comfort in the familiar, for better or worse.
Although most children’s bad habits are developmentally related and disappear over time, behaviors that persist, are injurious or intensify may need to be addressed.

Quote of the week: Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teacher can bring creativity in children at that level.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Marta


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter October 6, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1 Students:

This week we had some busy days learning about Leaves. The children learned that leaves come in different shapes and colors. During playground time, we were able to take a few nature walks and collect a sample of leaves. Thank you Isla and Ella for bringing some beautiful ones! We made a sensory activity observing, touching and comparing the leaves collected on the playground with the ones the children and I collected from home.

For Art, the children traced a leaf using a stencil and decorated it with little fall colors squares. They traced two little trees and glued small foam leaves on the tree, trunk and ground. They also made a person using a leaf as a body and drew legs, arms, neck and head. We are putting it all together to make ” My Leaves Book”. You will be able to enjoy it pretty soon! With the leaves that we collected, we made leaf prints using red, orange, brown, yellow and green paint. We used paint brushes to spread the paint on them, and then we made the print on construction paper. The children also traced, colored, and decorated letter “F” for Fall using yellow and orange squares of tissue paper.

In extracurricular activities this week:
Soccer: it was a rainy day but we still had a great time playing games such ” What Time Is It Mr. Wolf” This game involves listening skills, counting, taking steps and running. They are getting very good at it!.
Music: They had a good time singing and dancing with Mr. Brandon.
Cooking: We made Pumpkin Spice Pudding. The children got to measure and mix all the ingredients. Best part was eating it!

Books we read:
Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson
I See A Leaf by Grace Maccarone
Little Tree by Loren Long
My “f” Book by Belk Moncure

Congratulations to Barbara Espinosa who is next two week’s Student of the week. Please bring in your decorated poster on Monday.

Parent tip:
Caring for others: Kids learn a lot when given the responsibility of taking care of something or someone else. Examples could be a pet, garden or plants, or helping with younger children. This helps teach theme responsibility and selflessness.

Quote of the Week:
” The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” _ Dr. Seuss

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Marta


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter September 29, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1,

This week our topic was all about shoes!
We talked about the different types of shoes we wear: snickers, sandals, boots and the kinds people use for different jobs or sports. Also that they come in different sizes and colors; some have Velcro, some laces or nothing at all. During Circle time everybody took one shoe off including me, and we sorted them by size first and then by color and also the ones that had laces or Velcro.

Art: We started our art activities by doing a sole rubbing. The children put a piece of paper on the sole of their shoe and rubbed it with a crayon. We talked about the differences in the rubbings. The children also used magazines to find pictures of shoes or people wearing them. They practiced cutting and pasting to make a collage.We also introduced letter S for “shoes”. The children traced the letter with markers and decorated with foam shapes.

Soccer: During their time playing soccer the kids dribbled the ball from cone to cone, kicked the ball and participated in an exercise that had them test their coordination and balance by jumping from one ring to another that are placed on the grass.

Music: Kids love Mr.Brandon! They always enjoy the live music and sing their favorite songs.

Books: Don’t Lose Your Shoes! By Mills/Beise
Who Loves the Fall? By Judy Stead
Mittens At School By Lola M. Schaefer
Splash! By Flora McDonnell

Reminder: Remember to take your child’s art work from their mail boxes on Fridays along with blanket and pillow. Please bring extra cloth in a zip lock bag with their name on it.

Tips: we encourage the parent to ask their child everyday what they did in class. Practice with your kids around the house or at any location colors and shapes.

“Everything in life is a lesson”.
I started teaching them the first letter in their names. By writing the names on the board I also have them recognize their name and remember that letter. You can practice this at home as well.

” If we don’t let our kids fall dawn, they will never learn to get back up. Whether it is on the playground or in life”

Have an amazing weekend,



Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter September 22, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1,

This week was the culmination of a topic that every child in the class loved, “Dinosaurs”.

We introduced letter D along with this topic. D for “Dinosaurs”. The children traced the letter with green/brown markers and glued green pieces of tissue paper inside. They also made dinosaur foot prints with red, green and brown paint. We used a sock to cover their hand and that’s how they made the print. We also made a diorama and each children made their favorite dinosaur with play-doh. To complete our art activities they children colored a small plate with brown and green crayons, and with the teacher’s help we put a dinosaur together: head legs and a tale. On Friday the children used their journal to make a drawing of their favorite dinosaur which happened to be The T-Rex!

Soccer as always focused in the developing of the gross motor skills, listening skills, and team playing through fun games.

The children were very happy to see Mr. Brandon and his fun songs and music.

Our student of the week is Christian Curbelo. Please bring a poster by Monday.

Books we read:
How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? By Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
Dinosaurs Galore! By Giles Andreae
Dino Rush
Can You See What I See? Dinosaurs by Walter Wick.

Have a nice weekend,

Mrs. Marta


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter September 1, 2017

Dear Parents from Gold Door 1,

Welcome again to another school year. This is the end of a our great second week! I hope that with your help and cooperation it will be a successful 2017-2018 school year.

We are off to a good start, so far this year. Everybody is learning the new routine and getting to know each other.
Also we have been discussing the school and classroom rules and practiced tracing, coloring, drawing, and cutting. They are doing a great job!
In their journals, the children did their hand print and drew “My School”.

The children had a great time with Coach Darryl. They learned some soccer techniques such as kicking a ball to a partner and playing in a group.

From now on, every two weeks I will be doing a Student of The Week. Keep in mind that I will start in alphabetical order.
The child will bring a poster to tell about themselves. The poster could have pictures of that child from baby until now, family and pets photos (please label pictures), tell us their favorite color, food, etc. That child will proudly hold their poster and tell their classmates all about it. I will video and send it to you. Christian Curbelo will be our first, Student of the Week.

Remember that school will be closed on Monday, September 4th, for Labor Day.

Our job is to teach the students we have, not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have, those we have right now. All of them!
Dr. Kevin Maxwell

Have a great long weekend.

Mrs. Marta