Weekly Letter From Gold Door Pre VPK

Gold Door 1 Pre-VK Weekly Letter August 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

Weekly Letter August 7th- August 11th

Thursday: Please arrange to have kids picked up at 2:30, no snack will be given at the school.
Friday: Closed

Our international summer travels have taken us to France this week! France, located in Europe, the language is French! Our kids learned how to say hello “Bonjour” and thank you “ Merci”! They also learned about the Eiffel Tower, about how much of a landmark it is to their country.

For our France crafts this week we did the flag of France using white construction and red and blue shapes, they pasted the shapes onto their appropriate locations on the flag. We also made the Eiffel Tower! For this craft we taped a cutout of the Eiffel tower onto their paper and they used paint to decorate around it. Once dried, we removed the cut out and revealed their masterpiece! They came out lovely and they loved it! We even listened and heard to music from France, including popular kid songs in French.

For soccer this week, Coach Daryl had us play a few rounds of On The River, On The Bank, and Museum! They love playing sneaky!

Digital Storybook continues being a huge success and we watched Le Le and The Shy Fly!

Our last water play was this Friday! The kids sure had fun!

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Adriana

Ms. Jessica


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter August 4, 2017

Dear Parents,

Our summer of travels this week has taken us to India! We learned India’s capital, it’s location, and that they speak Hindi and English! India has been a lot of fun! We made the flag of India using white construction paper and do-o-dots. We also made an elephant using paper plates, gray paint and cutout ears and trunks that the children pasted. Keeping with the animal theme we also made tigers using the same method as the elephants, with a paper plate except we used black tape as the stripes! We chose these animals as they are very important to their culture.
Our travels to India was a lot of fun!

This week for music Mr. Brandon shared new songs! The kids love taking turns with the drums and singing along.

Coach Daryl had us practicing more soccer skills! He had two groups competing making goals and the kids loved the competition!

We also had water play as we do every Friday! Check the Life Cubby app and Facebook for pictures!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Adriana and Ms. Jessica


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter July 28, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week we traveled all the way to Asia to visit the country of Japan!

To celebrate Japan we made the flag of japan using white construction paper, a circle to trace, and red tissue paper. We also made cherry blossom trees using construction paper and white and pink tissue paper. And as our tribute to their technologically advanced country we used different shapes cut out from construction paper to make little robot looking people.

We learned that Japans capital is Tokyo and that they speak Japanese! We even learned how to say hello and thank you in Japanese! We located it on the map and noticed how far it is from us in Florida.

We are now prepping to fly and travel to country of India for next week!

This week for our digital story book time we watched the Three Little Pigs and Bark George Bark! They love digital storybook time!

For soccer this week Coach Daryl had the children play a few rounds of Cookie Monster and some of Sleeping Giant! He also taught them skills and allowed them all to practice making goals!

We had water play this week as well! They had so much fun wit the splash pads and running through them.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Adriana


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter Juy 21, 2017

Dear Parents,

This week we had the adventure of exploring and learning all about the country of Colombia!

Colombia is located in South America, it’s capital is Bogota and they speak Spanish! We had so much fun learning these things as well as locating it on a map. To celebrate the country of Colombia we made the flag using the adequate colors in foam shapes and placing them accordingly where they belong. This is a great fine motor skill as it requires using glue and picking up small objects. We then also made the orchid, Cattleya Trinae, that is specific to the country of Colombia. Using a stencil of a flower, they traced the stencil and then using tissue paper they crumbled the paper and pasted it onto their tracing. For the stem of the flower they used a green pipe cleaner. We then made big masks and decorated them beautifully with stickers, markers and crayons. We used a popsicle stick as the hold of the mask.

For music this week we listened to a lot of songs the kids absolutely love and played freeze dance!

For soccer, Coach Daryl had so many fun games in store for us! We also played a round of actual soccer! Coach Daryl is really helpful teaching our little ones how to kick and keep the ball near them.

Water play this week was fun as always! Oh how they love those splash pads and going down the slide after getting wet as it makes them extra slippery!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Ms. Jessica


Gold Door 1 VPK Weekly Letter July 14, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1,

This week we traveled to the Caribbean island of Cuba!

We learned about where Cuba is located, what language they speak, what the capital is, and who their leader is. Everyone took turns locating Cuba on the globe and took notice of just how close it is to us here in Florida!

Cuba is so much fun and full of culture! We listened to Cuban songs and danced along! We made the flag of Cuba using white construction paper, blue construction paper and red construction paper. They cut the blue stripes of the flag and pasted them in their adequate spots. We also traced the map of Cuba! They each decorated the tracing to their liking. Music is a big deal in Cuba so to talk and represent that we made guitars! Using small paper plates, pipe cleaners, construction paper, glue, and tape, we put together a small guitar!

This week for Digital Storybook we watched the story of Hansel and Gretel, Bark George Bark, and Where The Wild Things Are. The stories are all wonderful, the art and animation is amazing and the kids truly enjoy them!

Water play, as we all know, is always a huge success! They are making great memories and having a great summer!

For soccer, Coach Eric had us play a few of our classic games! They loved having him back and playing and stretching those legs!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ms. Adriana


Gold Door 1 Weekly Letter July 7, 2017

Dear Parents of Gold Door 1,

Happy Independence Day everyone! This week we are both learning and celebrating our beautiful country The U.S. of A! We have learned so much about our country this week! We discussed what Independence Day means how we became our own country. We also discussed the flag, how many stars it has and how many stripes. We talked about how the 50 stars represent the 50 states and how we live in the state of Florida! We mentioned who our President is, Donald Trump, and that he lives in Washington D.C, the nations capital. As for projects this week we did the flag of the United States. We had the children cut their own strips of red construction paper and had them glue it onto white paper. They then also cut out a blue square and glued that on as well and used white paint for the stars. We also had them put glue on a black sheet of paper and use straws to have the glue move around and we then carefully put glitter on the glue, to make the appearance of fireworks!

This week for soccer Coach Daryl had some really great games for us in store! He had two lines of students, each with their own ball, and had each team competing one on one on who made a goal the fastest and which team got through each student the quickest. They got really competitive and loved every second of it! We also played Sleeping Giant and Cookie Monster.

Water Play is always a huge success! The kids love the splash pads and playing on the playground. They especially love the slide after getting in the water as it makes them extra slippery!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Marta