Support Staff

Delly Anderson

Office Manager
- Dedicated
- Envisions the good in all
- Loves children
- Loyal
- Yes to whatever you need

Delly was born on March 3rd in Panama.

She is married.

Delly’s loves to go shopping at the mall, travel and spending time with friends and family.


Amanda Dufau

Amanda DufauAssistant Director
-Awesome Organizer
-Makes you feel calm
-Amazing Smile

Amanda was born on December 7th in Florida.  She is married with two children.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Human  Resources Management and loves working with children.  She is pursing a degree in Elementary Education.  In her spare time she enjoys blogging, spending time with friends, and going to Disney with her family.



Miriam Diaz Solomon


Miriam was born on December 26th in Cuba and was raised in Chicago. She is married and has two children.

She worked in retail for 14 years and has vast administrative experience. She loves to vacation with her family and host dinner parties.


Teeara Courrejolles

Teeara - Takes care of everyone
- Enjoys helping others
- Eager to learn new things
- Always honest
- Reading is her hobby
- Amazing  organizer

Teeara was born in Rockford, Illinois on September 1st.  She has 3 daughters.  She has an AA degree in Business and is working on her BA in Business & Management Supervision.  She loves taking adventures with her family, reading, and cooking.


Gianna Rodriguez

Gianna Rodriguez-Giving Heart
-Inspires Others
-Always Helpful
-Nice to Everyone
-Never Complains
-Amazing Spirit

Gianna was born on March 11th in Miami.  She is currently studying biomedical studies.  Her hobbies include dancing, playing sports, and playing with kids.                                                 


Maria Verlezza


- Marvelous cook
- Always positive
- Ready to assist
- Incredible human being
- Arms are for hugging

Maria was born September 27th in La Habana, Cuba.  She is married and has one daughter.  Maria has worked in childcare since 2004.  Her hobbies are Music and theatre.