Science and Literacy Integration – June 22, 2017

The fifth Family Participation Activity for the 2016-2017 year at Kids For Kids Academy’s Super Science Sleuths program was held on June 22nd, 2017. For this activity, students worked with families to learn about insects. Students were divided into four groups by grade level. A KWL activity was done first wherein families brainstormed everything they already know about insects. Parent volunteers were used as recorders as the PBL facilitates the discussion.

The book Monster Insects was read by the instructor while the families followed along in their own book. After the book was read, families added anything they learned to the KWL chart. Small groups worked together to brainstorm as many insects that they can think of. Each group presented their lists, adding any new insects called to their lists. Families took home their copy of the book Monster Insects.

Under the advice of the advisory committee, as well as parent feedback, this activity was held after programming on a weekday, as opposed to a Saturday morning. As a result, a total of 54 families attended, representing 87% of our enrolled students.

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