Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 7, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

This week we had a fun filled busy week at Rainbow while celebrating our nation’s birthday and learning about this country. The children worked on different projects and activities while learning about The United States of America. On Monday we made 4th of July hats with paper plates. The children chose between red and blue to color their plate from which later we cut out a star and wrote 4th of July on it. We also watched 4th of July themed digital stories about the flag and Presidents which they enjoyed.
Wednesday when we came back from celebrating 4th of July, the children shared about the fireworks and different activities which led us to making fire work pictures with glue glitter and Q-tips. They pretended to paint with Q-tips while spreading the glue and glitter on black paper. It was a great activity since they were sharing about their previous experience with fire works while working on this.

Thursday we had soccer where they played the game “Cookie Monster Are You Ready?”. They had to run from one side to the other while escaping from the “Cookie Monster.” Later they played a game of soccer and we had several gooooals! Afterwards we had our cooking activity where after discussing on the board about the colors of the flags, we made “Patriotic Toasts”.

On Friday we had our water play which the children enjoyed a lot.

We have been busy learning and having fun at Rainbow Door, please see all the pictures in Life Cubby.

Next week we will be traveling to the Island of Cuba. If anyone wants to share something about Cuba with your child’s class, let me know and we can arrange it. I know that we have children whose parents are from Cuba, therefore if you can find it in your time whether it is pictures, costumes or music, feel free to do so.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Mrs. Wanda and Mrs.Luz