Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 28, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

This week at Rainbow Door the children visited the Island of Japan. We had fun doing different projects and learning about this beautiful place.
We began the week by looking at pictures of the map where the children began discussing about what a map is and what to find in it. They said that maps are used to find treasures, water and that they are fish in the water. We also looked at pictures of Japanese houses, places, listened to Japanese music and they were thrilled. The children made Japanese carps with construction paper, do a dots, and tissue paper. We also made Japanese fans with paper plates and popsicle sticks which they decorated by using markers, crayons and stickers. To finish up with the projects they made a Japanese blossom picture with sticks that they collected from the playground and tissue paper, they look beautiful.

On Tuesday we had our music teacher, Mr.Brandon. He played a game of imitating the sounds. He used the sound circles for this activity. The children had to listen to the rhythm and then follow. A lot of them really have an ear for music and did great.

On Friday to finish up our Japanese week the children made sandwich sushi. We used bread, cream cheese, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks. The children made their own lunch and enjoyed it. Pictures are in Life Cubby.

We really had a fun filled and busy week.

Next week we will be traveling to France. Watch for our rainbow artists next week!

Happy Birthday Adrianna whose birthday was this week!

Have a safe and fun weekend.

Mrs. Wanda and Ms. Samantha