Rainbow Door Weekly Letter July 21, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week. Mrs. Luz is already on vacation and Ms. Samantha has been at Rainbow Door for the week.

This week our children visited the country of Colombia. We learned about the language spoken there, the music, and the sport which is soccer.
The children learned about the flag, its colors and shape. They also made the flag by using yellow, red and blue do a dots on construction paper. Working on the flag gave us the opportunity to go over terms like; top, bottom and middle. When introducing the country of Colombia, we went over letter recognition by spelling it and then counted how many letters were in the word. It is a great opportunity to begin working on the alphabet since most of them will be heading to VPK in the fall.

This week we also had our Digital Story Time which they always look forward to and enjoy. We watched some animal stories and of course, Dinosaurs(those are always their special treat).

Thursday we had soccer where they did wonderfully. They played the “Cookie Monster Game” where the cookie monster has to tag kids as they run from the green steps to the fence until all of them have been tagged. It was awesome to see how well all of them played and followed directions. After that game, we played soccer and there were a few goal celebrations amongst them. We really had a great time at soccer this week.

Friday was water play which is now the highlight of their week. They come in every Friday showing off the their bathing suits, water shoes and towels. It is fun beating this heat while playing and getting wet.

This week at the playground the children played blowing bubbles. There is also a new bowling set which they are learning to play with, since it is very difficult for them to understand about taking turns. The boys had fun while playing basketball also. They are really exercising and having fun while at the playground.

Next week we will be visiting the island of Japan. There will be lanterns, Japanese fans, and sandwich sushi. We look forward to having another fun week learning about Japan.

Happy birthday to Jonathan whose birthday was this week.

Have a safe and great weekend.
Mrs. Wanda and Ms. Samantha