Rainbow Door Weekly Letter August 4, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students;

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

Let me begin by apologizing for the mistake that I made in last week’s letter. I said that we were going to learn about the country of France but instead we were supposed to learn about India which we did. France will be done next week.

The children saw pictures of the map of India, the lifestyles of it and the flag. We also went over the colors of the flag which are orange, green, white and blue/black. They made the flag on white construction paper using these color crayons. It was a great activity like always to review colors, and most important to improve on their fine motor skills(very important for this age group).

We also had music with Mr.Brandon which they enjoyed very much. Some of our children volunteered to sing solos. Benjamin was awesome when he sang “Old McDonald with a horse.” He was right on target with what he wanted to sing and really proud of it. His friends all clapped when he was done.

On Monday and Wednesday we had our digital story time which they always look forward to it. They watched their dinosaurs stories which they love and are great to teach them about being friends, the best way to go night-night and what happens when you don’t feel well. We also watched Bark, George because they also love stories about dogs/puppies. I usually have a list of stories that I think are interesting for them but they already know what stories we have and for some reason they choose together what they want to watch. They always choose and they enjoy it!

On Thursday we had soccer on the field and they did great. We really have some future athletes in Rainbow. They really follow the directions and play a very good soccer game. Even though each of them have their own soccer ball and are learning how to play in a team, they get the concept of it.

Friday we had our water play and as usual they loved it.

This is our last week for me and Ms.Samantha in Rainbow Door. We will be going on vacation for the next two weeks. Mrs. Angie will take my place starting Monday. It has been fun working with your children this summer.

Have a great weekend and rest of the summer.
Mrs. Wanda and Ms. Samantha