Rainbow Door Weekly Letter August 11, 2017

Dear Parents of Rainbow Door Students,

We hope that you had a wonderful week.

This week we want to wish Mrs. Wanda a happy vacation time! Thank you for helping in Rainbow Door during the summer and we wish you well!

This week at Rainbow Door the children visited France! We had fun making the flag of France and being painters by making our own paintings like many artists do in France. We began the week by looking at pictures of the map of France. This week we also looked at a globe and the children noticed how far certain places are in the world but they seem so close. We also read books about France and we read the story that quickly became one of their favorite stories. The book Madeline which is about a little girl that leaves in Paris, France and her story takes us to different landmarks in Paris.

On Thursday we had soccer class. The children had fun playing Museum. This game requires the children to walk around and when the coach turns and faces them they are supposed to freeze. It was fun watching the children following the coaches steps and trying their best to be sneaky.

On Friday, to finished up our trip to France by having a small cooking activity. We used blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. The children made their own fruit for lunch by sorting the colors of the flag of France in a cup.

On Friday we also had our last Water Play Friday! The children enjoyed getting wet and saying goodbye to water play Fridays until next summer.

Next week we will be traveling to Greece.

Have a safe and fun weekend.

Mrs. Angie and Ms. Andy