Letter From The Director September 1, 2017

Weekly Director Letter
September 1, 2017
Kids For Kids Academy Newsletter

Dear Parents,
     Thank you to everyone who replied to my last email.  In all 77 parents sent a reply to enter for the drawing for the $50 tuition credit.  We put all of the names into a box and my daughter drew the winning family.  Congratulations to Ian Davidson’s family.  We will be crediting your account $50.  Be on the look out as I may offer some sort of prize once a month or so to see who is reading these little letters.
     My apologies to the Silver Door classes as the class link was not correct in the margin.  Hopefully you all got the private email I sent with the letter and this week the link should be fixed so you can read your class letters using the link in the yellow margin.  For all families, clicking on the class link in the margin will keep you up to speed with what is going on in your child’s class….and the teachers really take time to write it, so I hope you will take a moment each week to read it.
     This week found our students settling into their class routines.  We are seeing much less crying and separation anxiety with our newer kids.  I would also like to thank parents for settling into the routine and getting your kids here on time for our breakfast window, as well as parents for students in the East Wing arriving in time for formal instruction to begin.
     A little word about schedules.  By now teachers have tweaked their schedules to keep up with the demands and well-being of their students.  Please keep in mind in our younger classes in the main wing, the teacher may not be following the schedule to a “T” for a few weeks as they need to take the lead from the maturity level of her students.  Perhaps it states circle time, storytime, or playground first thing in the morning.  You may arrive and see all the kids playing with toys on the floor instead.  This could be so the teacher has a chance to teach them cleanup routines or perhaps they just need more time to play before jumping into their day or they need to get on a diaper changing routine.  Sometimes it takes the younger kids a whole month to be “on schedule”.  Please remember it is a process and a goal to work towards.
     Hopefully, as each day goes by, you will see more and more in the Cubby. With the students getting into their routines and the demands for the teachers decreasing, they will be able to spend more time on their iPads posting entries. When in doubt feel free to pick up the phone and call and we can give you updates on your child.  Also, parents are asked to check their children’s nails weekly as they grow fast and this will prevent accidental scratches.
     A few words about hurricanes and tropical storms as we are in that season.  In the event of a storm of any kind, to determine if we will be open or closed, please stay tuned to your local news.  If they declare it is not safe for Miami-Dade County School students to attend school, and they close schools, we will do the same.  Also, to assist families who went through the hurricane in Texas, we will be a collection site for the military effort mentioned below.
    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.  If you have not already done so, please review our parent handbook at the back of our calendar for other policies and procedures.
   Please be sure to mark your calendars for Open House and note the dates and some changes in the margins.  Also due to a scheduling conflict Parents Night Out will be held on 9/23.  Finally, in observance of Labor Day, we will be closed on Monday.  Parents who participate in the EFT auto draft program may see that funds will not come out of your account until a day later since banks will be closed on Monday.
Have a great long weekend with your families,
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S, NBCT
Director, Kids For Kids Academy


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