Letter From The Director July 7, 2017

Weekly Director Letter
July 7, 2017
Kids For Kids Academy Newsletter

Dear Parents,
This week found our little travelers staying close to home. In celebration of July 4th, our students spent their week learning about America. I am sure by now you have seen some of the wonderful art projects around the school dedicated to this theme. In addition, some of our classes did little cooking projects using fruits that were in our patriotic colors. Please forgive me but I have gotten a little behind on my Facebook posts. I am hoping to catch up this week so you may see lots of posts all at once.
In addition to the studies on America, our students got a great workout with our soccer coach. We are so, so happy to be enjoying our artificial grass on the soccer field and the misting fans are keeping our kids cool and the mosquitoes at bay!
Next week our travels will take our students to Cuba. If you have family that is from Cuba or you have anything to send in to share with your child’s class, please feel free to do so. Since this was a short week, I will keep my letter to you brief. Please make sure to click on the link on the side of this page to read the letter that your child’s teacher wrote for you. It will give you a really great idea of what went on during the week in the class.
 Have a great weekend,

Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S, NBCT
Director, Kids For Kids Academy


Click on your child’s class to read the letter from their teacher