Garden Field Study – December 17, 2016

The second of six Family Participation Activities for the 2016-2017 year at Kids For Kids Academy’s Super Science Sleuths program, our Garden Field Study allowed families to work collaboratively in the school garden conducting field studies on plants that were previously planted by students as part of the after school enrichment program.

After giving each family a tape measure and clipboard they were instructed to use the garden as their outdoor classroom. Each family team was also given a field study guide with tasks to complete using the tomato, zucchini, bean, cabbage, and broccoli plants in the garden to find and record data. Students practiced measurement skills such as finding heights of plants, counting the number of plants in individual beds, measuring the diameter of certain vegetables, and counting the number of vegetables on each plant. They also use the data to find averages. At the end of the activity each student was given the opportunity to fill a pot with soil plants seeds and take their potted plant home. A total of 41 families attended, representing 66% of our enrolled students.


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