Music and Movement

Music and Movement are integrated in many aspects of the Hands On Minds On program from the time the child enters the school until they leave. During breakfast time music that encourages singing along is played and during naptime, classical music helps to lull children to sleep.

Singing and dancing takes place on a daily basis during circle time, music time, and to facilitate transitions.

Younger children can also be seen moving from place to place singing songs or pretending to be butterflies, bees, or other things that foster their creativity, music, and movement.

Each week the children have the opportunity to participate in the school music program. A music teacher visits the school and brings with her instruments and lore representing countries from all around the globe. Musical instruments are also available in each class and are used frequently for music and movement activities. Four year olds are also invited to participate in a violin program with parental permission. Singing takes place as part of the Spanish and French program offered to all VPK children starting in January.

Children in the program participate daily in activities that foster gross motor development. Each day, teachers plan a gross motor activity that takes place the first 6-8 minutes of the 30 minutes playground time. Once the structured gross motor activity takes place, students are free to use the outdoor play equipment, which includes, but is not limited to bikes, a climbing wall, slides, monkey bars, swings, steps, hula hoops, and other outdoor toys.

51_2Once a week, Pre-Kindergarten students take part in a gymnastics class on the Fun Bus. Each class spends 30 minutes on the parked gymnastics bus. While the students are on the bus, they participate in music and movement activities using mini-trampolines, climbing walls, balance beam, swings, rings, and other apparatus.

Hands On Minds On Music and Movement
VPK Standards Correlation

B. Knowledge of Wellness

B.1. Shows that basic physical needs are met

B.2. Follows basic health and safety rules

B.3. Participates in physical fitness activities

D. The Arts

D.a.2. Participates in group music experiences

D.a.3. Participates in creative movement, dance, and drama

VII. Motor Development A. Gross Motor Development

A.1. Moves with balance and control

A.2. Coordinates movements to perform simple tasks