Dramatic Play & Creative Self Expression

Dramatic Play and Creative Self Expression is an important part of early childhood development. Hands On Minds On provides opportunities for both on a daily basis.  All classes have housekeeping areas that can be used both during center time and free time. In the housekeeping area, children role-play using pretend kitchens filled with pretend food, plates, phones, cash registers, and utensils.

Dress up clothing, strollers, and multicultural dolls are also on hand to encourage pretend play.  Students can often be found playing house as well as buying and selling foods from the kitchen at their pretend store.

There are also opportunities for dramatic play and creative self-expression on the playground. The playground has a covered area with containers of blocks, dollhouses and plastic people as well as a little house with utensils for pretend play. Children who want to take part in art activities outside can paint on large pieces of paper clipped to the fences next to hanging cups of paint.

Furthermore, small group time provides endless opportunities for creative self-expression. During small group time while the teaching assistant works with half of the class in the computer lab, the teacher uses that time to guide students in complete art projects related to the theme of the week. Student work is shared with the group, displayed in the class, and then sent home.

Hands On Minds On Dramatic Play & Creative Self Expression
VPK Standards Correlation

D. The Arts

D.a. Expression and Representation

D.a.1. Uses a variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration

D.a.2. Participates in group music experiences

D.a.3. Participates in creative movement, dance, and drama

D.b. Understanding and Appreciation

D.b.1. Responds to artistic creations or events

VII. Motor Development

B. Fine Motor Development

B.1. Uses strength and control to perform simple tasks

B.2. Uses eye-hand coordination to perform tasks

B.3. Shows beginning control of writing, drawing, and art tools