Rainbow Door

Miriam E. Fernandez


- Mover of mountains
- Is loving
- Rare
- Is patient
- Always joyous
- Mother to all

Miriam was born November 11th in Cuba. She is married, has 2 children, and one grandchild.

Miriam has worked in early education since 2000 and has a CDA.

Her hobbies are reading and music.



Dunia Siles

- Dedicated
- Understanding
- Never says “no”
- Imaginative
- Always ready to help





Zamira Maliano

- Zest for live
- Amazing smile
- Music lover
- Inspires others
- Radiates Kindness
- Always helpful


Zamira was born in Nicaragua on April 7th.  She is currently working on her CDA in Early Childhood.  She has worked with children since 2012 and has one son.  She enjoys going to the movies and shopping in her spare time.