Brown Door Weekly Letter October 6, 2017

Dear Parents of Brown door,

Things we’ve learned:
This week our students have learned about the letter Bb and Bats. Our class has been learning vocabulary words about bats, such as, cave, echo-location, endangered species, hibernation, mammals, migration, nectar, webbed, and wingspan. Some more vocabulary from the story “Cave Homes” includes, Bobcats, salamander, colony, panda, shelter, crevices, blind, crayfish, kerosene bear, and pitch black.

Art- the students traced and colored the letter of the week, they practiced writing Uppercase B and lower case b.

They’ve colored and cut paper plates to make their very own flying bats.

Our class made batty sponge art with a variety of colors in the background.

The students made their very own book titled, “My B book” to add to the class library.

Computer- for computers the students practiced the writing and pronouncing the letter B, they read a story, listened to a song, played a game, painted and colored, the letter B and played a game about bats.

Journal- the students showed what they know about bats by drawing their very own bat and labeling the parts of the bat such as, the head, the wings, and the body.

Academic Enrichment- the students wrote four words that begin with the letter ‘B’.

They have completed a scholastic worksheet about bats.

They have walked, skipped, hopped, and slid, the shape of the letter Bb on the carpet.

Brown door has done a great job with sorting shapes, as well as identifying which is bigger than, smaller than, and equal to.

They have also guessed words using B vocabulary words.

Cooking- to continue expanding knowledge around our letter of the week, our class made black bean dip for the letter B. Yummy!

Music- Mr. Brandon showed our students how to sing long and short sounds, the syllables of letters A, O, and U, and how to sing high and low.

Soccer- the students gained exercise by running an obstacle course indoors during our rainy Monday with Coach Daniel, and they also got a chance to play “Sharks and Minnows” outside on Wednesday with Coah Eric.

Stories we’ve read- “My B book”, “Bats”, “Fantastic Bats”, “There was an old lady who swallowed a bat”, “Cave Homes”, “The Berenstains’ B book”, and “Champ Care Bear at Bat!”

Reminders and notes:

* for the student of the week, please have your child bring in a poster filled with family photos for your child to share.

Student of the week for:

10/9- Robert Ralph Calana

10/16- Alonzo Clark Espinosa

10/23- Lucas Fernandez

10/30- Nikolas Gousse

* Brown door students will be able to bring home bags with different topics such as, math, reading , science, etc. We will begin sending a bag home to the last four students on our attendance list and go up from there. The activities in the bag are not homework, it is intended to be a fun and learning experience for the whole family. The bags will be sent home on Monday and will be returned on Friday so that your child can discuss all of the fun activities they’ve done during the week.

* 10/19 family story time, come in your Jammie’s

* 10/20 Field trip to the pumpkin patch

* 10/31 Halloween Happening 9-11am

-PARENTS INVITED Please bring a bag of non candy items for our parade. Send your child in costume and with a change of clothing.

Parents may bring a bag of candy to donate to homeless children.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have an awesome weekend!

Mrs. Ana, Mrs. Melisa, and Miss. Sammy