Family Science Extravaganza – July 29, 2016

As a culminating activity, families got together to celebrate the last day of our summer program for a fabulous family engagement activity.  We pulled out all of the stops and set up materials in several classrooms for free exploration.  Families worked with gears, pendulums, and other engineering activities.  The kids were also able to show their parents how to use some tools scientists use proving that they learned to become super scientists in the first year of our program.


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Loving Language Arts – June 25, 2016

We were thrilled to have 70% of our families join us for this family engagement activity. Two sessions were held with a different folk tale being presented in each. After learning about the elements of folktales, the first group read the story of Anansi the spider. Afterward families discussed the problems tackled in the story and the lessons it was meant to teach. Families worked together to design a spider using paper plates, pipe cleaners and other media. Their individual interpretations of the story were written on the back of the paper plate spider. The second session found families analyzing the story Stone Soup. After a discussion of story elements they designed a flip book where students wrote the story elements. Each student got to take home the book following the activity. 


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Taking the Anxiety out of Test Taking – March 12, 2016

Thank you to all the parents who turned out for Mr. Davis’ parenting class on reducing stress and anxiety and test taking strategies.  I know the information will come in handy with standardized tests right around the corner. Click here to view the presentation. 


Family Engineering Day – February 20, 2016

Our Family Engineering Day was held on Saturday, February 20th, 2016.  Sixty-five families gathered outside to test their building skills.  Our “architects and engineers” had time to explore building with their families.  After they were given ramps, balls, and marbles and were challenged to work cooperatively with other families to make a new design to achieve the goal of dropping marbles and small balls into a cup at the end of their structure.  Families also wrote about their creations to integrate language arts into this STEAM activity.  The PDF below has photos of the structures and family work samples.  The video shows the photos of the structures that were designed along with actual video footage of the marble ramps. Families also used science process skills to create chain reactions as part of their design.  After completing this 3rd family activity, families were surveyed and 81% reported that after attended the 3 family involvement sessions, their comfort level working on homework completion with their child had improved.


Internet Safety – December 12, 2015

Thank you to all the parents who attended our family engagement activity on Internet Safety. We hope you found the information Mr. Davis provided regarding internet safety useful. Click here to view the presentation. 


Family Math-o-Rama – October 24, 2015

Our first Family Enrichment activity, Math-O-Rama, was a success! Our participants in grades K-2 completed several tangram activities following the interactive reading of Grandfather Tang.  Our participants in grades 3-5 made a game to practice finding equivalent fractions.  Both groups took part in a “make and take” and got to take home tools to practice with at home.

21st CCLC MathoRama 1   21st CCLC MathoRama 4


21st CCLC MathoRama 3

21st CCLC MathoRama 2