21st CCLC Weekly Updates – December 15th, 2017

Dear Parents,
  It was so great to see our families at our second family engagement session.  Both the geometric shape building and the playground math scavenger hunt went really well.  Sorry that we didn’t account for the darkness outside, but it was great that everyone had flashlights on their phones.  Thank goodness for technology!  In all we had 10 students who did not attend which gave us a 83.9% attendance rate.  Although that is considered good by the grant standards, please be aware that attendance is mandatory at these session and failure to attend could result in being dropped from the program.  If you missed this one, please make sure to attend the rest so that we can keep you on the roster for the summer and fall programs.
     Finally, I was called by our local scout pack and was informed that one of their scouts lost his mother unexpectedly.  To help this family, OPTIONS TO EAT will be having a food truck fundraiser on our campus on THURSDAY, December 21st.  They will feature a family friendly menu and will be parked in our parking lot from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm so that the community can come out and eat.  They will be donating 30% of all sales to the Goodwin Family.  Please consider picking up dinner from the food truck on Thursday to support this family.
  Below you will find the weekly reports from our PBL teachers. You can view schedules and copies of these weekly letters on our school website by clicking on 21st CCLC, or click this link.
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Have a wonderful weekend,
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S., NBCT
Project Coordinator
Session 3: Saturday, February 17, 9:30 am -10:15 am Groups A and B and 10:15-11:00 Groups C and D.
Session 4: Wednesday, April 18, 5:45 pm – 6:30 pm
Session 5: Wednesday, June 27, 5:45 pm – 6:30 pm
Session 6: Friday, July 27, 5:45 pm – 6:30 pm
Year 3 Week 17 Activities
Patrick A. Davis, M.S.
Pro-social Behavior Classes Grades 2-5: 
Group A quickly reviewed the I-Care Rules and then focused on the Rule: We Listen to Each Other.  After discussing what it looks and sounds like to listen to someone, the kids did an activity in which they identified which  visual scenes showed people listening and which did not.
Group B reviewed the I-Care Rules in a little more depth than Group A, and then spent time discussing the list of fouls (last year focused on the rules, but did not mention specific ways the rules could be violated).  Most of the kids were unclear on the meaning of at least one or two of the fouls.
The curriculum Group C is using does not explicitly use the I-Care Rules; instead, it introduces “Peace Scholar Rules.”  We spent today reviewing these rules and the fouls that go with them.  All of the students were unclear on some of the concepts and they will be revisited in more depth in later lessons.
Group D moved 180 degrees from our last lesson on finding common ground.  Today we focused on what we usually do in 8 common conflict situations and how each of these situations make us feel.  After those that wanted to shared their responses, common themes among the responses were highlighted.


Amanda Dufau, Grades 2-5:
Spanish: This week in Spanish, the topic was ¿Que Hora Es? All groups reviewed the numbers in Spanish, as well as the purpose of the small and large hands on the clock. Then the group took turns telling the time in Spanish with the examples I provided on the board.   
Natazha Cumberbatch, M.S. , Grades 2-5:
Science: Group A examined the relationship between the size of a rubber band and how far their toy car could travel.  As it turns out, there is a relationship between the two.  We had a great time just launching toy cars across the table and floor.  Group B explored electric currents in an activity entitled “Alarm Your Pencil Box”.  Just the name alone lets us know how much fun this could be.  The students set up a power source and small light bulb, connected the two via wire and WOW! They created a circuit.  This was fascinating to them.  Group C worked with the same electrical current kit as Group B.  However, theirs was a little more complex.  This group created parallel circuits that connected multiple circuits.  This group was very interested in this, especially the alarm part.  Group D did a little product testing to find out which paper towel was the strongest.  The students tested four different brands and came to the conclusion that Costco Kirkland brand has some seriously good towels for the price!  This is some good information to have!

Diana Molina, Ed.M., Grades 2-5: 
Language Arts:  Groups A and B worked on paragraph writing this week.  The most interesting part of this lesson was the article we read was about dinosaur poop!  Needless to say, the students were far more interested in how dinosaur poop is very important and far less than how to write a paragraph.  However, we did manage to learn how to use details from the article to construct a paragraph.  It was a productive week.  Groups C and D worked on their vocabulary skills using an article about a volcano.  Through reading the article, the students learned about idioms and how they enhance the emotion of the article.  Students also went on a word hunt to find nouns and adjectives throughout the article.  This was a fun way to expand our vocabulary and learn about the destruction a volcano can cause those who live near it.
Math: The students in Group A played a number game using empty egg cartons with numbers written in the spaces.  We put three dried beans in each of the cartons and the students each had turns in shaking the egg cartons.  Whatever numbers the beans landed in, the students had to create the number with the greatest value.  This was an enjoyable way to review place value.  Group B played a missing sign math game where they used a game board and had to choose the mathematical operation that completed the problem.  If they did this, they could move across the board. The students had a nice time using their algebraic skills.  Group C learned a very neat division trick by using a math poem to determine divisors for a number.  It was a rhyme and they loved this activity!  Group D played a new twist on an old game.   We turned the game Guess Who into a math game.  It was played the same way except the students had to guess the math equation.  This was so much fun for all the students.  It was difficult, but a lot of fun!